Blue Horseshoe Stocks: KORS Recap & More

Michael Kors Holdings, Ltd. KORS – Options Recap

We took the opportunity to signal some KORS options yesterday in the wake of the company’s convincing earnings beat, and it was a good thing we did, because the stock had a monstrous session, running from a low of 42.71 to a high of 45.73.

That was more than enough of an intraday push to facilitate some really great gain opportunities for anyone who looked into our highlighted ideas, the KORS Weekly $41.50-43.50 Calls. Each and every contract in our specified range erupted with big time multi-bag moves on the day exceeding 1000%, which were as follows:

$41.50 Calls – Range: .31-3.97 – Max Gain: 1180%
$42 Calls – Range: .25-3.45  – Max Gain: 1280%
$42.50 Calls – Range: .20-2.65 – Max Gain: 1225%
$43 Calls – Range: .14-2.75 – Max Gain: 1864%
$43.50 Calls – Range: .13-2.25 – Max Gain: 1630%

This was certainly one of our sharpest calls and greatest plays of the entire summer so far, so cheers go out to anyone who hopped on for the ride!

Ubiquitech Software Corp. UBQU

The UBQU newsreel has been hot over the last week, wherein we learned that the company’s HempLife subsidiary was expanding its line of CBD products to include offerings for pets, and that UBQU also launched a new division that brings it into the trendy cryptocurrency space.

Along with a confluence of recent developments, we are also seeing bottom-bounce potential in the UBQU chart at the present time.The stock has essentially been getting beaten back all summer long, so we’ll want to begin watching for the possibility of a convincing rebound in the days ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Bottom-Plays & More

Dollar General Corp. DG – Recap

After a beat on sales and profits for the quarter and a chart primed for a bullish move, we highlighted the DG Weekly $75-78 Calls and we’re happy to report that each and every one of the contracts contained within that range recorded huge intraday moves for us.

Regardless which set of the seven was chosen, multi-bag gains were there for the taking:

$75 Calls – Range: .92-3.10 – Max Gain: 237%
$75.50 Calls – Range: .64-.2.22 – Max Gain: 247%
$76 Calls – Range: .40-2.05 – Max Gain: 412%
$76.50 Calls – Range: .24-1.20 – Max Gain: 400%
$77 Calls – Range: .12-1.21 – Max Gain: 908%
$77.50 Calls – Range: .06-.80 – Max Gain: 1233%
$78 Calls – Range: .05-.45 – Max Gain: 800%


Lululemon Athletica LULU – Fresh Ideas

Lululemon had an earnings beat of its own yesterday post-market, so we want to formulate some ideas for the LULU chain as well.

Not only is the stock gapping up on earnings, but like DG yesterday, the LULU chart was already looking like a bottom-play with premium potential. That’s why we want to formulate both a short and long term set of ideas for LULU options. The LULU Weekly $55-57.50 Calls*, to coincide with the immediate boost in activity off of these earnings, and the LULU 06/30 58.50-60.50 Calls in the event of a protracted recovery.

*We never highlight options with a weekly expiration on a Friday without an explicit warning. That should tell you how risky it can be. So if you’re not an expert trader, don’t even think about it!

Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SGYP

We also want to put SGYP on watch today after noticing that the stock is coming off of its 52-week lows. That’s always a chart setup that we’re going to look at, but in this case the lows followed shartly after the company producing positive Phase III data on its TRULANCE™ drug, which is already approved by the FDA.

We’ve included a chart snapshot here, and you can plainly see, the stock had been beaten back severely and is only just now beginning to mount a rebound.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BBLU Update & More

Blue Earth, Inc. BBLU – Update

While we most commonly look for short-term, quick-strike trading opportunities, every so often we’ll sneak in a longer-term play, and that’s just what we did on Tuesday of last week with BBLU.

BBLU had just begun to undergo a massive selloff with no prompt from a filing or news release. This caused us to take notice and tag the stock for extended observation. Our exact words were “We’ll go ahead and reserve a slot on our radar screens for BBLU with an extended bottom-watch designation. It’s far better to show up to the party early and be ready to strike immediately upon the slightest hint of a rebound.”

As it turns out, we were absolutely spot-on in our assessment of BBLU and how to approach it. After ultimately bottoming out at a low of .04 at the end of last week, the recovery has been a thing of beauty. BBLU caught fire and ran back to a subsequent high of .23, regaining its lost ground just as we suspected. That’s an incredible 475% swing!

As we point out on the chart below, things are still looking ripe for yet another leg-up, so we’ll keep a keen eye on BBLU in the sessions ahead.

Added Notes:

Speaking of bottom-plays, we have a couple of other familiar stocks that are just now trading at their own recent lows, and could be in line for recoveries.

We’ve been tagging them in our extended watchlists recently, and we’re going to have them both on a more intensive watch moving forward.

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

Skyline Medical, Inc. SKLN

Fresh Options Idea

We’ll look to further our success with options plays this week with an idea we feel has good potential based on a favorable earnings report.

Dollar General, Inc. (DG) is gapping up this morning into the $79-range, so we’re going to be on the lookout for a possible dip-and-rip situation, whereupon we’ll be tracking DG Weekly $78-80.50 Calls for possible daytrade and/or swing trades into tomorrow’s session.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MNKD, ANGI & Extended Watchlist

MannKind Corp. MNKD
In putting MNKD on bottom-watch in Friday’s Report, we gave folks the chance to catch this play at a subsequent low of 3.85 on Monday.

We were then hit with the news concerning recommendation from an FDA advisory panel to green-light one of the company’s drugs, after hours on Monday which led to a significant gap-up yesterday.

It appears as if the stock will gap up for the second consecutive session today. In pre-market trading thus far, MNKD has pushed into the 7.30′s. From the low we saw just a couple of days ago to this morning’s high (7.33), represents an overall increase of 90%

Angie’s List, Inc. ANGI

Speaking of recovery plays, ANGI is coming off of a recent bottom, and the resurgence of the share price is opening up some avenues of opportunity with regard to the options chain.

Currently on our radar are the 05/17 $15 Calls, which closed at .65 yesterday, and the 04/19 $12.50 Calls, which last traded at 1.03.

A quick look at the 6-month ANGI chart reveals a stock with the ability to make big swings. We can see that from December through January it ran from the $12-range to the $19-range with ferocity. It would appear as if we are catching it at the beginning of another swing. The RSI is rising sharply, and we’ve got a confirmed uptrend off of that bottom with higher lows and higher highs having been achieved over the past three sessions.

The potential for gains, not only with the options, but also on the stock side of things, is something that we’ll be looking for as we track ANGI during its recovery.

Extended Watchlist:

VHGI, MDIN, SUNB, IDVC & Extended Watchlist

VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. MDIN

After featuring in yesterday morning’s report, VHGI and MDIN both continued their runs from last week on Monday. With MDIN logging a 189% gain from Thursday’s low (.0037 ) to a high of .0107,
and VHGI touching .048, marking a 380% move from Friday’s low of a penny to yesterday’s high of .048, we were extremely pleased with the performance on each of these stocks.

Sunbelt International Corp. SUNB

Another nice gain off of yesterdays newsletter was SUNB which appeared on both Friday’s and yesterday’s extended watchlist. From the .015 low on Friday to yesterday’s high of .025, a gain of 67%


Infrastructure Developments Corp. IDVC

Another extended watchlist mover, IDVC ran from .001 to .008 before pulling back to .0015. Out of all the stocks recently mentioned in our newsletters, IDVC strikes us with the most intrigue. The chart is primed up, with the RSI just having punched through the power zone. The PPS just broke through the 20, 50 & 100DMA’s while spending a portion of yesterday’s trading session above the 200DMA. The PPO and Slow STO have both just crossed and passed up through the 50DMA, and the blue bars on the histogram are cranking up to the bullish side. There has also been a significant increase in volume over the past few days, All in all, the ripe setup on IDVC leads us to place this stock near the top of our watchlists heading into mid-week.

Green Innovations Ltd. GNIN

GNIN is another stock that will be on our watchlist today, after we featured it in a short video chart published last night. We’d recommend everyone head over and get subscribed to our youtube channel ( so you can stay up to date on all of our video publications.

Some of the things we are looking for out of GNIN moving forward- We’d like to see the .89 level (50DMA) hold as support, and have the stock climb back above the 20DMA at 1.22.


Extended Watchlist: