SPY Remains the Go-To Play

SPY Updates

Once again staying with the trend of the day, we flipped Tuesday’s bullish SPY idea over to a bearish one in our premarket report yesterday (SPY Weekly $282-279 Puts). We’ve been getting a lot of back and forth over the coronavirus , and expect that to continue for quite some time before any real stabilization occurs.

Thankfully, we have been staying ahead of the curve, still making opportunities available to those with the intestinal fortitude for short-term trading under these conditions. Here are the ranges from yesterday on the puts we selected: 

SPY Weekly $282-279 Puts
 6.65-13.26 (+99%)
$286: 6.20-12.65 (+104%)
$287: 5.71-12.01 (+110%)
$288: 5.33-11.35 (+113%)

With the markets appearing to ready themselves for another bloody day on the heels of yesterday’s Europe travel ban, the NBA season suspension, and more, we expect to see these highs explode even further. We would like caution traders to be ready for another potential 15-minute trading halt at some point today, as we saw on Monday. To stay closer to the money, we’re also going to modify our strike area and begin to track the SPY Weekly $262-259 Puts. 

Target Corp. TGT

We would also like to signal some puts on TGT, which is currently exhibiting a low-side gap, as well as experiencing some recent insider selling.

Combined with the market current, we like the potential here. We’re going to go a few weeks out with this idea, and signal the TGT 04/03 $98-90 Puts. If things continue along the same path in the days and weeks ahead, we stand to see some significant opportunities.