Options Ideas, Bearish and Bullish

Adobe Inc. ADBE – Options Recap:

Despite a major selloff for the markets along with most stocks yesterday, we did see some impressive intraday moves from our selected options targets in the Adobe chain. We highlighted the ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls, and those saw some significant intraday moves from around 10:15 to 11:30AM.

In a recent consensus of more than a dozen analysts, ADBE was given a 90% Buy Rating, so we won’t rule out the possibility of seeing another significant swing, especially if this trading week pulls itself out of the mud by tomorrow. The company also raised its Full Year 2021 guidance, so it’s quite likely that we will be revisiting ADBE once again in the weeks and months ahead.

ADBE was the major point of interest for us in what was a relatively rocky session as a whole, and those ideas afforded us the following intraday gain possibilities:

ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls
$457.50: 2.62-6.50 (+148%)
$460: 1.92-4.65 (+142%)
$462.50: 1.51-4.14 (+174%)
$465: 1.06-3.16 (+198%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ve also got a couple of fresh ideas based off of the earnings calendar. We’re going to look at next months calls for DRI and some weekly puts on RH.

DRI 04/16 $135-140 Calls
RH Weekly $510-502.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

Hot OTC Play, Options & More

Trans Global Group Inc. TGGI 

In yesterday’s report we talked about our extended watchlist selection of TGGI on Monday morning, after  the stock ran 67% from .003 to .005. We also noted the trend that it was establishing seemed to suggest the possibility of further advances.

Our hunch proved accurate in no time flat, as TGGI once again broke out to new highs just as we suspected it may. The stock traded in a daily range from .0038 to .0093, which represented an intraday move of 145% and pushed our two-session observed upswing to 210% The stock has been trading heavy volume and with the momentous pattern we’ve seen thus far we’ll certainly continue to keep watch.

As we’ve pointed out on the chart below, we’re going to want to see its previous resistance point at .0053 hold as support on any forthcoming pullbacks in order for us to remain interested in TGGI.

BioLife Solutions Inc. BLFS – Recap

Our lone fresh options idea in yesterday’s premarket report was the BLFS Weekly $40-45 Calls. Despite being our sole point of focus in the options arena for the day, we still hit a bullseye.

The stock ran hard to the $48 level, which facilitated the following solid intraday gains in our designated targets:

BLFS Weekly $40-45 Calls
$389: 2.30-4.05 (+76%)
$390: .75-1.90 (+153%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls
WGO 04/16 $80-85 Calls
HOME 04/16 $32-34 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Options Updates & More

Adobe, Inc. ADBE – Options Update

Yesterday morning we signaled a couple of options plays in ADBE and FDX, with both companies reporting their quarterly earnings in the post-market. While we didn’t get much action from FDX in the run-up to earnings, ADBE began to perform. Noth sets of targets should be of interest today.

We expect to see some positive activity right from the outset today, as those untraded upon beats will surely factor in. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on those upcoming performances. For now, here are the initial moves that ADBE started off with in yesterday’s session.

ADBE Weekly $490-495 Calls 

$490: 18.00-22.75 (+26%)
$492.50: 17.77-21.55 (+21%)
$495: 16.44-20.30 (+23%)

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Recap

We also signaled a range of SPY Calls to watch yesterday, and despite a general downtrend for the markets at large, we did see some notable moves in those contracts, which will expire at the end of the session today.

SPY 09/16 $340-342 Calls
$340: 1.39-2.16 (+55%)
$341: .98-1.59 (+62%)
$342: .67-1.15 (+72%)

Giga Metals Corp. HNCKF

On Monday morning we signaled interest in HNCKF via our extended watchlist, and we wanted to report back on the two day performance we’ve seen from that stock so far this week. From a low of 1.05 we witnessed a high of 1.59 yesterday, marking a respectable move of 51%

Extended Watchlist: