CLNO, AAPL & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

CLNO remains on our radars this mid-week. The stock has provided us with the chance at thousands in percentage gains in recent months.

We wanted to be sure to alert everyone about a forthcoming increase in the number of CLNO shares. The company has announced that it will undergo a 5 for 1 forward split, so we want to be cautious moving forward. After the split, we expect the stock price to be roughly 5X cheaper than where it sits now. On the positive side, it gives the company more wiggle room with regard to obtaining financing for business activities, so we are going to want to continue following the storyline on CLNO to see how it all plays out

Click here for a full copy of the filing.

Apple Options
Apple has powered upward so far this week, and this morning is trading up premarket, currently at $419.50. As the market opens, we will gauge the trend, and should it appear as if the upward momentum will continue, we will most likely turn our attention to the $420 Calls.

Yesterday those Calls traded in a range from .80 to 4.70 before falling to as low as 1.10 and closing at 2.60. We’ll look use that volatility to our advantage as we attempt to ride Apple to sizable profits as we have so many times in the past.

Extended Watchlist:

PTRC, CLNO & Extended Watchlist

Petro River Oil Corp. PTRC
This stock appeared in our extended watchlist on Thursday, at the time trading as low as .28.  Friday’s session brought a high of .45 for an overnight gain of up to 61% on over 6X its 3mo. average volume.

Congrats to any of our readers that were able to take advantage of that timely alert.


Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

CLNO has been a stellar gainer for us lately. We wanted to highlight the news out this morning, which alludes to the acquisition of three companies that have worked with CLNO in the past, and will now fall under the Cleantech umbrella.

While the stock continues to rise, we want to attach the same word of caution we issued on Friday: CLNO has been in a consistent uptrend for quite some time now. Like any monumental gainer, we always want to pay special attention, remaining open to further gains, all the while staying cognizant of the fact that a pullback could happen at any time. Trading with tight stops on plays such as this is highly recommended.

LAS VEGAS, NV – 07/01/2013 – In its ongoing efforts to advance its strategy of developing significant market share in the alternative clean energy sector, environmental commodities, and environmental finance, CleanTech Transit, Inc. (CLNO) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Shamrock S Tree Products, LLC, Shamrock S Pollination, Inc., and Shamrock S Trucking, Inc.. (the “Shamrock Group”). The Shamrock Group has worked with Cleantech’s Discovery Carbon subsidiary for the past 2 years as a key affiliate.

It’s worth mentioning that despite recent gains of epic proportions, CLNO is still receiving a “100% Buy” Rating at BARCHART.COM.

Side Note:

At least one of the plays from the solar sector watchlist we highlighted on Thursday appears ready to start the week on a high note.

Specifically, CSIQ appears to be gapping up nicely. We’ve been talking about CSIQ since May 21st. Since that time, we’ve seen a low of 7.09. This morning the stock is trading pre-market at 11.71. That’s an increase of 65%

Extended Watchlist:
 WAVX, INO, MUX, ZBB (Coming off of recent lows)

CLNO, SPY Options & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

This is the stuff that penny-traders’ dreams are made of- CLNO has been an absolute powerhouse ever since we first alerted it at .0055. A mind-boggling 4972% (@ yesterday’s high) later, and we are still talking about this stock on nearly a daily basis.

Even for those of you who didn’t catch this one from the very beginning of our coverage are faring extremely well. If you just showed up to the party, from this week’s low of .10, yesterday’s .279 high represented a 179% move.

We want to congratulate anyone who has been able to make gains in any amount off of CLNO. Lately doing so has seemed like shooting fish in a barrel. We are currently in uncharted territory- every uptick we see from here is a new all-time high. As with any stock in blue sky breakout mode, we want to remain open to taking advantage of a continuance of the trend, while at the same time being on a sharp lookout for any course-corrective pullbacks, which are obviously common in such a situation.

Options Trading – SPY Calls

We’ve hit the nail on the head with every selection of SPY Calls we’ve made this week. In every instance there have been opportunities to make significant profits. Take yesterday’s report for instance. We stated that: “We are going to look at moving our strike price to $159-160, and possibly even $161 should yesterday’s trend continue.”

The $160 Calls, in the first hour of trading, went from 1.28-2.00 (+56%), then dipped as low as 1.35 before surging back to 1.82 (+35%), bringing us total intraday gains of up to 91%.

The $161 Calls went from .69-1.17 (+70%), and another move from .68-1.03 (+51%). In total that gave us a chance at gains of up to 121% intraday.

Since we’ve had so much success with SPY Calls this week, and have seen such a significant uptrend, we want to remain on alert. We could see a decrease in buying pressure in the overall markets as we head into a holiday week, which could lead to a reversal in the SPY. We would of course then be turning our focus to the $161 Puts.

Extended Watchlist: