Quick-Strike SPY Gains & More

SPY Puts Tack on More Gains:

On Tuesday morning, a couple days into this week’s persistent market selloff, we signaled some SPY Puts which we talked about in yesterday’s report. The SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts had already produced multibag runs, but yesterday’s grim day for stocks helped produce further activity in our bearish contracts of interest.

Here are the new highs established by those plays during yesterday’s session, and the total moves we’ve witnessed since our alert on Tuesday morning:

SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts
1.99-10.04 (+404%)
$414: 1.66-9.11 (+448%)
$413: 1.33-8.45 (+535%)

Fresh SPY Idea: With good jobs figures and a number of other factors, we think today may be the day that the markets shake the rust off, so we’re going to hop over to the other side of the fence and go bullish with the SPY 05/14 $406-407.50 Calls.

Unity Software, Inc. U – Recap

We also had signaled a range of earnings plays yesterday in the premarket, and it was the
U 05/21 $85-90 Calls that most effectively bucked the trend of the day.

Those targets didn’t produce massive eye-popping gains on the session, but they did record these very respectable intraday runs and gain possibilities:

U 05/21 $85-90 Calls
$85: 2.20-4.09 (+86%)
$90: 1.05-2.24 (+113%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
XPEV Weekly $25-27 Calls
YETI Weekly $83-85 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RLTR, TTDZ & Extended Watchlist

Reeltime Rentals, Inc. RLTR

We caught RLTR at a good time yesterday morning, as the stock played out a classic dip-and-rip scenario, touching a morning low of .006 before making a monster 135% intraday move up to a high of .0141. It did so on strong volume, to the tune of nearly 3x its 3-month average.The recent gap on the chart was filled with yesterday’s advance, the RSI is curling up toward the power zone and we’d like to see it maintain above the 50-line. We also have a MACD which looks just about ready to turn bullish.

In order for us to remain interested, RLTR will need to hold support at or above a penny. There was also another PR out this morning regarding a new client for the firm, you can check it out by clicking the following link:

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ

Many of you will recall our original alert of TTDZ on January 30th, We followed this stock all the way from .0012, and by our most recent mention on March 18th, it had already gained as much as 1292% reaching .0167.

After a period of consolidation, leading to Monday’s low of .0107, TTDZ began ramping up once again, and yesterday, broke its previous swing high of .018, running to a new high of .0197.

That makes an overall move of 1542% in less than two months, so big congratulations are in order for anyone who has been able to take advantage of the exceptional upward movement on TTDZ.

Extended Watchlist: