AXCG, NOK & Extended Watchlist

Eyes on the Go, Inc. AXCG

AXCG appeared on our extended watchlist on Jan.4th, being as low as .0006 at the time. Yesterday, the stock broke out to a new high since we’ve been paying attention, at .0012, yielding up to 100% in gains for sharp traders. We’d like to see the price establish itself a higher baseline, and have .0009 hold as a future level of support.

We like the increase in volume observed yesterday. Should resistance be broken at .0012, the next patch doesn’t come until we hit the 50DMA of .0017, so we definitely want to continue to watch AXCG.


Nokia Corp. NOK

After having a big pullback yesterday to a low of 3.67, our old favorite, Nokia, has jumped back on a positive earnings releaseĀ  to trade up to the 4.60’s pre-market. We’ve been talking about this stock since back in July, after watching it come off of its 52-wk low under 2.00. The day of our initial alert, we saw a low of 1.91. From that point to the high just reached at 4.64, marks a increase of 143%

With demand for mobile devices growing exponentially and no end in sight, it is all but a certainty that established names like Nokia will continue to find success.

Extended Watchlist: