FNHI Runner & More

Franchise Holding International, Inc. FNHI

Our extended watchlist in yesterday morning’s premarket report consisted solely of OTC stocks, and the most standout play among them was definitely FNHI.

The stock made a very nice move for us, from a low of .069 up to .13. That works out to a move of 88% and it occurred on the highest single session volume ever recorded by the stock, so we would say that our alert was incredibly timely.

We’ve also prepared a video chart presentation on FNHI that we hope you’ll check out, which outlines the specific areas of support that the stock needs to hold in order to keep our interest going forward.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. TEVA

The top performer out of yesterday’s fresh options ideas was TEVA, which produced modest, yet respectable gains despite a relatively flat day for the markets as a whole.

Our ideas were the TEVA  Weekly $12-12.50 Calls. The $12’s traded up from a low of 1.39 and hit 1.75 for a gain of 26% while the $12.50’s ran from .80-1.25, a 56% intraday move.

Fresh Options Idea: 

Seeing a lot of things down in the premarket, and given the general sentiment o at the moment, we’re going to try our luck with some SPY Puts for today’s fresh options idea.

We’;ll radar the SPY Weekly $336.50-335 Puts for observation today.

Options Review & More

Options Review

Despite an unproductive session for the markets as a whole yesterday, two of our three fresh options ideas for the session bucked the trend and panned out quite well on the day. We had some ideas for both the RNG and ROKU chains that produced respectable intraday moves for us.

Here were the total possible profits that were there for the taking, some of which did reach multi-bag status for the session:  

RNG Weekly $220-225 Calls
: 6.10-12.93 (+112%)
: 6.35-10.69 (+68%)
: 3.53-9.30 (+163%)

ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls
$134: 10.45-15.45 (+48%)
: 9.55-14.95 (+57%)
: 9.25-14.17 (+53%)

Based on premarket activity we’re seeing this morning, we would expect both RNG and ROKU to tack even more gains onto these ideas for us today.

More New Ideas:
TEVA  Weekly $12-12.50 Calls
AKAM Weekly $98-101 Calls
SHOP Weekly $535-550 Calls
CVS Weekly $74.50-76 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Form-4 Alert & More

Options Review 

We closed out the trading week on Friday morning with some fresh options ideas, namely the SPLK Weekly $134-138 Calls. The moves we observed in those contract sets were highly impressive, with enormous multi-bag runs across the board.

The total possible profits on the table for daytraders were as follows:

$134 CallsRange: 1.79-6.50 – Max Gain: 263%
$135 Calls – Range: 1.15-5.80 – Max Gain: 404%
$136 Calls – Range: .83-5.70  – Max Gain: 586%
$137 Calls – Range: .50-3.70 – Max Gain: 640%
$138 Calls – Range: .26-2.74  – Max Gain: 954%

Cheers to anyone who took advantage of this unbelievable quick-strike opportunity!

Ebix, Inc. EBIX – Form-4 Alert

We caught a Form-4 insider buying alert on EBIX this morning. That’s when we noticed the prime bottom positioning of the chart, complete with a significant gap to the topside. This will be a perfect candidate to identify some longer-term options plays we have interest in tracking.

We’ll be looking at the EBIX 03/20 $30-40 Calls in the days and weeks ahead.

Extended Watchlist: