Our Winning Formula

Our Winning Formula

Our operations around here on a daily basis have become slightly repetitive, but that’;s only because what we do produces results so consistently. So each day it has become custom for us to highlight our ideas’ potential gains from the previous session or sessions, and to offer up fresh ideas for our tracklists. Today will of course be very similar.

We had a running idea with some SPY Calls on Monday, so first we’ll highlight the new highs reached by those contracts, and then the figures from the fresh ideas in yesterday’ premarket report will follow, as those enjoyed significant single session moves as well.

SPY Weekly $323-324 Calls
: 3.30-7.35 (+123%)
$324: 2.71-6.52 (+141%)

We want to stick with the rising SPY as we head into the end of the week, and roll up to the Weekly $332-334 Calls.

BP Weekly $35.50-37 Calls
$35.50: .91-1.45 (+60%)
$36: .56-1.00 (+79%)
: .28-.60 (+114%)
$37: .12-.32  (+167%)

RL Weekly $119-122 Calls
: 6.20-7.10 (+15%)
$120: 2.65-6.00 (+127%)
: 2.33-5.70 (+145%)
$122: 1.67-4.55 (+175%)

Fresh Ideas
FSLR 03/13 $55-57 Calls

DIS Weekly $144-145 Calls

Extended Watchlist

More Updates, New Ideas

Options Recaps

Here are the figures on the trading ranges and total possible gains from our fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report. Unsurprisingly, we had access to some solid single session gains on the day.

Today the market is ripping because of China’s banks pumping billions into their own markets, and the SPY gains below should be dramatically intensified at the open this morning!

SPY Weekly $323-324 Calls
: 3.30-4.82 (+46%)
$324: 2.71-4.16 (+54%)

ACM 02/20 $50-47.50 Puts
$50: 2.20-3.10 (+41%)
$47.50: 1.05-1.35 (+29%)


Fresh Ideas:
BP Weekly $35.50-37 Calls
RL Weekly $119-122 Calls 

Vaxart Inc. VXRT

We began tracking VXRT in Friday morning’s report, wherein we provided a link to the company’s coronavirus related news, After two consecutive, and equally strong performances, the stock has made a quite a bit of progress for us.

From our observed low of .956 on Friday morning, VXRT went on to hit a high of 1.83 yesterday, registering as a two-day upswing of  91%  With the coronavirus death toll rising daily, we’re going to continue to look out for this, and any other related opportunities we can get our hands on, as fear is often a powerful motivator.

Global Consortium Inc. GCGX 

We do still occasionally throw a subpenny OTC play into the mix when it’s warranted, and such was the case for GCGX, another play we signaled interest in on Friday morning. The stock has produced a solid two-day move.

From a low of .0032, GCGX ran up to .0059 yesterday, marking an overall swing of 84% We’ll keep this one on the radar as well.

New Options Ideas & More

Options Review

We want to circle back this morning to update readers on some options ideas we put forth in our premarket report on Tuesday morning. We were interested in tracking the REGN Weekly $317.50-325 Calls and the UBER Weekly $29.50-28 Puts and found solid success in both instances.

Here were the two-day swings made by each contract set in our highlighted ranges, and the total potential profits that were there for the taking:

REGN Weekly $317.50-325 Calls
$317.50 Calls – Range: 11.02-23.00 – Max Gain: 109%
$320 Calls – Range: 5.99-22.65 – Max Gain: 278%
$322.50 Calls – Range: 6.56-17.50 – Max Gain: 167%
$325 Calls – Range: 4.00-18.23 – Max Gain: 356%

UBER Weekly $29.50-28 Puts
$29.50 Puts – Range: 1.27-3.99 – Max Gain: 214%
$29 Puts – Range: 1.01-3.52 – Max Gain: 249%
$28.50 Puts – Range: .85-3.20 – Max Gain: 276%
$28 Puts – Range: .65-2.60 – Max Gain: 300%


Fresh Options Ideas: 

QCOM Weekly $88.50-90 Calls
BIDU Weekly $114-117 Calls
MCD 01/17 $195-220 Calls 

Grom Social Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS: GRMM)  

We also want to update readers on the performance of GRMM following the special report we released on the company yesterday morning.

The stock saw a daily low of .105 before running as high as .145. That represents an intraday increase of 38% exhibiting just the type of desirable near-term volatility potential that we described in our initial report. It adds to the excitement of where the stock could go from here. Expect updates to be forthcoming as the situation continues to develop.

>>View GRMM Special Report<<

Extended Watchlist: