Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Prime Setup on CCL

Adverum Biotech, Inc. ADVM

Our first order of business this morning is to review a stock we’ve been watching since the beginning of the spring, and reporting on it each month. Back on April 17th we initially alerted on the stock while it was trading for as little as 5.44 a share. We also did a followup report on it on May 20th as well as one last month, on June 5th.

The stock has essentially been in a solid uptrend the entire time, with its biggest single-session move yet occurring yesterday from 10.15 11.95 to 14.96. It marked an intraday pop of 25% and an increase of 47% over the low following our June 5th mention. The total overall increase we’ve observed since our original alert has been 175%

Carnival Corp. CCL 

We ran across the technically attractive setup on Carnival’s chart this morning, and it is currently exhibiting many of the signs we’re after when looking for solid bottom-plays.

Just in the last week, CCL started to come off of being heavily oversold, and the MACD is on the cusp of a bullish cross. Add in the nearly two million dollar pickup by an insider according to a pair of Form-4’s filed last Wednesday, as well as the massive topside gap on the chart, and we are feeling pretty good about CCL as a strong recovery play candidate.

We’re going to radar the CCL 08/02 47-48.50 Calls, which should be in good shape if the stock can approach that gap sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AMBA Recap & More

Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc. ADVM – Review

When we first brought ADVM into the mix on April 17th, the stock was trading for as little as 5.44, and it has never looked back. We updated readers on its performance a couple of weeks back, and once again this morning, we wanted to circle around to comment on the stock’s strong performance.

Yesterday, which marked the eighth consecutive stair-stepping session in which ADVM posted a higher low, it ran to a brand new high of 11.14. That works out to a total increase of 105% over the low we observed on the morning of our initial alert just over 6 weeks ago.Volume, especially over the last couple of weeks has also been exceptionally high. The stock is is blue skies, and we’re anxious to see where its ceiling will come.

Ambarella, Inc. AMBA

We tagged AMBA in yesterday morning’s premarket report ahead of the company’s quarterly earnings which came later during after market hours. Following a surprise beat, the stock has surged this morning, reaching a premarket high of 46.25. From our observed low of 38.06 that represents a respectable overnight swing of 22%

As you can see on the included chart, the MACD is headed for a bullish cross, and there’s still a large gap to the upside, so we will be tracking AMBA very closely on the heels of this development.

As an added bonus, we’re going to include an options idea for AMBA, the Weekly $42.50-44 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas & More

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. TEVA

We’re very interested in TEVA as a potential bottom bounce play. The stock registered new 52-week lows midway through last week, and has exhibited a solid level of support. Trending up slightly in the premarket, we’re going to be tracking a pair of June options contracts to coincide with what could easily be a significant rebound.

Our specific targets are going to be the TEVA 06/28 $12.50 & $13 Calls, which could present us with sizable opportunities to profit

Sprint Corp. S

We’re also going to set our sights on a range of Sprint options as the company attempts to gain FCC and DOJ approval on its $26B proposed merger with T-Mobile. The review period ends in June, but we’re more interested in the short term capability of the stock to provide us with quick strike chances. We’re going to radar the S Weekly $7-8 Calls.

Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc. ADVM – Review

A stock we recently began tracking, ADVM has been in a fairly continual uptrend since we signaled it for observation on the morning of April 17th. In the last month, the stock has made considerable bullish strides.

From the low we observed on the day of our initial alert, at 5.44, ADVM has gone on to record a high of 9.17. That comes out to an increase of 69%

Extended Watchlist: