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Despite a really tough day of selling off for the markets as a whole, we still fared pretty well with our fresh ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report. With the exception of a longer term idea on ASAN that will need some more time to mature, everything else posted some good intraday figures.

We’re talking about the PFSI 12/17 $65 Calls, BBW 12/17 $17.50 Calls, and the AMBA Weekly $197.50-207.50 Calls. Here were the intraday moves and total possible gains on the session for those targets:

PFSI 12/17 $65 Calls 
$65: .70-2.05 (+192%)

BBW 12/17 $17.50 Calls
 1.90-5.70 (+200%)

AMBA Weekly $197.50-207.50 Calls 

$197.50: 12.95-28.50 (+120%)
$200: 9.10-26.82 (+194%)
$202.50: 11.30-22.00 (+95%)
$2055: 7.77-22.58 (+191%)
$207.50: 6.90-20.80 (+201%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
KR Weekly $41-42 Calls
SNOW Weekly $335-350 Calls
OKTA Weekly $197.50-205 Calls

Susglobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB:SNRG) – Update:

As we were just mentioning, the markets took a real beating yesterday, but despite that fact, SNRG recorded a respectable intraday move running 33% from .21-.28 on the day. It also registered the third biggest volume day since we began tracking it at the beginning of last month. This came just a day after the company was featured in a write-up posted to USA TODAY’s website, as we mentioned in Tuesday morning’s premarket report.

As you can see on the chart below, SNRG has been steadily building higher base levels of support over the last several weeks and indicators seem to suggest that the days and weeks ahead could get very interesting. Stay tuned for more updates as they become necessary.

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Booking Thousand Percent Gainers & More

Another Perfect Friday Run: 

We like to kick off every fresh trading week by going over the winners we unearthed the previous Friday, and it’s always nice when we can report a clean sweep of success on each and every idea we put forth. Such was the case with the three options targets we formulated in our premarket report on Friday morning.

We had some serious daily gainers on the radar, as all three of our selections netted chances at multibag profits on the day. In the case of SPCE, we even provided our readers with a couple opportunities at more than 1000% intraday gains! Perhaps this might help our new readers to understand why our primary focus these days is quick strike options trading.

Here are the excellent single session gains that we uncovered in Friday’s report:

SPCE Weekly $45-49 Calls 
$45: 1.95-12.15 (+523%)
$46: 1.46-10.87 (+645%)
$47: 1.01-9.90 (+880%)
$48: .79-9.00 (+1039%)
$49: .55-8.30 (+1510%)

KMX Weekly $125-127 Calls
$125: .85-3.50 (+312%)
$126: .58-2.70 (+366%)
$127: .26-2.20 (+746%)

NKE Weekly $149-152.50 Calls
$149: 2.86-5.35 (+87%)
$150: 2.00-4.41 (+120%)
$152.50: .60-1.66 (+177%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re going to stick with SPCE by establishing a new target this morning, and we’re going to also signal some short and extended-term calls on CCIV.

SPCE Weekly $57-59 Calls
CCIV Weekly $26 Calls
CCIV 07/23 $27.50-28 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZRX Review & More

PhaseRx, Inc. PZRX

It seems like most of the big runners we’ve caught up with in recent weeks have been pharma plays of one type or another, and that trend continued yesterday. PZRX was the standout performer from our premarket watchlist, trading in a rather impressive range throughout essentially the entire session.

The stock saw an early low of .82, and surged continuously up to a high of  1.55 roughly an hour before the close. It worked out to an intraday swing of 89% and came on fantastic liquidity, with more than 43X the monthly average volume flowing through the PZRX.

The stock closed with strength in the high 1.20’s and is inching back into the 1.30’s in the premarket. The move was catalyzed by the company’s 2nd drug development candidate, PRX-ASL, for the treatment of ASLD, a rare liver disorder, has received orphan drug status by the FDA. (>>View PR)

.We’ll continue to track its activity and look for higher lows and higher highs as we head into week’s end.

Iconic Brands, Inc. ICNB

We tagged ICNB as a bottom-watch play early in the week, and have begun to see the rebound that we were looking for.

We subsequently observed a low of .0058, and yesterday with the stock reaching .008, it marked an intraweek swing of 38% Once again, we’ll be looking for the establishment of higher highs and higher lows in forthcoming sessions.

SeaDrill Ltd. SDRL

Speaking of excellent bottom calls, we’ve had an even better one in SDRL. We highlighted this one in our report last Wednesday, after which time we observed the stock at a low of .22. Yesterday it attained a .62 high, representing an upswing of 182% over the span of just a few sessions. Once more, we’ll be looking out for a more sustained recovery

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. APC

We want to put a few sets of options contracts from the APC chain on watch today after noticing the annoucement of a massive share buyback program by the company to the tune of $2.5B, effectively reducing the number of outstanding shares by 10%

The stock has tested an area of recent resistance as a result in premarket trading. We’re going to radar the APC 09/29 $47-48.50 Calls, and watch them into next week.

Extended Watchlist: