MAJOR Options Winners

Options Review: 

We came up with a couple of options trading ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report based off of earnings plays. We designated ranges of contracts to watch in the GS and MRNA chains and they both produced considerable intraday opportunities.

Our specific targets were the GS Weekly $330-332.50 Calls, and the MRNA Weekly $150-152.50 Calls and we saw multibag moves in both cases, with the Goldman Sachs ideas really stealing the show on the strength of some eye-popping moves. Those gains were as follows:

GS Weekly $330-332.50 Calls 

$330: 1.95-14.55 (+646%)
$332.50: 1.51-12.17 (+706%)

MRNA Weekly $150-152.50 Calls
$150: 4.26-11.35 (+166%)
$152.50: 3.05-8.60 (+182%)

We also had given readers an idea this past Friday morning on the LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls, and the stock has popped off to new highs this week, allowing for some huge potential profits for anyone who caught on to those targets:

LEVI 04/16 $26-27 Calls
$26: .25-1.65 (+560%)
$27: .05-.75 (+1400%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $414-415 Calls

TSM Weekly $120-121 Calls
PGR Weekly $97.50-100 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Incredible Options Trading Week!

Another Big Options Trading Week

UnitedHealth Group, Inc. UNH – We were just reporting on the solid gains made by our UNH idea yesterday, the UNH Weekly $270-277.50 Calls. It was a see-saw kind of a day for the markets at large, but there was still plenty of opportunity for us to increase our observed ranges on these plays since we began tracking them Wednesday morning:

UNH Weekly $270-277.50 Calls

$270: 6.00-26.50 (+342%)
$272.50: 4.21-26.00 (+518%)
$275: 3.30-20.00 (+506%)
$277.50: 2.39-21.40 (+795%)


Johnson & Johnson JNJ –  We’ve also been following the JNJ 09/18 $150-155 Calls since last Tuesday morning, and like the play above, are returning for the second straight day to highlight the impressive gains we’ve witnessed thus far:

  JNJ 09/18 $150-155 Calls
$150: 2.90-10.17 (+251%)
$155: 2.27-7.50 (+230%)

The success with our options calls just kept coming this week, and that includes a pair of our ideas that were fresh for yesterday morning. We signaled interest in calls in the ABT and TSM chains, and saw some really nice moves there as well.

ABT Weekly $90-92.50 Calls
$90: 2.00-7.10 (+255%)
$92.50: .85-5.00 (+488%)

TSM Weekly $50-52 Calls
$50: 1.86-3.16 (+70%)
$50.50:1.55-2.50 (+61%)
$51: 1.30-2.15 (+65%)
$51.50: .57-1.70 (+198%)
$52: .65-1.26 (+94%)


More Fresh Ideas: 
STT Weekly $60-65 Calls*
KSU Weekly $136-140 Calls*

*Never trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you’re an expert level trader with access to disposable funds!

Moderna Inc. MRNA

We began tracking MRNA at the end of February, initially tagging the stock on February 27th and then again on March 16th. After seeing a low of 19.31 following that report, MRNA has been making steady headway in its run up the chart which has persisted for more than a month now.

Yesterday we saw a new recorded high of 41.55, which represents an overall increase of 115% since we began following the activity in MRNA.

Extended Watchlist:

Recap of Winning Options, Fresh Ideas

Options Reviews

Morgan Stanley MS – 
Yesterday morning we were looking at some fresh options ideas, and among them was the MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls. The stock had a solid session after reporting a beat on earnings and revenues for Q4 2019, aided by a good day for the markets at large.

As a result, we were able to witness multibag gains in three out of four sets of contracts, with the fourth not far behind. Here were the ranges and total possible profits that were on the table for the session:

MS Weekly $54.50-56 Calls
: 1.42-2.82 (+79%)  
$55: .87-2.37 (+97%)
$55.50: .62-1.90 (+119%)
: .35-1.37 (+125%)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. TSM – We also formulated an idea for TSM in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and those produced some really nice gain opportunities as well.

Here were the total profits there for taking on those plays:

TSM Weekly $58.50-60 Calls
$58.50: .40-.85 (+113%)  
$59: .20-.55 (+175%)
$59.50: .10-.30 (+200%)
: .05-.20 (+300%)

Fresh Ideas:
STT Weekly $82.50 Calls-85 Calls*
SLB Weekly $39.50-40 Calls*
CFG Weekly $40 Calls*

*Please don’t try to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corp. KWBT

Lestly, we wanted to quickly recap the recent performance of another of our selections. We tagged KWBT on the 27th of December, and in the last couple of weeks the stock has been in good shape.

KWBT has run from .018-.0416, marking a fantastic run of 131% in just a short span. We’ll continue to keep this OTC play on the radar going forward.