Friday’s Multi-Baggers, Trio of New Ideas

Reviewing Friday’s Winners:  

Friday was a bloody red day for the markets in general, with a gap-down in the morning and a steady decline throughout the day. Luckily for us, most of the targets that we formulated in Friday’s premarket report were bearish in nature, and each of the ranges of puts that we selected exhibited some great intraday upswings.

The plays in question were the DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts, the ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts, and the LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts and the potential gains they afforded traders were certainly nothing to sneeze at. Check out the breakdown of their daily moves:

DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts
 .66-2.73 (+314%)
$81: .72-1.60 (+122%)

ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts
 4.65-12.81 (+175%)
$535: 3.10-10.77 (+247%)
$532.50: 1.54-8.56 (+456%)
$530: .64-6.45 (+939%)

LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts
 3.09-5.84 (+89%)
$116: 1.70-4.30 (+153%)
$115: 1.34-3.70 (+176%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
TSLA Weekly $277.50-272.50 Puts
NVDA Weekly $435-430 Puts
SPY 09/18 $444-443 Puts

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Wrapping Up Another Good Week, 5 Fresh Plays

Thursday’s Trio of Winners:  

We got things back on track in terms of options trading ideas yesterday morning. We included a trio of potential plays, and were happy to see a lot of good activity, with winners across the board. It’s a good way to head into the end of the week as we attempt to do it one more time this morning. Another earnings season has come and gone, but as usual we will do our best to generate plenty of ideas based on other factors until we’re back in the thick of things in a few weeks’ time.

Yesterday’s targets were the SMTC Weekly $22-23 Calls, the SPY 09/14 $447-448 Calls, and the BABA Weekly $87-89 Calls, and they produced the following caliber of intraday moves and total potential profits for traders:

SMTC Weekly $22-23 Calls
 1.55-3.00 (+94%)
$23: .75-2.15 (+187%)

SPY 09/14 $447-448 Calls
$447: 1.23-4.20 (+241%)
$448: .66-3.06 (+364%)

BABA Weekly $87-89 Calls
 1.07-1.76 (+95%)
$88: .60-1.06 (+77%)
$89: .32-.59 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
DASH Weekly $82-81 Puts
ADBE Weekly $537.50-530 Puts
MITK Weekly $12.50 Calls
LEN Weekly $117-115 Puts

BIO Weekly $370 Calls

*All of today’s targets expire at the close. Do not attempt to trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced options trader!

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Kicking Off This Short Trading Week

Solid Friday Finish:

As we’ve been mentioning over the past week or so, we’re contending with an earnings dry spell at the moment, so our daily selection has been rather more limited than what is typical. However, we haven’t let that stop us entirely from formulating what we think are some of the more attractive prospects on any given trading day.

Friday’s premarket report was limited to just a pair of fresh options ideas, the ADBE Weekly $510-515 Calls and the SPY 06/16 $440-442 Calls. Despite a rocky session for the markets in general, we saw solid intraday movement from each of our selected contract sets. Here’s a breakdown of their daily performances:

ADBE Weekly $510-515 Calls
 .50-1.28 (+156%)
$515: .19-.42 (+121%)

SPY 06/16 $440-442 Calls
 1.05-2.45 (+133%)
$441: .55-1.57 (+185%)
$442: .27-.87 (+232%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

Unfortunately, the dearth of high profile earnings reporters is slated to persist for the better part of the next month, but we will be equally persistent in our efforts to keep the ideas based on other factors flowing. Here’s what we find interesting today, to kick off this holiday-shortened trading week.

NVDA Weekly $425-430 Calls
SPOT Weekly $157.50-160 Calls
SPY 06/20 $437-438 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Faraday Future Intelligent  Electric, Inc. (NASDAQ:FFIE)

We’re also interested in tracking FFIE, a low-priced NASDAQ stock that has recently been steadily making its way up off of its annual lows. If it can hold above its recent support level at its its 50DMA of .25, we will remain interested.

Extended Watchlist: