IDVC, SNDY & Extended Watchlist

Infrastructure Developments Corp. IDVC

IDVC appeared in our extended watchlists on March 4th & 5th, being as low as .001 at the time. Over the past three days, we’ve seen some pretty solid gains from the stock, and yesterday it closed just one tick below the HOD of .0025.

A key aspect of this week’s breakout was the breaching of the 200DMA at .0016, and we’d like to see that level hold as support moving forward. With the noticeable volume and momentum increase, IDVC has garnered itself a place on our watchlists heading into next week.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving IDVC a “56% Overall Buy” Rating


Solos Endoscopy, Inc. SNDY

Within the first two weeks of trading in the new year, SNDY was as low as .0024. By the end of February, we saw a high of .0087, representing a 263% move in 2013.

Following that big run, there was a consolidation, and we watched the PPS slip back to a low of .0036, this past Wednesday. That level is higher than the previous low from this year, and support held above the 100DMA, a positive sign.

Yesterday, the stock opened at the low of day (.0039) and closed at the high of day  (.0055). That move broke through the 50 & 200DMA, and put the close at the 20DMA. It is the apparent strengthening of the chart that has us watching SNDY for its next leg up. A break of the resistance here at the .0055 area is key, and the next patch of resistance comes at a recent swing-high of .0087.


Extended Watchlist:

BMSN, AMBS, AAPL & Extended Watchlist

BMSN has been like a rocket lately, blasting off since we first alerted the stock back on December 26th.We have seen five consecutive days of gains, with Monday’s action breaking a previous resistance point of .0021 and reaching a high of ,0024, before closing at .0016.Considering the momentum we witnessed over the past five sessions, we are expecting to see a pullback at some point. In such an event, we’d like to see the support hold off of the 50DMA of .001.

Our next key level of resistance is going to be at .0024. If it can get past that, the next level is .003, and .004 (200DMA).



Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

We first began talking about AMBS on November 6th. Another one on a serious uptrend; in the past 14 days of trading, the stock has seen just two days of closing in the red.

AMBS will be co-hosting an international symposium , the #C4CT Concussion Awareness Conference, “with the purpose of bringing thought leaders in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) drug and diagnostic research & development, professional athletes, former professional athletes and celebrity sports figureheads that share the Company’s, TCMG’s and Brewer’s desire to support research into new TBI treatments, sports leagues who have social and fiduciary responsibilities to improve player safety and caring for former players previously affected by TBI and cognitive disorders, as well as other key stakeholders in the ongoing social discussion regarding head injuries and their side effects.”

BARCHART.COM currently has AMBS rated a “100% Buy”

We had stated before that we were looking for a break past .13, and that it would bring us into bluesky breakout mode, and now that it has done so, we’re going to hold onto our hats, because there’s no telling where it could stop. We’d like to see .13 hold as the new base level of support.


Apple, Inc. AAPL

AAPL was as low as 510.24 on Dec. 21st, and dipping as low as 504.66 on December 27th. With all of the hype coming from “fiscal cliff” negotiations, Monday’s big rally (closed at 532.1729) has the stock trading close to 550.00 premarket today.

Extended Watchlist: