REDG, VHGI, MDIN & Extended Watchlist

Red Giant Entertainment Inc. REDG

REDG appeared on our social networking feeds on Wednesday, and the stock was trading between .08-.11 on abnormal volume with large blocks of shares going off in between the bid and the ask.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on our social networking feeds, as in the case of REDG, when we may not have the time to send out an entire email, our social feeds are the quickest method of following our activity.

REDG then appeared in our daily report for Thursday. The large volume continued, and it seemed the market makers were shaking the tree to root out the weak hands, as the stock dipped as low as .075 in the first few minutes of trading. The high-volume momentum on the stock really intrigued us, and had to keep REDG on our radar into this week as well. In the last hour of trading on Friday, we observed REDG pushing to new highs, hitting .16 before closing out at .155, representing possible gains of nearly 115% from Thursday’s .075 low.


VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

We’re no strangers to VHGI, having seen a huge run from the stock last year, to the tune a .20-.40 run. We’ve been noticing it start to move up off of its bottom, and re-alerted the stock in Friday’s Extended Watchlist, just in the nick of time to catch the explosion. Opening at .0134 and subsequently dipping as low as a penny, the stock hit a high of .029, and closed at .024 for gains ranging in the 140-190% area.


Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. MDIN

We mentioned MDIN on Thursday’s Extended Watchlist, and the stock was as low as .0037. On Friday, we saw a range from .0051-.0074 (closed @ .0072), and we are eager to see how that momentum will spill over into this week.


Extended Watchlist:
IDVC, TADF, PGOL, SUNB, ETRN (Possible Bottom Bounce)