Blue Horseshoe Kicks Off 2013 With a Bang

We ended 2012 on a high note, and as anticipated, started 2013 off with a bang. We have found several high flying runners this week. We have noticed a heightened liquidity in the penny markets, and its a great feeling to see the momentum providing us with opportunity to make triple digit gains left and right. The following is a list of just a few of our winners so far this year.

AXCG appeared on our extended watchlist on Jan.4th, AXCG was as low as .0006 at the time, and at yesterday’s high of .0026, we have had the opportunity for up to 333% in gains. Both AXCG and NOK earned us top spot in the Penny Stock Rumble after appearing in yesterday’s report .


Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. AQLV

AQLV was another prime example of high volume high volitility action after we included it in our extended watchlist Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The stock had some news earlier in the week, pointing to a new acquisition which adds approximately $4.5M in total assets to the balance sheet; another reason we’ll be following this play into the foreseeable future.

AQLV Video Chart


Sitoa Global Inc. STOA

Early in the week, we caught STOA from .0095-.065, racking in 584% in just two trading sessions.


Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. FOLD

We started tracking FOLD last Friday, taking notice of a huge gap on chart dating back to December that needed to be filled. So far FOLD has traded from 3.45-4.23 for a gain of 23%

The RSI and the Slow STO both got above the 50-line and the 50MA overlay, and the histogram recently flipped up to the bullish side, continuing to build up. The PPO just crossed over, and is diverging. All in all the chart on FOLD currently has a nice set-up.


Gulf United Energy, Inc. GLFE

We are presenting GLFE as a momentum play this morning after catching it on our scanners yesterday. We posted a blurb on our Facebook pages in the afternoon at .004, and saw a subsequent high of .0059, for a nearly 50% rip.


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

SCXN has appeared on our watchlists a few times this year, and we are adding it as a focus today as the stock is moving above its moving averages, and setting up for what could be its next run.

SCXN’s previous high was at .39. A return to those levels from the current price would reflect gains of roughly 30%, a break past, and we are in blue-sky territory.

SCXN Video Chart


Extended Watchlist: