A Flawless Friday, 4 Fresh Ideas

Friday’s Fab Five:

We absolutely crushed it on Friday with regard to our daily options trading ideas. It was an excellent way to cap off a very strong performance for the week. We had five potential plays in our premarket report for the day, and all five of sets of targets posted some nice intraday upswings and possible profit chances.

Those five runners were the GME Weekly $38-37 Puts, the RDDT Weekly $60.50-61.50 Calls, the BRZE 06/21 $40-45 Calls, the DOCU Weekly $52.50-51 Puts, and the IOT Weekly $32-31 Puts. These were the sorts of moves they posted for Friday’s session:

GME Weekly $38-37 Puts
1.91-12.07 (+532%)
$37.50: 1.97-12.75 (+547%)
$37: 1.78-10.38 (+483%)

RDDT Weekly $60.50-61.50 Calls
1.44-2.80 (+94%)
$61: 1.05-2.98 (+184%)
$61.50: .99-2.22 (+124%)

BRZE 06/21 $40-45 Calls
.40-1.10 (+175%)
$45: .06-.15 (+150%)

DOCU Weekly $52.50-51 Puts
1.29-1.79 (+39%)
$52: .99-1.39 (+40%)
$51: .79-1.17 (+48%)

IOT Weekly $32-31 Puts
.65-2.30 (+254%)
$31.50: .55-1.85 (+236%)
.20-1.55 (+675%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AMD Weekly $165-162.50 Puts
GME Weekly $29.50-28.50 Puts
DELL Weekly $130-128 Puts
NVDA Weekly $121-120 Puts

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Thursday’s Runners, 5 New Ideas

Thursday’s Movers:

It’s always nice to close out the final report of the week by relaying a fantastic Thursday performance. We made good on every potential options trading idea in our premarket report. It was a good mix of four possible plays, and all four of them recorded respectable intraday upswings.

We had the LULU Weekly $332.50-340 Calls, the FIVE 06/21 $115-110 Puts, the SMAR 06/21 $45 Calls, and the SJM 06/21 $115 Calls. These were the positive runs they posted on the day:

LULU Weekly $332.50-340 Calls
.73-2.79 (+282%)
$335: .59-2.00 (+239%)
$337.50: .50-1.36 (+172%)
$340: .36-1.09 (+203%)

FIVE 06/21 $115-110 Puts
2.61-4.00 (+53%)
$110: 1.23-2.00 (+63%)

SMAR 06/21 $45 Calls
.46-1.70 (+270%)

SJM 06/21 $115 Calls
2.00-3.80 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GME Weekly $38-37 Puts*
RDDT Weekly $60.50-61.50 Calls*

BRZE 06/21 $40-45 Calls
DOCU Weekly $52.50-51 Puts*
IOT Weekly $32-31 Puts*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Options & More

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve called PBR correctly, but it has become a weekly, if not daily, sort of occurrence. If you recall, our report on Friday included a note proclaiming our interest in the “August 22nd $15.50 and $16.00 Calls for a swing trade into next week.” Already that prediction has begun to materialize in a big way.

PBR blew past $16 and even breached $16.50 during Friday’s session, and our target contracts both saw sizable increases. The 08/22 $15.50 Calls ran 73% in a range from .68-1.18, while the $16 Calls went from .44 to .79; a 79% jump.

The Weekly $16 Calls which have been a focus in each of the past few weeks, while a more risky proposition, yielded the highest potential rewards. Those ran from .05-.50 on the day; a 900% spike.

This morning in the pre-market, PBR has already traded as high as $17, so it will be interesting to see how much higher our potential gains on this idea will go. The first thing we’re looking to do this morning, is take enough profit off of the table to lock in our initial investment, then ride the rest of the way on the house’s money.

We’ll also be observing the overall temperament of the stock as we begin a new trading week, and will be forming further strategies as we go, so stay tuned!

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