DECN Recap & More

Decision Diagnostics, Corp. DECN 

We began tracking DECN just under three weeks ago, back on the morning of March 19th. The stock caught our attention after announcing that it was working on a rapid-result COVID-19 test. Subsequent to that point in time, it was trading for as little as .056/share.

Yesterday, following another tag in our extended watchlist, and as an update on the company’s coronavirus test was provided (excerpt and link below), the stock reached some very impressive new highs. It’s not the first coronavirus related play we’ve scored on, and it won’t be the last.

DECN ran 216% intraday from .125 to a new high of .395. From our initially observed low from the week before last, the stock has now exhibited an upswing of 605%

Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTC PINK:DECN) through its subsidiary Pharma Tech Solutions, Inc.  …announces today that the company has received the Pre-EUA Acknowledgement letter from the U.S. FDA for device (serial number) PEUA200232, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit. This grant by the FDA is a major milestone in our GenViro!™ Covid-19 test kit development (>>View Full PR)

Johnson & Johnson JNJ – Recap

After seeing success with a number of different targets within the JNJ chain over the past week and change, we rolled our potential strike prices up to the JNJ Weekly $140-142 Calls yesterday morning.

Being one of the lead candidates for potentially developing an effective COVID-19 vaccine, it puts JNJ in a somewhat unique position, as experts have repeatedly stated that the world cannot begin to fully recover until a viable vaccine is being widely administered sometime next year.

Our move to the $140-142 Calls proved prudent yesterday, as early activity provided the following intraday opportunities: 

JNJ Weekly $140-142 Calls
$140: .89-2.88 (+224%)
$141: .62-2.31 (+273%)
$142: .43-1.67 (+288%)

Fresh Ideas:
LEVI 04/17 $12-13 Calls
SGH 04/17 $22.50-25 Calls 

Extended  Watchlist:

TGT Update, Fresh Options Idea

Target Corp. TGT

Just as we mentioned yesterday morning to start off the week, it was on Thursday morning that we signaled our interest in tracking some TGT Puts. They hadn’t quite heated up yet by the end of last week, but we urged readers yesterday to pay close attention, as the gains seemed imminent.

We were correct in that assumption, as the markets once again set a new record for worst daily losses in history. That helped propel the massive range of contracts we signaled, the TGT 04/03 $98-90 Puts, to double-bag gain status and beyond, exactly as we predicted.

Here are the trading ranges on those contracts since we’ve had them on our radar:

TGT 04/03 $98-90 Puts
$98: 3.37-6.92 (+105%)
$97: 2.90-6.60 (+128%)
$96: 2.73-6.00 (+120%)
$95: 2.21-5.95 (+169%)
$94: 2.54-5.50 (+117%)
$93: 1.99-5.05 (+154%)
$92: 2.44-4.50 (+84%)
$91: 2.00-4.25 (+113%)
$90: 1.47-3.80 (+156%)

Transdigm Group, Inc TDG

We would like to put together a set of call contracts to watch in the TDG chain. It’s no surprise that the stock is at a bottom at present, but what is remarkable is the amount of insider buying that has taken place in the last week, to the tune of roughly $180M.

That typically signals an insider’s confidence that the stock will not fall much further. We are going to put the TDG 05/15 $350-370 Calls on watch to track in the weeks ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

Our Winning Formula

Our Winning Formula

Our operations around here on a daily basis have become slightly repetitive, but that’;s only because what we do produces results so consistently. So each day it has become custom for us to highlight our ideas’ potential gains from the previous session or sessions, and to offer up fresh ideas for our tracklists. Today will of course be very similar.

We had a running idea with some SPY Calls on Monday, so first we’ll highlight the new highs reached by those contracts, and then the figures from the fresh ideas in yesterday’ premarket report will follow, as those enjoyed significant single session moves as well.

SPY Weekly $323-324 Calls
: 3.30-7.35 (+123%)
$324: 2.71-6.52 (+141%)

We want to stick with the rising SPY as we head into the end of the week, and roll up to the Weekly $332-334 Calls.

BP Weekly $35.50-37 Calls
$35.50: .91-1.45 (+60%)
$36: .56-1.00 (+79%)
: .28-.60 (+114%)
$37: .12-.32  (+167%)

RL Weekly $119-122 Calls
: 6.20-7.10 (+15%)
$120: 2.65-6.00 (+127%)
: 2.33-5.70 (+145%)
$122: 1.67-4.55 (+175%)

Fresh Ideas
FSLR 03/13 $55-57 Calls

DIS Weekly $144-145 Calls

Extended Watchlist