Scoring Multi-Bag Gains with the SPY

More SPY Success

Our perfect handling of a situation that has had traders running scared shows exactly why we consider ourselves to be the best free trading newsletter on Earth. Even during the worst backsliding days the markets have ever seen, we have stayed the course, and delivered impressive multibag gains.

We invite any skeptics to go to our newsletter archive, check our work, and see for themselves. Nearly 9 YEARS of our daily newsletters are right there, searchable to anyone. You’ll never catch us shying away from an opportunity, even in the face of a global pandemic.

Yesterday our report focused on the SPY Puts that we signaled earlier in the week (SPY Weekly $282-279 Puts), and an updated strike range as well (SPY Weekly $262-259 Puts). We said that new highs should be expected in the ones we were already tracking and that’s exactly what happened. We also cautioned of another 15-minute trading halt, and that came to pass as well. So it’s no surprise that our new ideas also flourished.

Here are the total possible gains on all those ideas that our readers could have grabbed a piece of this week: 

SPY Weekly $282-279 Puts
 6.65-32.48 (+388%)
$281: 6.20-34.68 (+459%)
$280: 5.71-33.51 (+487%)
$279: 5.33-32.28 (+505%)

SPY Weekly $262-259 Puts
 4.75-16.85 (+255%)
$261: 4.20-16.09 (+283%)
$260: 4.00-15.36 (+284%)
$259: 3.75-14.56 (+288%)

Fresh Ideas

The markets have been on a seesaw, and perhaps with futures indicating a little relief on the way to close out the week, we may have some room for some earnings-related ideas as well. These are the plays we’ll be tracking to close out what has been one wild week of trading!

ADBE Weekly $295-305 Calls
AVGO Weekly $220-230 Calls
DG Weekly $149-155 Calls 

Fresh Options Trio & More

Kodiak Sciences, Inc. KOD 

To kick off the trading week on Monday, we included a mention of KOD in Monday’s premarket extended watchlist. On Tuesday morning, we updated reader on the amazing run the stock made from 35.00 to a high of 72.97 (+108%).

Yesterday’s session saw a pullback from those highs followed by another highly impressive intraday swing. The stock traded in a range from a low of 53.00 to a subsequent new high of 74.50. That’s another huge daily upswing to the tune of 41% and a total increase over Monday’s low of 113%

Workday Inc. WDAY –  Options Update

We had highlighted some WDAY Puts in yesterday’s premarket report, the WDAY Weekly $167.50-165 Puts, and despite the stock closing in the green, it had some trouble early on that led to some nice multi-bag gain opportunities.

The $167.50 Puts ran from a low of 2.25 and reached 5.93 for a gain of 164%, while the $165’s traded in a range from 1.50-4.10, an upswing of 173%

Fresh Options Ideas:
DG Weekly $155-160 Calls
FIVE Weekly $124-126 Calls 

HHC 01/17 $120-125 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HUGE Options Week!

Huge Options Week

If you’ve been following our reports for awhile now, at this point you’ve realized that we provide really great short-term options trading ideas on a regular basis, and this week was certainly no exception.

Out of four separate fresh trading ideas we formulated in yesterday’s report, all four proved to be big winners, with the help of another solid day of bullish activity for the markets as a whole.

Here’s what we were tracking, and the total possible gains that traders could have netted as a result: 

SPY Weekly $290-292 Calls

$290 Calls – Range: 1.85-3.50 – Max Gain: 89%
$290.50 Calls – Range: 1.60-3.00 – Max Gain: 88%
$291 Calls – Range:1.25-2.60 – Max Gain: 108%
$291.50 Calls – Range: .98-2.15 – Max Gain: 119%
$292 Calls – Range: .78-1.78 – Max Gain: 128%

BURL Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls
$187.50 Calls – Range:
 10.22-17.80 – Max Gain: 74%
$190 Calls – Range: 8.02-15.90 – Max Gain: 98%
$192.50 Calls – Range: 6.00-13.40 – Max Gain: 123%

DG Weekly $150-152.50 Calls
$150 Calls – Range:
 .90-7.10 – Max Gain: 689%
$152.50 Calls – Range: .54-4.98 – Max Gain: 822%

NTNX Weekly $23-24 Calls
$23 Calls – Range:
 1.20-2.92 – Max Gain: 143%
$23.50 Calls – Range: 1.25-2.52 – Max Gain: 102%
$24 Calls – Range: .70-2.06 – Max Gain: 194%

BIG 09/20 $25-27.50 Calls
ULTA Weekly $265-260 Puts

Fang Holdings Ltd. SFUN 

We also want to throw in a quick highlight of SFUN, which we caught off of the earnings calendar this morning, in a pretty solid bottom-bounce setup. The stock’s coming off of annual lows registered earlier this month, and showing good momentum.

The earnings report was a mixed bag, with perhaps a main highlight being a 290% in revenue from the company’s lead generation services. We are mostly interested in tracking SFUN from a technical standpoint. The upside potential is certainly there.