GGII FIFTY-Bagger & More

Yesterday’s Options Runners:

We offered up a pair of fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, zeroing in on the TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls and the BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls. Despite a poor day for the markets at large, we saw some intraday trend-bucking from our designated interests, which logged multibag moves across the board.

Here are the intraday moves and total possible gains for anyone who was also tracking these contract sets: 

TSN Weekly $79-79.50 Calls
$79: .24-1.11 (+362%)
$79.50: .16-.88 (+633%)

BNTX Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
5.00-13.47 (+169%)
$197.50: 4.30-11.00 (+156%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts
PLTR Weekly $17.50-17 Puts
RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls 

More OTC Success:

For those of our readers who are not aware, we started in this business in the mid 2000’s almost solely on the back of our interest in OTC-traded securities. The past TEN of those years worth of newsletters is still available for perusal on our permanent archive at

That’s why, even as we’ve shifted primarily to quick-strike options trading as our main focus over the years, we still take great pleasure in tracking and reaping benefits from the recent success we’ve seen in a lot of these lower exchange plays.

Here are new highs from yesterday in some of the stocks that we’ve been mentioning in our newsletters of late:

Green Globe International, Inc. GGII:

First Alert: 04/14
Subsequent Range: .0018-.105
Total Possible Gain: 5733%

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. GVSI:

First Alert: 04/20
Subsequent Range: .0036-.0545
Total Possible Gain: 1414%

Elray Resources, Inc. ELRA:
First Alert: 05/06
Subsequent Range: .0023-.0085
Total Possible Gain: 270%

Extended Watchlist: