April ABNB Calls Streak to New Highs, Fresh Ideas

Another Fruitful Trading Week:

Success with options trading, has, in typical fashion, worked just just like clockwork for us this week. As we prepare to close out another fine trading week here, we maintained the trend of selecting winners in yesterday morning’s premarket report, where we offered up a trio of ideas, and saw quite a bit of positive movement.

We were focused on the OXM 04/14 $80-85 Calls, the SPY 03/25 $444-446 Calls, and the MOMO Weekly $7.50-7.00 Puts. The gains therein were not enormous, but still notable, with the exception of the OXM $80’s which we will omit because they only increased by 8%. In the case of the ABNB 04/01 $160-165 Calls, we signaled those as a longer-term play exactly three weeks ago today on the 4th, and the stock has been on an impressive run since then, logging some serious multi-bag moves in those targets.

OXM 04/14 $85 Calls 
$85: 5.00-9.00 (+80%)

SPY 03/25 $444-446 Calls
$444: 3.15-6.83 (+80%)
$445: 2.55-5.90 (+106%)
$446: 2.03-5.08 (+103%)

MOMO Weekly $7.50-7.00 Puts 
$7.50: .87-1.11 (+28%)
$7: .06-.18 (+200%)

ABNB 04/01 $160-165 Calls
$160: 1.47-12.22 (+731%)
$162.50: 1.54-10.05 (+553%)
$165: .90-8.57 (+852%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/25 $450-452 Calls

TLRY Weekly $7-8 Calls
DOOO Weekly 04/14 $70-75 Calls
NIO Weekly $21.50-21 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Fresh SPY Targets & More

Continued Options Success:

We have continued to thread the needle with respect to our daily options ideas this week, with only a small fraction of missteps. Yesterday morning in our premarket report, we formulated and passed along a set of three potential options trading targets to our readers. Out of those selections, all three produced significant intraday opportunities for anyone who put some skin in the game.

We were targeting the ADBE Weekly $460-452.50 Puts, the GIS 04/14 $62.50 Calls, and the BZ 04/14 $25-30 Calls, and they all put forth notable upward movement on the day. Here were the total possible profits on the table in these plays:

ADBE Weekly $460-452.50 Puts
 24.10-41.80 (+73%)
$457.50: 21.50-35.29 (+64%)
$455: 20.00-36.55 (+83%)
$452.50: 19.18-35.14 (+83%)

GIS 04/14 $62.50 Calls
 2.90-4.20 (+45%)

BZ 04/14 $25-30 Calls
$25: 4.02-5.30 (+32%)
$30: 1.80-2.60 (+44%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
OXM 04/14 $80-85 Calls
SPY 03/25 $444-446 Calls
MOMO Weekly $7.50-7.00 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BA Update & More

The Boeing Co. BA – Options Update

Our first order of business this morning is to go over the fantastic options idea we formulated on Monday morning, after a massively deadly air disaster involving one of Boeing’s new model Max 8 737’s occurred over the weekend. Our targets were the BA Weekly $375-367.50 Puts, and not only did they all work, but they all exploded for huge multi-bag gains in an incredible 2-day swing of ten-to-twelve baggers!

$375 Puts – Range: 1.07-12.05 – Max Gain: 1026%
$372.50 Puts – Range: 1.00-11.00 – Max Gain: 1000%
$370 Puts – Range: .73-9.94 – Max Gain: 1262%
$367.50 Puts – Range: .72-8.59 – Max Gain: 1093%

We’re going to flip this idea on its head after learning this morning that Boeing stands to make significant gains as a result of the Trump Admin’s $700B+ DoD budget request. We’ll look to the BA Weekly $380-385 Calls.

Momo, Inc. MOMO

We never stop hitting up options chains with good ideas that allow us to see big gains in a short timespan. You could check through years of our archives and see for yourself, but simply reading our daily reports is more than enough to get the gist. The cycle doesn’t stop.

Fresh for yesterday morning’s report, we signaled our interest in tracking the MOMO Weekly $34.50-36 Calls, and those all worked out beautifully as well in just a single session.

$34.50 Calls – Range:
1.85-3.30 – Max Gain: 78%
$35 Calls – Range: 1.50-3.12 – Max Gain: 108%
$35.50 Calls – Range: 1.20-2.50 – Max Gain: 108%
$36 Calls – Range: 1.00-2.10 – Max Gain: 110%

Extended Watchlist: