Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LULU Recap & Other Winning Calls

Lulu Lemon Athletica, Inc. LULU

First on our docket this morning is to provide a rundown of the excellent single-session gains afforded to us by our options trading idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report.

We signaled a range of contracts that we felt had a reasonable chance of success given its conditions leading up to the opening bell, and each of the seven contracts contained in our observed range of LULU Weekly $67-70 Calls.
yielded prime chances for quick-strike profits.

$67 Calls – Trading Range: 1.70-4.65 – Max Gain: 174%
$67.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.41-4.45 – Max Gain: 215%
$68 Calls– Trading Range: .89-3.87 – Max Gain: 335%
$68.50 Calls – Trading Range: .79-3.22 – Max Gain: 308%
$69 Calls – Trading Range: .75-2.85 – Max Gain: 280%
$69.50 Calls– Trading Range: .56-2.56 – Max Gain: 357%
$70 Calls– Trading Range: .37-2.11 – Max Gain: 470%

Yesterday’s Other Winners

Also included in yesterday’s premarket report were a couple of plays on the stock side of things that turned out to be significant intraday runners themselves.

General Cannabis Corp. CANN – The cannabis space has been a bit touch-and-go in recent months, but we have not let that stop us from routinely scanning for opportunities in the sector, and that’s just what we found yesterday in CANN.

We watched as the stock traded up from a daily low of .73 only to hit a subsequent high of 1.22. That went down in the books as an intraday pop of 67% It was followed by a dip-and-rip that carried it on a second run from .7375-1.08 (+46%).

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. MYHI -  This is another cannabis related play that also enjoyed an appreciable move-up yesterday following our morning tag as a bottom-bouncer. MYHI traded in a range from .0235-.034, for a respectable 45% run on the day.

We’ll continue to track this along with the above mentioned play for further opportunities as we head into week’s end. Both have exhibited the type of volatility that can make for more quick in-and-out gains.

Adaptive Medias , Inc. ADTM

Lastly, we want to draw attention back to ADTM, which we we reminded our readers at the beginning of the week, was just coming off of its recently-registered annual low. It has since provided us with not one but two significant chances. On

Tuesday the stock ran from a low of .0027 right out of the starting gate to a high of .0044 shortly after 11am, for gains of up to 63%  Yesterday the action provided us with a follow-up chance, as ADTM traded in a range from .003-.004- a 33% pop. That came along with a strong close at .0038 as well as twice the average 30-day volume, so we’ll definitely be watching for ADTM to record higher highs and higher lows in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Update & More

Options Update

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. HTZ -  Yesterday, we signaled our interest in HTZ Weekly $11 & $11.50 Calls and began to see instant returns. The $11 Calls traded in a intraday range from .27-.46, allowing for single-session gains of up to 70%

There wasn’t much volume to speak of for the $11.50′s just yet, but we expect that to change this morning as HTZ is once again making a strong move, gapping up in premarket trading this morning. Not only should we see activity pick up with those contracts, but the gains we’ve observed in the $11′s thus far are almost certain to be extended should this uptrend continue to carry into today’s session.


Lulu Lemon Athletica, Inc. LULU – Our eye is drawn to LULU this morning in the wake of its earnings release. Despite mixed results, the stock is gapping up here in the premarket. In order to take advantage of a potential rip out of the gate, we’re going to set our sights upon LULU Weekly $67-70 Calls.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO

GEVO is a familiar play that we’ve mentioned in the past, although we can’t provide specific reference at the moment with archives being hosted on our server currently under malicious attack.  We want to call attention to it once again this morning.

The stock began ramping up on Monday, at which time is was trading in the mid-.30′s, only to go on a massive intraweek run that took it to a new high of .685 yesterday, and an impressive 1.95 high in this morning’s premarket. It has tapered back a bit, so we’ll be anxious to track for the possibility of a bounce followed by another spike once regular trading commences.

We’ll need to see the stock maintain support above a dollar on any pullbacks in order for it to keep our interest.

Extended Watchlist:
GNBT, CANN, IORG, EMPO, MYHI(Bottom-Bouncer)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APRE Recap, Other Updates & More

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE

When we took a glance at the APRE chart in the premarket yesterday morning, we felt confident that there was a possibility of a continued uptrend carried over from Friday’s big move. Our feelings weren’t misplaced, as the stock recorded another nice intraday run beginning right at the opening bell.

From its starting price of .027 APRE broke out to a high of .0428, which registered as a 59% upswing. We then saw a consolidation into the close, exhibiting the type of volatility we’d mentioned in our report, but notably held support above the .03-mark.

We’re going to look for APRE to continue to build higher base levels of support moving forward. We can imagine a play with such technical characteristics providing us further opportunities in sessions ahead, so we’ll want to keep it on close watch.

If you didn’t catch our full report on APRE yesterday, you can find it here >>View Report

Updates on Recent Ideas

We get so caught up with our seemingly innumerable interests at times, that we sometimes find ourselves having to backtrack a bit to provide updates on past ideas. Such is the case with the following stocks:

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. PCSV, which we tabbed for longer-term watch two months ago to the day, ended up making a beautiful upswing of multi-bag proportions. Subsequent to our alert, we witnessed it trading in a range from .025-.14, a 460% move to the upside.

Skyline Medical, Inc. SKLN is a play that we zeroed in on late last month, and it too yielded a sizable move recently. The stock ran from .17-.29 for a comparatively modest but still very solid 71% spike.

Eyes on the Cannabis Sector

Our regular readers are certainly familiar with our repeated tracking of marijuana-related stocks, a pool from which we’ve pulled a great many big-time gainers in the past. We began drawing attention back to the sector in our reports early this spring, and it has really paid off.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH – We’ve come back to this one time and time again over a period of years, but began tracking it more heavily beginning in late February. Since then, the general trend has been in a northerly direction, and over the past month or so, things have really begun to kick in high gear. In that span, we’ve seen GRNH run from a low of .0171 to an amazing ten-cent high yesterday. That’s a 485% swing! The stock has gapped up even further today, as high as .12 so far in the premarket, so it’s definitely occupying a portion of our attention this morning.

Terra Tech Corp. TRTC - We began re-alerting TRTC around the same period in late March at which time we observed a low of .2162 , and our most recent reminder came on April 5th. For this play as well, it has been mostly big moves to the upside since then. Yesterday the stock reached .7455, marking a 245% swing over our observed low.

Other big pot-plays that we dialed up near the end of March included Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA and CannLabs, Inc. CANL. We’ve seen multi-bag moves from them as well, culminating in impressive new highs yesterday. MCOA ran from our observed low of .005 to a new high of .012, a gain of 140% while CANL made a move from .167-.449 for a solid 169% rip.

It’s become increasingly apparent over recent weeks that the cannabis industry heat-up we had anticipated is in full-swing. We’re going to need to stay aware and continue to monitor the entire sector, including stocks such as CANN, and CBDS as spring progresses.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Ideas, Reviewing Winners & More

Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc. EGLE

We caught sight of a stock that’s been building a cherry of a chart in the form of a nice bottom-bounce, the momentum from which it has sustained over the past four sessions.

We went ahead and pointed out a few highlights on the chart below. Despite already being up considerably above recent lows, a number of indicators still give us a bullish feeling on EGLE at the moment. We’ll be looking for a break of key resistance at the current 50DMA of .83. As you can see, the stock has demonstrated high month-to-month volatility, and recently made a brief but impressive swing into the three-dollar range.

We’ll keep the play on our radar in coming sessions as a return to much higher levels seems perfectly plausible at the present time.

PBR Options Recap

Before we jump into the fresh ideas we’ve worked out for today, we just want to take a second to go over the gains possible from one of Friday’s options calls. We said we wanted to track the PBR Weekly $5-6 Calls, and it was the 5.50′s that performed the best for the day.

We saw those contracts trade up from a low of .18 and reach .32 for a solid chance at up to 78% profits for the session.

Strikeforce Technology, Inc. SFOR

We also want to recap the excellent performance we’ve seen from SFOR in the seven sessions since our initial alert on the stock in our premarket report from March 31st. On that day, we witnessed a low of .0007, and the stock hasn’t looked back yet.

On Friday alone, the stock made a healthy 80% intraday rip from a low of .001-.0018. That high also registered as a 157% overall upswing over our observed low.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GWPH, GRNH Updates & More

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. GWPH

Yesterday morning, we suggested our readers pay attention to the activity in GWPH, which had just published a blockbuster PR regarding top-line success in a late-stage trial of a cannabis-derived treatment (>>View PR).

The breakthrough nature of the study caught many people’s eyes, and throughout the course of the day’s news cycle, the story got significant national attention from multiple media outlets.

As we’d mentioned in our premarket report yesterday, we were going to do some cherry-picking, waiting for the gap-up to lead to an early dip (which it did), and then track in-the-money calls. To give an idea of the sort of scenario that was possible, the GWPH $75 Calls ran from 7.70-16.70 (+116%)

We’ll continue monitoring in-the-money calls in the $75-85 range, and if GWPH appears to want to break $90, consider rolling our strike price up to that level.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. GRNH

The national attention cast upon GW Pharma also brought some nice activity into other cannabis-related plays, and GRNH was one of them. We’ve got an established history of tracking this stock that stretches back for years. A search of our archive shows that this morning marks the 35th occasion on which we’ve mentioned the stock.

The most recent of those mentions came this past Wednesday, when we tagged it in our morning watchlist, after which time we observed a low of .02.

Yesterday, the stock rode the wave of attention for the sector to an impressive 62% rip as it ran from .0215-.0349. It also marked a total swing of 74% over the low we witnessed last week.

Added Note: We prepared a list of some other marijuana stocks to monitor more closely in the light of heightened investor awareness of the sector:  CANV, CBDS, CANN, CNBX

Extended Watchlist: