Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Reminder


We took full advantage of the recent earnings season with a ton of great options ideas, but things are cooling down on that front for the moment. To start off this week, we’ll put our ever-continuing options search on hold for today, to bring our readers an annual reminder.

Each year as the summer season begins to wind down, we like to pull together a sizable watchlist for the cannabis space. The Autumn season has traditionally been the legal and medical marijuana industries’ most active in terms of movement on charts. The pattern has repeated itself year after year, so with the market appearing relatively quiet at the moment, now is a good time to reassert our interest in cannabis sector stocks for the coming of the fall rush.

The following is not an exhaustive list, merely a few old favorites, but we ensourage our readers to seek out and monitor any stock that is related to the field:


Avalon Holdings Corp. AWX

We’d also like to quickly share the performance of AWX following its inclusion in our premarket watchlist on Friday. Early on in the session, the stock ran from a low of 4.52, and went on to hit 6.79, which works out to a respectable intraday pop of 50%  That was sufficient to register as the NASDAQ’s #2 mover on the day.

Fresh Options Ideas:
Energen Corp. EGN 09/21 $75 $ 77.50 Calls
Neilsen Holdings plc NLSN 09/21 $25-27 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CANN Recap & More

General Cannabis Corp. CANN

To kick off this week, we sent out a reminder going over the extensive list of cannabis plays we published on April 4th in anticipation of Friday’s 04/20 Holiday celebrations and connected stock activity.

We expect a rising tide of interest and activity in the cannabis space for the remainder of this week and beyond, during what is one of the busiest times of year for marijuana-related businesses/stocks.

We are already impressed with the move made by CANN since our initial alert and through to this week. On the 4th, following our report, CANN established its base at 2.25 and hasn’t looked back. Yesterday the stock hit 5.75, marking a two week bull run of 156% As we said, we expect to see more moves like this from the myriad cannabis plays we track on a regular basis. (Non-Exhaustive List Here)

vTv Therapeutics, Inc. VTVT

We also want to make note of VTVT this morning after noticing a number of attractive features on the chart. Pre-existing shareholders of VTVT are certainly not happy with the events of the past few months, but as opportunistic short-term traders, it has almost everything we look for a regular basis.

In addition to being monstrously oversold, the stock has seen a rise in average volume over the past week, after a massive gap-down which you can plainly view on the snapshot below. What makes the scenario so interesting, is that the company will need to reattain and hold the 1.00/share or risk involuntary delisting from the NASDAQ. With all these factors playing in, we’ll definitely want to put this one on extended watch in the event it attempts to fill even a portion of that gap.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Reminder

Cannabis Reminder

With the cannabis counterculture holiday of 04/20 capping off this week on Friday, you can bet that our tracking of the cannabis sector is going to ramp up right along with many of these stocks.

It was back on the 4th of this month that we published an extensive list of marijuana industry stocks to track in anticipation of this event. For those outside the loop, “Four-Twenty” is a massive celebration each year on April 20th, to commemorate the cultural tradition of partaking in cannabis at 4:20pm on any given day. Cannabis companies use this as the perfect marketing ploy, and as a result, many do their highest sales of the year on the heels of this holiday.

A few of the plays we highlighted earlier this month have already begun to see appreciable moves on the chart. Take OWC Pharma (OWCP) for example. Since the 4th, the stock has increased from .20 to .30, a 50% rise in under two weeks.

We would expect to see similar, and even better gains coming from many cannabis stocks all across the board. That’s why we wanted to open up this week with a reminder to keep a close eye on anything even remotely tied to the space.

Just refresh, some of those stocks include, but are not limited to:


Extended Watchlist:

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Cannabis Roundup & More

Cannabis Roundup

We wanted to take some time out this midweek to get back to cannabis, the rapidly growing industry that we’ve always said we felt has as much or more potential than any other out there. The first quarter of the 2018 calendar year was rather low key, but with some major cannabis dates coming up, we wanted to sharpen our focus on the sector.

The 04/20 Holiday is generally a time when you see heightened visibility, and an influx of sales for recreational marijuana businesses. It’s the “Super Bowl” for many of these businesses, which will see their highest customer volume of the year.

It’s a time of increased awareness in the investment community for the space as a whole, and that’s why we wanted to refresh our running watchlist of pot stocks on our radar:

As for the ones based here in the U.S. some of our favorites (in no particular order) have been: OWCP, AGTK, HEMP, SGMD, SING, GRNE, GOHE, MCOA, MCIG, POTN, PNTV, RMHB, CANN and CBIS.

We also have July to look forward to, which marks the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, where some of the most impressive cannabis companies, like ACBFF and APHQF reside. Other notable Canadian players include ATTBF, GLDFF, GLNNF, NXTTF, MRRCF, SPRWF, and CRON.

Facebook, Inc. FB

We started off the week on Monday by signaling some options ideas, the FB Weekly $155-160 Calls. Despite a terrible start to the week for the markets as a whole, yesterday’s bounce-back helped began to provide us with the kind of moves we were looking for out of those plays.

In fact, each of three contracts in our designated range yielded the chance at multi-bag gains yesterday, with the following moves:

$155 Calls – Range: 1.55-4.27  – Max Gain: 175%
$157.50 Calls – Range: .90-2.75 – Max Gain: 205%
$160 Calls – Range: .49-1.69 – Max Gain: 245%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LULU Recap & Other Winning Calls

Lulu Lemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

First on our docket this morning is to provide a rundown of the excellent single-session gains afforded to us by our options trading idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

We signaled a range of contracts that we felt had a reasonable chance of success given its conditions leading up to the opening bell, and each of the seven contracts contained in our observed range of LULU Weekly $67-70 Calls.
yielded prime chances for quick-strike profits.

$67 Calls – Trading Range: 1.70-4.65 – Max Gain: 174%
$67.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.41-4.45 – Max Gain: 215%
$68 Calls– Trading Range: .89-3.87 – Max Gain: 335%
$68.50 Calls – Trading Range: .79-3.22 – Max Gain: 308%
$69 Calls – Trading Range: .75-2.85 – Max Gain: 280%
$69.50 Calls– Trading Range: .56-2.56 – Max Gain: 357%
$70 Calls– Trading Range: .37-2.11 – Max Gain: 470%

Yesterday’s Other Winners

Also included in yesterday’s premarket report were a couple of plays on the stock side of things that turned out to be significant intraday runners themselves.

General Cannabis Corp. CANN – The cannabis space has been a bit touch-and-go in recent months, but we have not let that stop us from routinely scanning for opportunities in the sector, and that’s just what we found yesterday in CANN.

We watched as the stock traded up from a daily low of .73 only to hit a subsequent high of 1.22. That went down in the books as an intraday pop of 67% It was followed by a dip-and-rip that carried it on a second run from .7375-1.08 (+46%).

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. MYHI -  This is another cannabis related play that also enjoyed an appreciable move-up yesterday following our morning tag as a bottom-bouncer. MYHI traded in a range from .0235-.034, for a respectable 45% run on the day.

We’ll continue to track this along with the above mentioned play for further opportunities as we head into week’s end. Both have exhibited the type of volatility that can make for more quick in-and-out gains.

Adaptive Medias , Inc. ADTM

Lastly, we want to draw attention back to ADTM, which we we reminded our readers at the beginning of the week, was just coming off of its recently-registered annual low. It has since provided us with not one but two significant chances. On

Tuesday the stock ran from a low of .0027 right out of the starting gate to a high of .0044 shortly after 11am, for gains of up to 63%  Yesterday the action provided us with a follow-up chance, as ADTM traded in a range from .003-.004- a 33% pop. That came along with a strong close at .0038 as well as twice the average 30-day volume, so we’ll definitely be watching for ADTM to record higher highs and higher lows in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist: