RBNW Recap, Options Plays & More

Bitcoin Options Play Updates – RIOT & MARA 

We will continue to go to the bitcoin well until it’s dry, but it the meantime, we’re still pulling up full buckets of MARA & RIOT success! After tracking some weekly contracts to percentage gains in the thousands last week, we started fresh with some updated targets in those chains yesterday morning, and the party kept raging.

Our new plays were the MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls, and the RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls. We saw solid movement in all of those contracts. Here are the single-session gains that were on the table for anyone who caught our premarket alert:

MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls
 4.47-6.50 (+45%)
$41: 4.07-5.93 (+46%)
$42: 3.73-5.33 (+43%)

RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls
 6.70-10.55 (+57%)
$53: 5.75-10.10 (+76%)
$55: 5.25-9.50 (+81%)

These stocks are once again gapping up in the premarket today, so we would expect to have to circle back again tomorrow morning to report increases to all of these figures.

Fresh Options Idea:
WIX Weekly $280-290 Calls 

Renewable Energy & Power, Inc. RBNW 

We have been tracking RBNW closely for exactly three weeks since January 27th, as a quick review of the stock’s tag on our archives will reveal. During that time, it has hurtled upward from a super-subpenny to subpenny range and produced a huge gain opportunity for us.

The following session after our initial alert saw the stock trading for as little as .0006, and as of yesterday RBNW hit a new high of .0049. That works out to a three-week upswing of 717%

We are going to want to see .0028 hold as support on any forthcoming pullbacks for us to remain interested in this play. As you can see on the chart snapshot below, we’ve got a Golden Cross formation in the works, one of our favorite bullish technical indicators, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this solid uptrend continue from here.

Extended Watchlist:

GOGO, AZC, PHOT, CBMX & Extended Watchlist


Yesterday after appearing as a focus in our morning report, GOGO responded by posting yet another solid performance. After sinking to a daily low of 27.11, we witnessed a 12% intraday move to 30.26 on twice the 3mo. average volume. That was followed by a strong close, as it held the majority of its gains at 29.70.

The following screenshot captures the activity of the options we were interested in: The 01/18 $30 Calls made a 78% intraday move, and with the way GOGO is trading up pre-market, it’s fair to expect these contracts to be pushed even deeper into the money, adding to our already impressive chances for profit.

Augusta Resources Corp.  AZC

AZC also had a positive showing after yesterday’s report; the stock traded in a range from 1.06-1.25, giving us the opportunity to bank up to an 18% gain. We were correct in assuming that this recovery play was worth our attention, and a return to pre-11/20 levels would still mean significant gains from where it sits now.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

We’ve continuously covered PHOT for over a year now, and the stock has definitely brought us some prime opportunities for sizable gains, as a quick glance at the chart will show. A recent dip back to the .06-range has been immediately followed by a significant bounce. We are looking at resistance sitting at .095 and from there it has a good chance to re-test recent highs.

We’d like to see higher lows today to confirm that PHOT is indeed back on an uptrend.

To take an even more in-depth look at the PHOT chart, view the video we prepared this morning:

CombiMatrix Corp. CBMX

CBMX came off of yesterday’s extended watchlist to have a big day. The stock opened at 2.48, and would ultimately touch a high of 4.44, which was good for a 79% intraday rip. This came on roughly 48X times the 3mo. average volume, so a stock with this kind of momentum flowing through it will surely continue to be on our watchlist as we close out the week.

Extended Watchlist: