Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom Play, Options & More

Biocept, Inc. BIOC

We took notice of BIOC on our routine morning scan today as a possible bottom play, as the stock tumbled to 8-month lows on Friday.  At the same time, the company released a PR this morning pertaining to the signing of a potentially lucrative, worldwide distribution agreement, a snippet of which we’ve included below.

We think it makes for an interesting confluence of events, and that’s why we’re going to be tracking BIOC closely as we kick off a fresh trading week.

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC), a leading commercial provider of liquid biopsy tests designed to provide physicians with clinically actionable information to improve the outcomes of cancer patients, announces that it has signed an exclusive global Distribution Agreement excluding China, for the Company’s proprietary blood collection tubes (BCTs) with VWR International, LLC (>>View Full PR)

National and International Events Affecting Markets

There was a fair bit of hysteria going out over the newsreels last week over a potential nuclear conflict between North Korea and the US, and it led to a tough week for stocks in general. Whether this week plays out as a bear or a bull remains to be seen, but we’ll want to have options ideas lined up for either eventuality.

This morning, we’ve seen some signs of an abatement of those fears as stocks around the globe have perked up, and in the event that a rebound for domestic stocks is also in the cards for this week, we’ll want to signal the range of SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) Weekly $244.50-246 Calls for observation.

However if other outside factors, such as the civil unrest and domestic terrorism that unfolded in Virginia over the weekend serves to hurt US markets further, we may find ourselves more interested in tracking the iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN (VXX) Weekly $12 and 12.50 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LULU Recap & Other Winning Calls

Lulu Lemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

First on our docket this morning is to provide a rundown of the excellent single-session gains afforded to us by our options trading idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

We signaled a range of contracts that we felt had a reasonable chance of success given its conditions leading up to the opening bell, and each of the seven contracts contained in our observed range of LULU Weekly $67-70 Calls.
yielded prime chances for quick-strike profits.

$67 Calls – Trading Range: 1.70-4.65 – Max Gain: 174%
$67.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.41-4.45 – Max Gain: 215%
$68 Calls– Trading Range: .89-3.87 – Max Gain: 335%
$68.50 Calls – Trading Range: .79-3.22 – Max Gain: 308%
$69 Calls – Trading Range: .75-2.85 – Max Gain: 280%
$69.50 Calls– Trading Range: .56-2.56 – Max Gain: 357%
$70 Calls– Trading Range: .37-2.11 – Max Gain: 470%

Yesterday’s Other Winners

Also included in yesterday’s premarket report were a couple of plays on the stock side of things that turned out to be significant intraday runners themselves.

General Cannabis Corp. CANN – The cannabis space has been a bit touch-and-go in recent months, but we have not let that stop us from routinely scanning for opportunities in the sector, and that’s just what we found yesterday in CANN.

We watched as the stock traded up from a daily low of .73 only to hit a subsequent high of 1.22. That went down in the books as an intraday pop of 67% It was followed by a dip-and-rip that carried it on a second run from .7375-1.08 (+46%).

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. MYHI -  This is another cannabis related play that also enjoyed an appreciable move-up yesterday following our morning tag as a bottom-bouncer. MYHI traded in a range from .0235-.034, for a respectable 45% run on the day.

We’ll continue to track this along with the above mentioned play for further opportunities as we head into week’s end. Both have exhibited the type of volatility that can make for more quick in-and-out gains.

Adaptive Medias , Inc. ADTM

Lastly, we want to draw attention back to ADTM, which we we reminded our readers at the beginning of the week, was just coming off of its recently-registered annual low. It has since provided us with not one but two significant chances. On

Tuesday the stock ran from a low of .0027 right out of the starting gate to a high of .0044 shortly after 11am, for gains of up to 63%  Yesterday the action provided us with a follow-up chance, as ADTM traded in a range from .003-.004- a 33% pop. That came along with a strong close at .0038 as well as twice the average 30-day volume, so we’ll definitely be watching for ADTM to record higher highs and higher lows in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Bottom-Play Updates & More

Options Updates

We formulated our first options ideas of the week yesterday morning, and unsurprisingly, we hit on each and every one of them. Our acumen when it comes to identifying quick-strike options plays is really top-drawer, a fact to which any of our regular readers can attest.

Bank of America Corp. BAC

We took note of BAC 07/15 $15 Calls yesterday, which had extremely high open interest to the point of suspicion on our part. We were right  to want to follow the money in this case, because despite the fact that we have designated this a longer-term play, the potential returns were instant. Those contracts traded up from .51-.71 for possible gains of up to 39% on the day.

We’re certain that our observed range is going to increase even further with BAC having cracked the $15-mark here in the premarket this morning. Should the stock follow up yesterday’s session with another bullish performance, things could get very interesting, very quickly.


ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures SVXY- Our targets here were the SVXY Weekly $53.50-55 Calls and despite the SVXY closing slightly down on the day, we first witnessed some nice intraday moves to the upside that facilitated opportunities for the following gains:

$53.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.60-2.10 – Max Gain: 31%
$54 Calls – Trading Range: 1.50-1.70 – Max Gain: 13%
$54.50 Calls– Trading Range: 1.10-1.65 – Max Gain: 50%
$55 Calls – Trading Range: .74-1.25 – Max Gain: 69%


We won’t leave you hanging solely with an update from yesterday’s action- we’ve got a couple of fresh ranges to monitor in the GM and UA options chains as well. In both cases we’ve got stocks that are gapping up on the strength of earnings beat this morning. Our corresponding ideas are as follows:

General Motors Co. GM – Weekly $32-34 Calls

Under Armour, Inc. UA – Weekly $45-48 Calls

Bottom-Watchlist Update

We placed RNVA and CLMT on a bottom-watchlist at the end of yesterday morning’s premarket report, following a newly registered 52-week low for each of them on Tuesday. We just wanted to rehash those ideas this morning, as both plays rebounded off of their lows in a stroke of excellent timing on our part.

Rennova Health, Inc. RNVA traded in a range from .57-.70, an intraday gain of 23%, while Calumet Specialty Products Partners CLMT made a 16% move from 4.64-5.39.

Now we’ll just want to verify the reversal in each case by monitoring the stocks in sessions to come for telltale signs of a continued recovery.


We’re also going to signal interest in The ONE Group Hospitality, Inc. STKS for an extended-term bottom-watch.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APRE News, Options Ideas & More

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE

We’re circling back to APRE once again this morning, after the stock has logged two nice intraday performances subsequent to our in-depth report on Monday. That morning we saw a nice 59% pop, and yesterday the stock not only managed to maintain support at the previous day’s swing low as we hoped it would, but also made a 23% intraday upswing(.031-.038), not to mention closing at its high of day. That works out to cumulative gains over that two-session span totaling 82%

This morning’s area of focus is going to be the fresh PR that just hit the APRE newswire, regarding wholly-owned sub CSS Alliance, and the striking of a new distribution deal. (Link Below)

We’ll be on the lookout for added attention brought from the PR to potentially give the stock another boost. As we’ve stated previously, due to the low-float, low-volume nature of APRE, the stock is subject to significant swings on relatively little buying pressure.

NEW YORK, April 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Aperture Health, Inc. (OTC APRE), is pleased to announce that the company’s wholly owned subsidiary CSS Alliance has formed a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with House Tech. Co. Ltd to become a hub in the United States to distribute, market and sell new technologies ranging from green solar powered A/C units, and powerless generators, as well as solar energy.  >>View Full PR

If you didn’t catch our full report on APRE Monday, you can find it here >>View Report

ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures SVXY

We’ve yet to signal any options ideas this week, which is uncharacteristic for us, so we’re also going to be zeroing in on a possible play in that arena. The markets have been strong of late, with the VIX continuously trending downward, so we’re looking at an inverse analog of that note in SVXY.

Our specific area of interest is going to be the SVXY Weekly $53.50-55 Calls.

Bank of America Corp. BAC

Speaking of possible options plays, we’re also taking note of BAC 07/15 $15 Calls which have been shown to have abnormally high open interest over the past couple sessions. Whenever we see serious cash of this magnitude flow into a set of contracts, it raises our attention. As the saying goes, you’ve got to follow the money! Therefore, we’ll be keeping this set of contracts on a long-term watchlist.

Extended Watchlist:
CLMT, RNVA(Bottom-Watchers)