Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LULU Recap & Other Winning Calls

Lulu Lemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

First on our docket this morning is to provide a rundown of the excellent single-session gains afforded to us by our options trading idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

We signaled a range of contracts that we felt had a reasonable chance of success given its conditions leading up to the opening bell, and each of the seven contracts contained in our observed range of LULU Weekly $67-70 Calls.
yielded prime chances for quick-strike profits.

$67 Calls – Trading Range: 1.70-4.65 – Max Gain: 174%
$67.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.41-4.45 – Max Gain: 215%
$68 Calls– Trading Range: .89-3.87 – Max Gain: 335%
$68.50 Calls – Trading Range: .79-3.22 – Max Gain: 308%
$69 Calls – Trading Range: .75-2.85 – Max Gain: 280%
$69.50 Calls– Trading Range: .56-2.56 – Max Gain: 357%
$70 Calls– Trading Range: .37-2.11 – Max Gain: 470%

Yesterday’s Other Winners

Also included in yesterday’s premarket report were a couple of plays on the stock side of things that turned out to be significant intraday runners themselves.

General Cannabis Corp. CANN – The cannabis space has been a bit touch-and-go in recent months, but we have not let that stop us from routinely scanning for opportunities in the sector, and that’s just what we found yesterday in CANN.

We watched as the stock traded up from a daily low of .73 only to hit a subsequent high of 1.22. That went down in the books as an intraday pop of 67% It was followed by a dip-and-rip that carried it on a second run from .7375-1.08 (+46%).

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. MYHI -  This is another cannabis related play that also enjoyed an appreciable move-up yesterday following our morning tag as a bottom-bouncer. MYHI traded in a range from .0235-.034, for a respectable 45% run on the day.

We’ll continue to track this along with the above mentioned play for further opportunities as we head into week’s end. Both have exhibited the type of volatility that can make for more quick in-and-out gains.

Adaptive Medias , Inc. ADTM

Lastly, we want to draw attention back to ADTM, which we we reminded our readers at the beginning of the week, was just coming off of its recently-registered annual low. It has since provided us with not one but two significant chances. On

Tuesday the stock ran from a low of .0027 right out of the starting gate to a high of .0044 shortly after 11am, for gains of up to 63%  Yesterday the action provided us with a follow-up chance, as ADTM traded in a range from .003-.004- a 33% pop. That came along with a strong close at .0038 as well as twice the average 30-day volume, so we’ll definitely be watching for ADTM to record higher highs and higher lows in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Big Movers & More

LifeLogger Technologies Corp. LOGG

LOGG ended the week on an extremely high note, which was particularly impressive considering the fact that we had already witnessed a fantastic 91% pop from .0995-.19 subsequent to our mention of it in Thursday’s morning report.

The stock would follow up one great performance with another, running from an early low of .17 to a new high of .30 on Friday morning. It represented an intraday run of 76%, and a two-day overall rise amounting to 202% Our heartiest congratulations to any of our readers who were along for the ride on this one!

We’ll be sure to keep tracking LOGG for as long as its activity continues to provide these excellent intraday chances.

Encompass Compliance Corp. ENCC

ENCC turned out to be our top-gaining prospect of the day on Friday  when all was said and done. After slowly ramping up from its low of .012 over the course of the morning, the stock suddenly took off in the last hour, streaking to a high of .025.

The move amounted to an intraday increase of 108% and ENCC closed at its high point as well, so we’ll definitely want to assume our standard position for instances such as these, monitoring the stock for continued momentum, in addition to dip-and-rip patterns that could lead to further opportunities down the road.

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV

On Friday, we classed PCSV as a stock to watch over the longer-term, and while that’s still the case, it also produced immediate results of an impressive nature.

We witnessed the stock trading in a range from .025-.045, which amounted to a respectable 80% intraday move.  As previously stated, we feel the company’s recent entry into the fledgling sport of competitive drone racing warrants extended observation of this stock. (>>View PR)

PositiveID Corp. PSID – Update

We want to touch upon PSID this morning with an update in the form of a video chart presentation, as well as a reminder that the company will be presenting its wares at SeeThruEquities’ 2nd Annual Innovations Investor Conference today in Miami, FL.

We’d also encourage any of our readers who may as yet be unfamiliar with PSID to visit our blog archive on the company and peruse recent posts. (>>PSID Archive)

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PositiveID Corporation (“PositiveID” or “Company”) (PSID), a life sciences company focused on detection and diagnostics, announced today that its Chairman and CEO, William J. Caragol, will present at the SeeThruEquity Second Annual in Miami, FL, on Monday, February 22, 2016, at the Ritz Carlton on South Beach.

Mr. Caragol will provide an update on PositiveID’s Firefly Dx real-time pathogen detection system, as well as an overview of the Company’s recent acquisitions of Thermomedics, which markets the FDA-cleared, non-contact Caregiver® thermometer, and E-N-G Mobile Systems, Inc. (“ENG”), a leader in mobile labs, homeland security and communications vehicles. (>>FULL PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LOGG, PHOT Reviews & Much More

LifeLogger Technologies Corp. LOGG

We’ve been tracking LOGG since bringing it to light in a report last week and even though it made some decent gains leading up to yesterday, that’s when the stock really kicked things into high gear.

LOGG exploded from an early low of .0995 and continuously pushed to new highs throughout the course of the day, reaching its high of .19 just prior to the close, for an excellent chance at intraday gains of up to 91% The stock also traded better than six times its monthly average volume, so we’ll want to closely monitor its activity early on today for its dip-and-rip potential.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

PHOT had been bouncing around in a rough channel between the .012 and two-cent levels since we last tagged the stock for observation earlier this month. Right from the outset yesterday the stock’s bullish activity raised the alarms, with the announcement that PHOT would be relisting on the Bulletin Board as well as pursuing an uplisting to the OTCQX. (>>View PR)

The result of the wave of positive attention the PR garnered was a massive intraday run to the tune of 375% (.012-.057) that will keep us on alert as we close out the week for the possibility of a brief consolidation followed up by a potential bounceplay.

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. CTIC

We’ve been tracking CTIC recently, and in addition to stringing together higher highs and higher lows in each of the past four sessions wherein it has roughly doubled in price, the stock appears to be gearing up to fill a rather sizable gap on its chart, which we’ve pointed out below.

Long-Term Watchlist

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV

We like the future potential of the space PCSV has just entered into with its acquisition of a racing drone company. (PR Below) We’ll be placing PCSV on our longer-term radars as a result of this announcement.

While drone racing is a relatively new ‘sport’ that is still in its infancy, big plans for a national drone racing league have been backed financially by billionaire Steve Ross, who is most commonly known as the owner of the Miami Dolphins. (>>View Article)

BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – PCS Edventures!.com, Inc., (PCSV) a leading provider of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, today announced the completion of an asset purchase of Thrust UAV, a company focused on the fast-growing FPV drone racing market. (>>Full PR)

Elio Motors, Inc. ELIO

We want to place a longer-term watch on newly-trading ELIO as well. Many of our readers will have heard of this exciting startup that is undergoing plans to market a three-wheeled (pictured below) that boasts more than 80mpg fuel efficiency and a retail price tag of less than $7,000.

With Americans looking to economize any way they can these days, the industry disruption potential of a low-cost, high-efficiency personal transport stripped of unnecessary bells and whistles is intriguing to say the least. The backstory behind this one is irresistible (Visit to learn more), so we’ll be very interested to follow along in the early days of the stock’s trading to see how ELIO establishes its footing.

Bonus Options Ideas

We’ll be looking for possible daytrading opportunities with Weekly VXX $26-27.50 Calls, and Weekly SPY $193-190 Puts based on the current atmosphere in the markets.

*Pertaining to both of the preceding ideas, remember to always consider the inherent elevated risk associated with trading weekly options contracts on a Friday!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Yesterday’s Top Movers & More

Yesterday’s Top Movers

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK

Yesterday’s session brought a couple of chances for nice intraday gains from stocks placed on our premarket watchlist, starting with AGTK. We’ve had this one on our radar in the past, and turning our attention back to it yesterday ended up being a great idea.

Starting out from its opening price of .003, AGTK made a nice, round, 100% rip up to the high of day at .006 which occurred around lunchtime. The stock ended up receding back to a new daily low into the close, so we’ll definitely continue to monitor it for some potential bounceplay action.

Guided Therapeutics, Inc. GTHP

Also among the most solid plays from yesterday’s report was GTHP, which managed a respectable intraday swing of 32% on roughly three times the monthly average trading volume as it ran from .0128-.0169. That also represented a bullish breach of the 50DMA. Couple that with the expansion of the LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan, revenues from which the company expects to fall into the $3-5M range for 2016, and we’ll be keeping GTHP on an extended-term watch.

Pocket Games, Inc. PKGM

We’d like to provide an update on a play that we signaled for observation the Friday before last,  as its progress over the last half-dozen sessions has been quite notable. We caught PKGM trading at a low of .0031 subsequent to our alert on 01/29, and the stock has continually pushed to new highs, culminating in a .013 high-of-day yesterday.  That amounts to a 319% upswing in a relatively short period of time, so we’ll definitely keep PKGM in our sights moving forward.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Continued Options Success

Our continued tracking of  FB Feb 19th $109-105 Puts which we initially signaled in Thursday morning’s report continued to pay dividends in each of the ensuing sessions, and yesterday was no exception. Our bearish feelings on FB continued to ring true, as the gap we highlighted on the chart down into the $97-range was filled. As a result, we witnessed new highs on each of our observed contracts.

$109 Calls
– Trading Range: 1.98-11.50 – Max Gain: 481%
$108 Calls – Trading Range: 1.67-10.35 – Max Gain: 520%
$107 Calls – Trading Range: 1.27-9.48 – Max Gain: 646%
$106 Calls – Trading Range: .99-8.66 – Max Gain: 775%
$105 Calls – Trading Range: .91-7.70 – Max Gain: 746%

Extended Watchlist:
VRCI & DNRG(Bottom bouncers)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Options Update

Spirit Airlines, Inc. SAVE

On Wednesday, we identified a pair of SAVE options contracts as potential swing-trade candidates, specifically referring to the January 15th $40 and $45 Calls, and over the course of the session and-a-half since then, they’ve made quite a bit of progress. From Wednesday’s lows to Thursday’s highs, we’ve already seen upswings of 48% in the $40′s (2.90-4.30) and 93% in the $45′s (.70-1.35).

With more than two weeks until their expiration and SAVE shares still trading in the appropriate range, we’ll continue to keep a lookout for possible swing-trade chances from this particular options idea.


Celgene Corp. CELG

Despite the decreased activity during the short week prior to the holiday break, we managed to spot some nice intraday swings from CELG options. We were on the trail of CELG Weekly $116-120 Calls starting on Wednesday, and after providing multi-bag gain opportunities on that day, they continued to produce during Thursday’s short session.

The $119′s and $120 were both still close enough to the money to yield significant moves over the half-day with the $119′s surging 77% from 2.12-3.75, and $120′s making an impressive 204% run from .97-2.95.

Chimerix, Inc. CMRX

CMRX set off our cliff-diver alarms this morning after shares plummeted more than 75% in premarket trading based on the clinical failure of one of the company’s late-stage trial drugs.

Whenever we see something like this unfold, our immediate instinct is to wait for the dust to settle, then strike as the rebound occurs. Knee-jerk selloffs of this magnitude don’t come along every day, but when they have in the past, we’ve almost always seen some measure of a recovery.

We’ll place CMRX on watch for such an event, provided it can hold at or above the $7-level moving forward.

Patriot National, Inc. PN

PN is another stock that was recently hammered back, and its own recovery is already in effect. In addition to insider buying in recent months and coming off of recent lows on the chart, the company announced a significant share repurchase to the tune of $20M this morning (View PR) that will avoid dilution from a previously announced private placement. We’ll be monitoring the stock for the possibility of a protracted recovery as we kick another short trading week.

Extended Watchlist: