Options Review, 4 New Ideas

Tremendous Tuesday:

Our good fortunes for the week persisted on Tuesday in terms of our potential options targets for the day. All three of the possibilities we alluded to in our premarket report produced positive intraday movement, with a couple of really nice multi-bag runners in the process. We also saw some TSLA targets from the previous session post some nice new highs.

Our three fresh plays for yesterday were the TSLA Weekly $172.50 Calls, the NEOG 04/19 $12.50 Puts, and the AAPL 05/03 $170-175 Calls, and the numbers given are from yesterday only. It was the TSLA Weekly $167.50-170 Calls that we had signaled on Monday morning, and the figures on those below represent the two-day upswing there.

TSLA Weekly $167.50-170 Calls
: 4.65-12.35 (+166%)
$170: 3.40-10.20 (+200%)

TSLA Weekly $172.50 Calls
$172.50: 3.29-8.15 (+148%)

NEOG 04/19 $12.50 Puts
$12.50: .05-.25 (+400%)

AAPL 05/03 $170-175 Calls
$170: 4.17-5.00 (+20%)
$175: 2.20-2.72 (+24%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 04/10 $515-513 Puts*
DAL Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls
PSMT 04/19 $85 Calls
INTC 05/03 $39-40 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Ronn Motor Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:RONN):

We’ve also got a brief update for you on RONN, which appeared in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. This OTC stock ran from a low of .0012 on up to a daily high of .0028. That registers as an intraday rise of 133%

Extended Watchlist: