Blue Horseshoe Kicks Off 2013 With a Bang

We ended 2012 on a high note, and as anticipated, started 2013 off with a bang. We have found several high flying runners this week. We have noticed a heightened liquidity in the penny markets, and its a great feeling to see the momentum providing us with opportunity to make triple digit gains left and right. The following is a list of just a few of our winners so far this year.

AXCG appeared on our extended watchlist on Jan.4th, AXCG was as low as .0006 at the time, and at yesterday’s high of .0026, we have had the opportunity for up to 333% in gains. Both AXCG and NOK earned us top spot in the Penny Stock Rumble after appearing in yesterday’s report .


Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. AQLV

AQLV was another prime example of high volume high volitility action after we included it in our extended watchlist Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The stock had some news earlier in the week, pointing to a new acquisition which adds approximately $4.5M in total assets to the balance sheet; another reason we’ll be following this play into the foreseeable future.

AQLV Video Chart


Sitoa Global Inc. STOA

Early in the week, we caught STOA from .0095-.065, racking in 584% in just two trading sessions.


Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. FOLD

We started tracking FOLD last Friday, taking notice of a huge gap on chart dating back to December that needed to be filled. So far FOLD has traded from 3.45-4.23 for a gain of 23%

The RSI and the Slow STO both got above the 50-line and the 50MA overlay, and the histogram recently flipped up to the bullish side, continuing to build up. The PPO just crossed over, and is diverging. All in all the chart on FOLD currently has a nice set-up.


Gulf United Energy, Inc. GLFE

We are presenting GLFE as a momentum play this morning after catching it on our scanners yesterday. We posted a blurb on our Facebook pages in the afternoon at .004, and saw a subsequent high of .0059, for a nearly 50% rip.


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

SCXN has appeared on our watchlists a few times this year, and we are adding it as a focus today as the stock is moving above its moving averages, and setting up for what could be its next run.

SCXN’s previous high was at .39. A return to those levels from the current price would reflect gains of roughly 30%, a break past, and we are in blue-sky territory.

SCXN Video Chart


Extended Watchlist:


AXCG, NOK & Extended Watchlist

Eyes on the Go, Inc. AXCG

AXCG appeared on our extended watchlist on Jan.4th, being as low as .0006 at the time. Yesterday, the stock broke out to a new high since we’ve been paying attention, at .0012, yielding up to 100% in gains for sharp traders. We’d like to see the price establish itself a higher baseline, and have .0009 hold as a future level of support.

We like the increase in volume observed yesterday. Should resistance be broken at .0012, the next patch doesn’t come until we hit the 50DMA of .0017, so we definitely want to continue to watch AXCG.


Nokia Corp. NOK

After having a big pullback yesterday to a low of 3.67, our old favorite, Nokia, has jumped back on a positive earnings release¬† to trade up to the 4.60’s pre-market. We’ve been talking about this stock since back in July, after watching it come off of its 52-wk low under 2.00. The day of our initial alert, we saw a low of 1.91. From that point to the high just reached at 4.64, marks a increase of 143%

With demand for mobile devices growing exponentially and no end in sight, it is all but a certainty that established names like Nokia will continue to find success.

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FOLD, MWIP & Extended Watchlist

FOLD caught our attention yesterday as an intriguing pharmaceutical play that recently underwent some panic selling, and is now coming off of the resultant bottom.First a little back-story: Amicus has been teamed up with pharma giant, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), running clinical trials on a drug called migalastat HCI, meant to treat a rare disease in which a genetic mutation prevents enzymes from breaking down a fatty substance referred to as GL-3. As a result, GL-3 build up in the kidneys can lead to organ failure and death.

The big sell-off occurred back in late December when the duo announced that the study, statistically, failed to meet their objectives after a 6 month period, making a fast-track to FDA approval an impossibility.

The encouraging news, and the reason we think now is a prime time to take a look at FOLD, is that the studies do not conclude at the 6 month point; they have continued, and the 12 month results are expected to come early in 2013. While failing to meet project goals, there was still a 50% reduction in GL-3 buildup in 41% of the migalastat HCI group, as compared to just 28% of the placebo group. The 12-month results will be accompanied by the company meeting FDA officials to discuss the track to approval, and how it is altered by the results of trials still underway.

John F. Crowley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will present a corporate overview at the 31st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. PT. which can be viewed via a LIVE WEBCAST on the specified date and time.

What really jumps out to us, is simply the fact that FOLD recently saw a big gap down, and has now begun to recover. Often in the past we’ve seen cases such as this where the stock bounces back to fill the gap, offering up great opportunities for gain.

It could also come to that sooner, rather than later- The company also has other irons in the fire, as this morning it released a PR regarding another of its drugs currently in testing phases, this time with positive results:

Amicus Therapeutics Announces Positive Results From All Four Cohorts in Phase 2 Chaperone-Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) Co-Administration Study for Pompe Disease

CRANBURY, N.J., Jan 04, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — Strong Proof-of-Concept Data for Chaperone’s Ability to Stabilize and Enhance Activity and Uptake of Currently Marketed ERT Products for Pompe Disease

Results to be Presented at LDN WORLD Symposium in February 2013

Initiation of Repeat-Dose Pompe Study Anticipated in 3Q13

Amicus Therapeutics (Nasdaq: FOLD) today announced positive preliminary results from all 4 dose cohorts in a Phase 2 study (Study 010) to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetic (PK) effects of the pharmacological chaperone AT2220 (duvoglustat HCl) co-administered with enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) for Pompe disease (Myozyme and Lumizyme). Myozyme and Lumizyme (alglucosidase alfa, or recombinant human GAA enzyme, rhGAA) are the first and only approved treatments for Pompe disease.


We will be continuing to follow this play, and keep everyone updated as more details arise.


MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

A lot of you may have missed our last report before the holidays, in which we mentioned that we would like to see MWIP continue to hold support above a penny and test its previous highs. Yesterday saw the stock break past its previous high of .0199 into blue-sky territory, hitting a high of .0289, earning us a spot on the Penny Stock Rumble with a gain of 50%

In total, from the low following our first mention of MWIP back at .0024, yesterday’s high marks an astonishing 1104% gain.

If and when we see a pullback on MWIP, we want to see the previous resistance of .0199 hold as a future level of support for us to remain bullish.


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