MWIP, PPHM, BTHR, STOA & Extended Watchlist

MWIP continues to amaze us on a consistent basis. Our best medical marijuana play to date (and anyone who follows us regularly knows we’ve had some real winners!) since back in October when we began focusing intently on these things. We’ve stuck with MWIP since then, and have been duly rewarded. We’ve seen a titanic run from its November 9th low of .0024, to yesterday’s high of .042, marking a mega-move of 1650% inside of two months! Hopefully now, everyone sees why we continued to talk about marijuana-related stocks until we were green in the face!


Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

PPHM is another of our recent points of focus to have a great day to open up the week on Monday. Despite gapping up 26% from its previous close, the stock still afforded us the opportunity to capitalize on a 50% intra-day gain from a low of 1.70, up to a peak of 2.55.

It appears PPHM is undergoing some course correction and filling in the large gap that we saw back in September when the stock pushed its way to the 5.50’s before falling off of a cliff.

Those who may have caught the 68-cent low in November would’ve had the chance at up to 275% in gains over the past few weeks.


Big Three Restaurants, Inc. BTHR

BTHR hit a high of .0036 on Monday, adding to our successful Wed-Fri. play from .0012-.0022 (83%), and presenting us the chance at max gains of up to 200% in total.


Sitoa Global Inc. STOA

Our inclusion of STOA on yesterday’s extended watchlist deserves a featured mention today, as the stock dipped as low as .0095 early morning, then rallied in the afternoon to hit a high of .024, before closing at .02. Savvy traders had a chance to scoop up over 150% in gains, and it looks like the wheel has only begun to turn. The stock closed above the 50DMA, and the next major resistance doesn’t seem to show up until we reach the 100DMA of .0479.

The RSI is heading toward the power zone, as the blue bars on the histogram are building up on the bullish side. We saw recent crossovers on both the PPO and the Slow STO; both indicators broke through their 50MA. We’d like to see future support hold at the 50DMA of .0184.


Extended Watchlist:


BMSN, AMBS, AAPL & Extended Watchlist

BMSN has been like a rocket lately, blasting off since we first alerted the stock back on December 26th.We have seen five consecutive days of gains, with Monday’s action breaking a previous resistance point of .0021 and reaching a high of ,0024, before closing at .0016.Considering the momentum we witnessed over the past five sessions, we are expecting to see a pullback at some point. In such an event, we’d like to see the support hold off of the 50DMA of .001.

Our next key level of resistance is going to be at .0024. If it can get past that, the next level is .003, and .004 (200DMA).



Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

We first began talking about AMBS on November 6th. Another one on a serious uptrend; in the past 14 days of trading, the stock has seen just two days of closing in the red.

AMBS will be co-hosting an international symposium , the #C4CT Concussion Awareness Conference, “with the purpose of bringing thought leaders in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) drug and diagnostic research & development, professional athletes, former professional athletes and celebrity sports figureheads that share the Company’s, TCMG’s and Brewer’s desire to support research into new TBI treatments, sports leagues who have social and fiduciary responsibilities to improve player safety and caring for former players previously affected by TBI and cognitive disorders, as well as other key stakeholders in the ongoing social discussion regarding head injuries and their side effects.”

BARCHART.COM currently has AMBS rated a “100% Buy”

We had stated before that we were looking for a break past .13, and that it would bring us into bluesky breakout mode, and now that it has done so, we’re going to hold onto our hats, because there’s no telling where it could stop. We’d like to see .13 hold as the new base level of support.


Apple, Inc. AAPL

AAPL was as low as 510.24 on Dec. 21st, and dipping as low as 504.66 on December 27th. With all of the hype coming from “fiscal cliff” negotiations, Monday’s big rally (closed at 532.1729) has the stock trading close to 550.00 premarket today.

Extended Watchlist:


Blue Horseshoe Stocks 2012 Wrap-Up Report

The short week that is now upon us will mark the beginning of a new year! 2012 was an extremely successful stretch for us, and we are anxious to make 2013 even better. A tall order, but one that we will gladly attempt to fill, and we hope you will stay with us every step of the way! Before we jump into today’s report, lets have a look at our Top 5 Winning Picks from 2012.

  1. ATRN  Range: .0148-.3599  Gained: 2332%
  2. BBDA  Range: .0015-.0199  Gained: 1227%
  3. ANTS  Range: .0034-0328  Gained: 865%
  4. MWIP  Range: .0024-.0199  Gained: 729%
  5. AMBS  Range: .017-.1295  Gained: 662%

Let us also not forget our series of medical marijuana round-up reports that we began publishing on October 16th. The following weeks brought us cumulative gains on the order of 885% from stocks contained in those reports. We had success across the board this year, including swathes of other percentage gains, the total of which surely numbers in the tens-of-thousands.

Like we said, the wins will continue to pile up in 2013, and based on how things have been going, we anticipate this will be our best year ever. You most assuredly don’t want to miss it. The wildly successful “Extended Watchlist” portion of our daily reports that we implemented this year will continue to be a staple moving forward, and as always we are open to correspondence/suggestions from our reader-base.


Extended Watchlist: