CLNO, IWEB & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

New subscribers might not be familiar with CLNO, a stock that we rode for gains in excess of 5000% over a four month period this spring to early summer.

On Tuesday, we caught CLNO coming off of its 50DMA, and added it to our extended watchlist. After being as low as .12 at that time, it has managed to make higher highs and higher lows each day since.

Yesterday saw a high of .265 (+121%), and the stock closed strong at .26, just slightly below the HOD. As is usually the case when we see good momentum at the end of a session, we’ll want to keep CLNO on watch this morning for a continuation of the trend. We’ll need to see the stock test and overcome resistance at the previous swing high of .365, and from the look of the chart, there seems a fair chance of that occurring.

We can see the RSI is rumbling toward the power zone, and the MACD appears to be converging for a cross as the blue bars on the histogram prepare to flip up to the bullish side.

We’ve been following IWEB all week long, and yesterday the stock continued to make higher highs and higher lows, closing at the high of day. Similarly to the previously mentioned play, IWEB is currently sporting a chart with several indicators pointing toward bullishness. In addition to breaking above the 100DMA yesterday, the RSI is making its way towards the power zone, and the Accumulation/Distribution has begun to pick up.

The previous swing high of .0355 is going to be an area of significant resistance. Should it break past that point, there’s easily a shot that the stock could find its way back to the 200DMA around the mid-.04 range.

For those who need to refresh their memory, we’ve been following IWEB since Tuesday of last week, when we released a special report on the stock after catching it coming off of its 52-week lows.

Extended Watchlist:

IWEB, CLNO & Extended Watchlist


IWEB is looking strong this midweek, after having achieved higher lows and higher highs for the past three sessions. After the initial run we saw out of IWEB last week from .024-.0355, and several subsequent bounces, the stock settled back and found support around our original alert price. Since then it has been steadily building back up, currently holding above the 50DMA of .0259. Looking ahead, our key resistance point is last week’s swing high of .0355.

Although IWEB has worked out well for us in the short term this week, we are still attracted to the stock for its long-term potential as well. We’re anxious to follow along as the company continues to pursue its well-laid plans for expanding into a full-range cloud services provider.

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

Many of you will recall CLNO as a stock that brought forth the chance at nearly 5000% in gains this spring, as it exploded from our original alert price of .0055, to a high of .365. At that point we saw a tapering of the chart, and after observing a bottom, yesterday we got CLNO back onto our watchlist just in the nick of time.

After opening at .13 and touching a low of .12, the stock rose as high as .225, an intraday gain of up to 88%

Extended Watchlist:

BRND, CRWE & Extended Watchlists

Premier Brands, Inc. BRND

Yesterday morning we said that we’d need BRND to hold support above a penny to keep our interest, and it did just that and much more. As you can see on the intraday chart below, after an initial pop of 92% from .013-.025, we also saw major bounces from .0185-.027 (+46%), and .02-.025 (+25%). These were in addition to several other bounce opportunities throughout the day, and let’s not forget the nearly 800% in gains it yielded last week.

We are still waiting to hear more about the planned line of premium vodka that the company has teamed up with basketball star Dennis Rodman to market. In the meantime we intend to continue taking advantage of any further opportunities presented by this volatile stock.

Crown Equity Holdings, Inc. CRWE

Since a golden cross on the CRWE chart back in May, the stock has been performing quite well. After appearing in yesterday’s extended watchlist, it provided us with a chance to make make 20% gain intraday.


Solar stocks appear to be gearing up for an uptrend in what is often a cyclical trading pattern. For that reason, we’ve been keeping an ongoing watchlist of solar plays. In case you missed the previous report containing that watchlist you can find it here.  In addition to that solar list, we are also adding HSOL and ASTI to our radar.

Appearing in the extended watchlist of that same solar report was Green Energy Renewable Solution, Inc. EWRL. Ever since, the chart has stair-stepped its way up, coming from a low of .0095 to hit a high of .024 yesterday. That marks a move of 153% That company will soon undergo a name and symbol change as per a recent announcement that it had merged with Cirque Energy II, LLC. The new name will be Cirque Energy, the new symbol has yet to be designated.

Extended Watchlist:
IWEB, CLNO (Finding support off its 50dma), BONE, SPPI,