Reviewing Thursday’s Movers, 4 New Possibilities

Thursday’s Options Recap:

Things ended on a positive note for us on Thursday, just before we broke for the holiday weekend. In our premarket report for the day, we were looking at three potential options trading targets, and everything we came up with produced double-bag intraday runs or better. It’s always nice to end a trading week with a whole slate full of good ideas, and that was certainly the case.

We were considering the SPY 03/28 $522-523 Calls, the MLKN 04/19 $25 Puts, and the RH Weekly $325-330 Calls, and here are the figures those contracts produced on the session:

SPY 03/28 $522-523 Calls
: 1.23-2.65 (+115%)
$523: .58-1.71 (+195%)

MLKN 04/19 $25 Puts
$25: .80-1.65 (+106%)

RH Weekly $325-330 Calls
$325: 5.80-28.89 (+398%)
$330: 5.00-23.31 (+366%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 04/01 $424-425 Calls*
BOIL Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
SGML 04/19 $13-14 Calls
LCII 05/17 $120-115 Puts

*Only experienced traders should attempt to trade options on their day of expiration 

Ibio, Inc. (NYSE:IBIO) – Recap:

We mentioned IBIO in our premarket report this past Wednesday the 27th, and the stock responded by finishing out the short week in good form. From the 2.30 low we observed on Wednesday, it went on to hit 4.98 on Thursday. That’s a 2-day swing of 116% 

Extended Watchlist:

Options Recap, 4 Fresh Ideas & More

Thursday’s Options Review: 

We’re ready to wrap up another trading week today, and it was a heck of solid one for us on the options front. We were bearish on most of our highlighted ideas for the day, and the markets took a serious dive in the second half of the session, which facilitated some kind gains. However, our one bullish target bucked the overall trend and delivered some notable intraday moves as well, so all in all it was a pretty good outing.

The winning targets that we were focusing our attention upon were the SIG Weekly $65-67 Calls, the BILI Weekly $27.50-26.50 Puts, and the NIO Weekly $20.50-19.50 Puts. The potential gains they yielded for the session were very respectable, and went as follows:

SIG Weekly $65-67 Calls
 2.69-5.00 (+86%)
$66: 1.85-4.10 (+122%)
$67: 1.35-3.30 (+144%)

BILI Weekly $27.50-26.50 Puts
 1.24-2.65 (+114%)
$27: .80-2.18 (+173%)
$26.50: .60-1.88 (+213%)

NIO Weekly $20.50-19.50 Puts
 1.06-1.80 (+70%)
$20: .70-1.36 (+94%)
$19: .45-.95 (+111%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BABA Weekly $110-113 Calls
DOCU Weekly $68-65 Puts
SPY 06/10 $400-398 Puts
SFIX Weekly $7-6.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

More Sweeping Options Success, Fresh Ideas

A Second Consecutive Clean Options Sweep:

We crushed it on options ideas in Friday morning’s premarket report, setting our readers up with three earnings related trading possibilities, all of which produced big intraday gains. The markets slid all the way until shortly after lunchtime, and then clawed their way back, running into the close, which allowed for great movement in both our bullish and bearish ideas. It was the second straight day where literally everything we highlighted went bananas.

We were tracking the FL Weekly $29-31 Calls, the PANW Weekly $475-487.50 Calls, and the DE Weekly $360-350 Puts, and each and every contract set contained within those ranges recorded large runs, and yielded the chance at the following excellent gain opportunities:

FL Weekly $29-31 Calls
 1.80-2.80 (+56%)
$30: .87-1.85 (+113%)
$31: .38-.99 (+161%)

PANW Weekly $475-487.50 Calls
$475: .25.-3.67 (+1368%)
$477.50: .20-2.00 (+900%)
$480: 5.98-16.00 (+168%)
$482.50: 6.06-11.00 (+82%)
$485: 4.00-11.89 (+197%)
$487.50: 3.77-10.55 (+180%)

DE Weekly $360-350 Puts

$360: 15.50-51.00 (+229%)
$355: 14.00-47.04 (+236%)
$350: 12.35-45.42 (+268%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/23 $391-393 Calls*
COIN 06/10 $70 Calls

*Trading options on their day of expiration can be risky. Please don’t try it unless you are well-versed in options trading. 

Siga Technologies, Inc. SIGA – Update:

It’s always a good idea to copy our daily extended watchlists into your favorite tracking site/software and monitor their activity along with us. Many times they will contain hidden OTC gems like SIGA, which just received FDA approval for intravenous (IV) formulation of its TPOXX® monkeypox treatment. It was even mentioned by name in a recent budget request from the Biden administration for treatments against the rising health threat.

SIGA appeared in Thursday morning’s extended watchlist and saw a low of 8.00 that day. This morning in early trading the stock is up as much as 119% to a premarket high of 17.50. We will continue tracking its movements as the FDA news continues to filter through the investment community.

Extended Watchlist: