Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options Trades & More

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc GWPH

We brought GWPH back for an update just in the nick of time yesterday, as the stock would go on to have a great session, running slightly over 12% from 81.12 to 91.10, which allowed the Options Calls we were tracking to make some incredible moves. If you refer to yesterday’s report, you can see that we radared the $80-85 Calls, and anyone who followed us into the fray was handsomely rewarded!

The $80 Calls bulled their way from the open at  2.80 and would trade as high as 10.90 before the day was done. That’s a walloping 289% rip. The $85 Calls did even better, making a monstrous 1757% move from the opening price of .35 to a high of 6.50!  That’s quite good enough to mark GWPH Calls down as one of this month’s most spot-on picks.

3D Systems Corp.  DDD

DDD exploded off of yesterday morning’s Extended Watchlist, wherein we tagged the $52-53 Calls. The stock subsequently traded in a range from 51.65 – 54.58 (+5.6%) which opened up the door on another set of winning options plays.

The $52 Calls opened at .78, and would run as high as 2.70, a 246% intraday run, and the $53′s traded from .41-1.92, giving traders the chance for up to 368% in profit.

Both this and the previously mentioned play are excellent examples of why we’ve branched out from just tracking the stocks themselves, to mentioning so many Options opportunities. The gains are often very impressive, and have become a staple in our day-to-day trading activities.

Solar Wind Energy tower, Inc. SWET

After tracking SWET over the previous few sessions to gains amounting more than 20% we continued to like the look of the chart yesterday morning, putting it in our daily report. The stock pushed its upper boundary once again, this time hitting a high of .027.

It was good for an intraday gain of 23% from the morning low at .022, and represents an overall increase from the bottom we caught on Friday (.0185) of 46%

Congrats to anyone who has been able to take advantage of our timely alerts on this play!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CNAT, Options Ideas & Extended Watchlist

Conatus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CNAT

CNAT is a stock that we first discovered as an FDA play back in early December, when one of the company’s treatments had been granted orphan drug status.  At the time, the stock was trading at less than $5 a share, and by January, we saw a huge run that took it over $14.

It brought a few other swings in the following months, but had fallen to the back burner for quite some time as it consolidated. Yesterday it set off our alarms once again, springing back to life and running hard on heavy volume, so once again CNAT has our full attention.

After reaching as high as 9.90 during yesterday’s session, we’ll be on the lookout for possible dip-and-rip opportunities. We’d like to see support hold in the 8-8.50 range moving forward and if it can do that, chances to score quick strike gains on the bounce could be present.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

The PBR options chain has been a veritable cash cow for us this year as many of you already know, and we’ll continue to talk about it for as long as it continues to work in our favor. Yesterday was no letdown, as

All of the Call contracts that we’ve been monitoring ($14-15 Weekly Calls and the 07/19 $15 Calls) have been rocking, providing us with several shots at alarmingly high returns.

If PBR breaks over this morning’s pre-market high of 15.90, we may look to roll our strike price up to $16 (Possibly the 07/03 $16′s which closed @ .36 yesterday) and with how far the latest trend has taken us, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see that happen.

Extra Options Idea: Molson Coors Brewing Co. TAP

The TAP October $75 Calls showed an abnormal amount of trading activity yesterday, causing us to raise an eyebrow. Just for good measure, we’re going to throw those contracts up on our radar and monitor the situation.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe: ACDU, GOGO, GERN, OXBT, NQ & More

Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. ACDU

We had included ACDU in Friday’s newsletter after noticing increased volume and building momentum in Thursday’s session. Opening strong and rallying out of the gate, the stock touched a high of .0093 before consolidating and retracing on a midday pullback. We observed as ACDU found support and bounced from .0061 back up to .0086 (+42%) and ended the day solidly at .0083.

Congrats to anyone who was able to take a quick profit from ACDU.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We’ve been monitoring GOGO pretty closely since Sept. 16th at which time the stock was trading at 14.79.  By Sept. 26th, we saw the stock hit a high of 19.80. Over roughly the next month, GOGO retraced back to 15.90 (10/24). This morning GOGO appears to be gapping up significantly, hitting a high of 22.30 premarket, so we’re definitely going to continue paying close attention to this stock.

Geron, Corp. GERN

After we mentioned GERN in Thurday’s report, we saw a good short opportunity as the stock fell from the high 7.70′s to below 6.00.

On Friday the stock opened in the 5.00-range, and continued its descent, trending down to the mid-4.00 range. As GERN has pulled back so drastically in a small amount of time, we are watching for the dust to settle, and poising ourselves for the potential rebound which could follow.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. OXBT
NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

OXBT made a move from a low of 1.46 to 11.40 for a 681% gain since we began following it near the end of October.

Roughly around the same period of time, we also starting watching NQ, at the time trading as low as 8.42, which would go on to hit a high of 15.85, an 88% gain.

Both of these stocks underwent big consolidations last week, and began to rebound toward the end of the week. As is often the case following major runs, large pullbacks, if properly timed can make for some excellent quick-strike opportunities to profit. Thus, we still have both of these on our radar.

From Friday’s Extended Watchlist:

Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. RVLT

RVLT traded as low as 2.88 on Friday before hitting a high of 3.54, a possible gain of  23%

SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

SUNE traded from a low of 11.00 to 12.75, a positive intraday move of 16%

Groupon, Inc. GRPN

GRPN traded in a range from 9.45-10.43, a 10% gain.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

PPHM saw a 1.22 low and went on to close at its high-of-day at 1.30, for a modest 7% increase.

Extended Watchlist:
DROP (Coming off recent lows),TCPS, XCLL(Golden Cross), DSCO, FRO, NNVC, GURE, CLRX, ZLCS (Huge gap down, watching for possible rebound)

DCTH, ZLCS & Extended Watchlist

Delcath Systems, Inc.  DCTH
Following its inclusion in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, DCTH would go on to have a massively successful day of trading. The stock, after briefly touching a bottom at the .402-mark, went on an absolute tear as it reached a high .66 around lunchtime.

A single-session gain of 64% on the first day we placed DCTH on our watchlist is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and given the circumstances behind the upward surge, that may have only been the beginning.

The company received word from the FDA that its Primary Liver Disease treatment, ChemoSat, had received “orphan drug” designation, a classification which denotes a drug or procedure that is aimed at a disease which affects less than 200,000 people. About 26,000 Americans are diagnosed with Primary Liver Disease each year.

(Thomson Reuters ONE via COMTEX) — New York, NY – October 1, 2013 – Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DCTH), a specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company focused on oncology, announced today that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the Company orphan drug designation for melphalan in the treatment of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, or primary liver cancer). >>>FULL STORY

Side Note:
We rarely see stocks in this price range with an active options chain, but DCTH is an exception. The 12/21 .50 Calls jump out at us at first glance. If the stock were to approach a dollar between now and the expiration date, one could be looking at triple-digit gains.

Zalicus, Inc. ZLCS

Coincidentally, ZLCS, a stock that we’ve been following since the beginning of last month, also received a recent FDA orphan drug designation for its experimental Z160 drug, intended for the treatment of pain related to the Shingles.

Hitting a high of 1.38 yesterday, we finally saw ZLCS fill the gap on the chart that we had been pointing out for some time. Since we’ve been following ZLCS, we’ve seen a low of .78, and yesterday’s high represents a 77% gain off of that bottom. The filling of that gap was a pretty good indicator that it was time to take profits off of the table, so we certainly hope that folks were able to take advantage.

This morning, they also announced a reverse split, the result of which should be the stocks continued listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market, as it should enable shares to remain above the 1.00 minimum bid price required for listing. We would expect shares to come away from this split valued in the $6.00-range, and sure enough, we are seeing trades go off as high as 6.45 pre-market.

Zalicus Inc. (Nasdaq Capital Market: ZLCS) today announced that it has filed a Certificate of Amendment to its Sixth Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation, with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware to effect a 1-for-6 reverse stock split of Zalicus common stock, effective as of October 3, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time…The reverse stock split will reduce the number of shares of common stock issued and outstanding from approximately 147.5 million to approximately 24.6 million. >>> FULL STORY

Extended Watchlist:


IWEB, ZLCS & Extended Watchlist

Most of you will recall our coverage of IWEB, which began on July 9thand lasted through August. During that time, we saw the stock make a nice move off of its then-52 week lows, traversing its way from a low of .023 all the way up to .042, an 83% overall move, while also posting several hundred percent in cumulative gains during that time.You might also remember our outlining of the company’s aspirations to make the shift from cloud storage alone, to a full-range cloud services provider, and today, we received confirmation that the transition has been achieved, with the completion of the company’s most recent acquisition.

This is occurring shortly after we’ve seen IWEB come off of a new 52-week low, so the timing on this could actually work in our favor. We are going to have IWEB on bottom-watch as it searches for a base here, as well as watching for reaction to the good things the company obviously has going on behind the scenes.

STERLING, Va., Oct 01, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB, Inc. – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Computers and Tele-Comm, Inc. and KC-NAP, LLC of Kansas City (collectively “CTC”). Details will be filed in a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission. >>> FULL STORY

More Info:

Zalicus, Inc. ZLCS

We caught ZLCS at a low of .78 last Friday, and mentioned it once again yesterday morning as we believed the stock was in for “another substantial move upward”. The stock did indeed turn in a nice performance yesterday, hitting a high of 1.20, a 17% intraday move, and an increase of 54% from Friday’s low. Rapid increases over such a short time period for a NASDAQ-traded stock are impressive to say the least.

In addition to another fruitful trading session with regard to price-per-share, ZLCS landed us an honorable mention on yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble for picking the stock with the highest daily dollar volume.

Extended Watchlist: