IWEB, CLNO & Extended Watchlist


IWEB is looking strong this midweek, after having achieved higher lows and higher highs for the past three sessions. After the initial run we saw out of IWEB last week from .024-.0355, and several subsequent bounces, the stock settled back and found support around our original alert price. Since then it has been steadily building back up, currently holding above the 50DMA of .0259. Looking ahead, our key resistance point is last week’s swing high of .0355.

Although IWEB has worked out well for us in the short term this week, we are still attracted to the stock for its long-term potential as well. We’re anxious to follow along as the company continues to pursue its well-laid plans for expanding into a full-range cloud services provider.

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

Many of you will recall CLNO as a stock that brought forth the chance at nearly 5000% in gains this spring, as it exploded from our original alert price of .0055, to a high of .365. At that point we saw a tapering of the chart, and after observing a bottom, yesterday we got CLNO back onto our watchlist just in the nick of time.

After opening at .13 and touching a low of .12, the stock rose as high as .225, an intraday gain of up to 88%

Extended Watchlist: