Huge SPY Gains, Earnings Shorts

Options Reviews: 

Out of the three plays we flagged for observation in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we hit on two, with our SPY Calls going on a considerable intraday run as the markets posted another hugely bullish performance for the day.

We’ve got the breakdown on that pair of ideas, the SPY 01/23 $396-$397 Calls and the SYF Weekly $35-36 Calls, as well as some impressive updated figures on a longer-term play we’ve been tracking since the 12th, the CRWD 01/27 $98-99 Calls. 

SPY 01/23 $396-$397 Calls

$396: 1.12-6.60 (+489%)
$397: .70-5.61 (+701%)

SYF Weekly $35-36 Calls
 1.01-1.59 (+57%)
$36: .45-1.04 (+131%)

CRWD 01/27 $98-99 Calls 
$98: 2.17-9.80 (+352%)
$99: 1.86-7.80 (+319%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
VZ Weekly $39.50-38.50 Puts
RTX Weekly $96-95 Puts
JNJ Weekly $170-165 Puts
MMM Weekly $115-116 Calls

NASDAQ Recaps:

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. INBS – We tagged INBS in yesterday’s watchlist, and saw a really nice move on our first day of observation. The stock rose from a low of .50 and hit 1.60, for a 220% gain. That was good for the top slot on the NASDAQ Gainers List for the session.

Helbiz Inc. HLBZ – It was in our report from this past Friday that we signaled HLBZ, and the stock responded with a run from a low of .1849 that morning, up to yesterday’s new high .5496. That marked a two-day swing of 197%

Extended Watchlist:

BYND Update & More

Beyond Meat, Inc. BYND – Update

On Wednesday morning, we put a few options ideas on the radar in our premarket report, for the BYND chain. We signaled some weekly sets as well as one that expires at the end of next week. Our specific ideas were the BYND Weekly $86-88 Calls & 01/24 $95 Calls.

Despite a down day for the markets, BYND continued its impressive run, just in terms of the stock itself, which made a move from  81.16-97.90 between Wednesday and Friday. That alone works out to a modest, yet notable, increase of 21%, a figure which is rising as we speak, having breached $100 here in the premarket.

The moves produced by the calls we highlighted also enabled some fantastic gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers:

BYND Weekly $86-88 Calls
: 1.43-12.30 (+760%)  
$87: 1.42-11.50 (+710%)
$88: 1.24-10.45 (+743%)

BYND 01/24 $95 Calls
$95: .85-7.15  (+741%)  

ContraFect Corp. CFRX

CFRX, which we signaled for observation in our report from December 17th, has continued the impressive run it has been on ever since our initial alert.

We witnessed shares changing hands for as little as .38 and the progress it has made is really great. On Friday, the stock registered a new high of 1.15, representing a roughly three-week upswing of 203%

Extended Watchlist:

2nd & 3rd Thousand Percent Gainers of the Year!

Inpixon INPX

We’re circling back this morning to update the new highs that we got from INPX on Friday. We were just mentioning in the premarket that morning, we have been tracking the stock since our report on 12/02. subsequent to which time we would observe a low of .037.

Friday’s new high came in at .65, which marks an incredible increase of 1657% in just over a month since our initial alert! The move registered as the second highest daily gainer on the NASDAQ for Friday, and the second thousand percent gainer we’ve delivered for our newsletter subscribers for the New Year!

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. LW – Options Recap

Speaking of thousand percent gainers, we also bagged our third of 2020 with our fresh options idea from Friday morning’s report! We put the Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. LW 01/17 $85-90 Calls on watch, and the single session gain opportunities were excellent, including a twelve-bagger!

The $85 Calls ran from 1.76-9.30 for total gains of up to 428%, while the $90 Calls exploded from a low of .35 all the way up to 4.80. That goes down as an awesome intraday run of 1271%

Fresh Idea:
Cal Maine Foods, Inc. CALM Weekly $39-37.50 Puts 

Other Recent Gainers:

We alerted on ContraFect Corp. CFRX in our report from December 17th, and the stock has gone on to record a move from .38-.75 (+97%).

We put Cassava Sciences, Inc. SAVA on Thursday morning, and it finished the week with a two-day swing from 6.25-10.95, a gain of 75%

Extended Watchlist: