Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recap of Friday & Much More

Friday’s Options Ideas:

We had our eyes on a handful of options trading possibilities on Friday, and we did see some significant moves to the upside emerge from that group. We’ll kick things off this week by outlining some of the opportunities that were available for traders within the price ranges we specified in Friday’s report:

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. SWKS
$94.50 Calls – Range: 1.26-3.63 – Max Gain: 188%
$95 Calls – Range: .84-3.20 – Max Gain: 280%
$95.50 Calls – Range: .60-2.28 – Max Gain: 280%
$96 Calls – Range: .53-2.36 – Max Gain: 345%

Expedia, Inc. EXPE
$99 Calls – Range: 1.43-3.60 -  Max Gain: 152%
$99.50 Calls – Range: 2.00-2.83 – Max Gain: 41%

FireEye, Inc. FEYE
05/08 $42 Calls – Range: 1.70-2.55 – Max Gain: 50%
05/08 $43 Calls – Range: 1.25-2.00 – Max Gain: 60%

It’s quite the task for anyone to provide just one worthwhile options-trading idea, and on Friday, we were three for three. It serves as a great example of why we like to mix plenty of these options ideas into our daily reports; the gains are out there, ripe for the taking! 

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. ADMD

Our attention was drawn to ADMD this morning as it popped up on our news scanner; the company has come forth with information regarding an “error in the calculation of common shares that should have properly been issued, resulting in significant excess issuances of common stock”. It essentially boils down to an estimated positive impact of $0.8M on ADMD’s balance sheet.

We naturally took a look at the ADMD chart upon taking notice of this news, and as we point out with the annotations below, there are several indications of a bullish trend in effect. As a result, we’ll want to keep watch over ADMD as we begin this new trading week.

Rebound For Social Media Stocks?

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD and Twitter, Inc. TWTR were both crushed on disappointing earnings last week, and both stocks appear to be gearing up for a possible recovery this week. They’re both slightly in the green here in the premarket this morning, and we’ll be looking for potential swing trade opportunities that might present themselves in coming weeks with Calls bearing a 05/29 expiration date.

On LinkedIn Corp. LNKD we’ll be monitoring the 05/29 $200-210 Call range. The longer period before expiration gives the stock some time to sustain a comeback off of recent lows.

For Twitter, Inc. TWTR we’ll actively monitor the 05/29 $38-42 Call range for similar opportunities.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Another Big Move From PZOO & More

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We’ve been more than pleased with the performance of PZOO this month after coming back to follow it closely on the 1st. We’ve tracked it every step of the way as it has made its way from a subpenny low of .0049 (04/06) and streaked to impressive new highs following our morning report on Friday.

PZOO started from a daily low of .0123 and broke the key level of resistance at .014 (we pointed out in a video we published Friday afternoon) before running to close at its high of day at .016. It represented an intraday move of 30% and an overall increase of 227% over our observed low earlier this month.

We’ve drawn up another video demonstrating some of the PZOO chart highlights, and we’ve linked that below. In addition, Pazoo released another key PR this morning, and we’ve provided a link to that as well. We’d suggest our readers explore both links!


WHIPPANY, N.J., April 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pazoo, Inc. (OTC Pinks:PZOO) (German WKN#:A1J3DK), is pleased to announce that as of today and more than a week ahead of schedule, the company has completely repaid the total of its obligations on its Convertible Promissory Note to Eastmore Capital LLC. >> FULL PR

Options Trading

Apple Inc. AAPL &, Inc. AMZN were the subject of our options-trading ideas on Friday. In both cases we mentioned an interest in looking for dip-and-rip scenarios, and both stocks did indeed follow suit. Our ideas for trading Weekly Calls in each would have paid off handsomely for anyone who took the initiative.

AAPL reports earnings today, and is gapping up significantly in premarket trading so we’re going to be on the lookout for opportunities in the Weekly $130-132 Range as we kick off a fresh trading week.

Molycorp, Inc. MCP

Some of our regular followers will recall our entering MCP into our reports on April 8th, and regularly revisiting it since then. Following our initial alert on this play we observed a low of .48, and the stock continues to press to new highs.

On Friday, MCP hit a new high of 1.04, which marks an impressive 117% swing from this stock inside of the past two weeks.

Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ENZN

We flagged ENZN for tracking on Thursday, after noting that it is another stock in which billionaire investor Carl Icahn has a stake. The stock made notable 16% intraday move on Friday, and we want to keep it on continual watch moving forward.

We covered VLTC recently as it made a truly historic move as a result of Icahn’s involvement, and are anxious to monitor any stock that draws the interest of such a high-profile investor.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings-Related Options Ideas & More

Earnings-Related Options Ideas

We’ve entered into another round of high-profile earnings releases, and as our routine readers are well aware, this has become a key device in our seeking of quick-strike profits with options trading.

Ebay, Inc. EBAY
On EBAY, we’re going to size up contracts in the $58.50-60 Call range, looking for a classic dip-and-rip scenario. Usually on a gap-up after an earnings beat we see profit-taking which leads to a pullback followed by a resulting bounce. We look to get positioned in some in-the-money calls on the pullback that we can unload when the rebound occurs.

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT
CAT beat on earnings as well, and the range of contracts that we’re most likely going to find the biggest chances for gains here, should fall between $86-89.  We want to stay in the money with our strike price and roll it up in the event the stock breaks out more sharply.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

For PBR, which is sliding back following yesterday’s post-market earnings release, we’re going to look for possible opportunities in Weekly Puts in the $9.00-8.50 range, depending on the intensity of the downward pressure we see on the stock as the market opens.

Enzon Pharmceuticals, Inc. ENZN

This is a stock that we want to put on our radars as we head into week’s end; biopharmas have been hot, and ENZN is among those that have been breaking out. We’re anxious to see how this play will continue to fare as it has been streaking into the blue sky.

It’s much like the move we saw in the past couple of weeks from VLTC, which spiked on news of an increased stake by billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn. It so happens that Icahn also owns shares in ENZN, which makes for an interesting side note. We’ll certainly want to keep this one in our sights moving forward.

Yahoo, Inc. YHOO – Options Ideas

If you recall, we were sitting on the fence with our approach to YHOO options yesterday as the internet search giant had fallen short on earnings. We noted that the heaviest action would likely be in the  $44-45 Calls or Puts, depending on the tone of the trend.

It became quickly apparent that YHOO was pulling back further upon the open,and anyone who followed our idea and latched onto the $44 Puts were in for quite a ride as those contracts traded in a range from .17-.55; an intraday swing of 223% The $45 Puts also made a move from .56-1.29, a slightly more subdued yet still very respectable 130%

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

We need to congratulate anyone who caught our flag of GBSN in yesterday’s premarket report, as the stock made a healthy intraday run from 4.60-6.10 that could have afforded traders gains of up to 33% on the day on the heels of some FDA-related news.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VLTC Recap & More

Voltari Corp. VLTC

A unique opportunity presented itself when billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn disclosed his increased position in VLTC (52% ownership) on April 1st. We tagged the stock in our premarket report that morning as it was gapping up, and have become more and more pleased with that decision as time goes on.

After witnessing a low of 2.18 the following day, it has been mostly northward movement as the stock has slowly but surely made its way to impressive new highs. We’ve been tracking it all along the way, with routine followup mentions on the 8th, 10th, 16th, and again in yesterday’s report.

During yesterday’s session VLTC made a nice move from a low of 8.75 to a new 52-week high of 10.41 at the close. It marked a healthy intraday run of 19%, and represents an overall increase of 377% from our observed low on April 2nd.

Anyone trading in this play has certainly thought of taking profits by this point, and reasonably so. That being said, with a high-profile investor like Icahn involved, we’ll have to be sure we don’t let VLTC slip off of our radars as we go forward.

When we finally do see a consolidation off of this historic run, we’ll immediately transition into bottom-watch mode and lay in wait for a subsequent rebound.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to give a quick update on PZOO, which as our readers are aware, we’ve been tracking pretty heavily in recent weeks. Like VLTC, it was also April 1st that we re-introduced this one into the mix. We’ve witnessed many intraday swings since then, that have offered multiple opportunities for successful trades.

Yesterday, the stock made its way from a daily low .0093 and spiked 18% to a new high of .011. That means that from the low of .0049 we observed on April 6th, PZOO had increased by a total of 124% It also closed at .0105; we’d like to see the stock work toward building a base of support at that key penny-level, however on any potential pullbacks we’ll want to see it hold support at or above the channel between the current 50DMA of .0074 and .008.

As we mentioned yesterday, we’re still rather “high” on marijuana-related stocks and PZOO remains one of our favorite ones, in its unique niche of medical cannabis testing/analysis.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MVIS, IBIO Recaps, Options Ideas & More

Monday’s Watchlist Movers

iBio, Inc. IBIO - A quick search of IBIO in our archives reveals a lengthy history of mentions. We have definitely seen some impressive moves from this play in the past. History tends to repeat itself, and did so once again as IBIO stood out on yesterday’s extended watchlist.

The stock made a solid intraday move, trading in a range from .72-.89. That was good for gains of up to 24%, and the move came on great-than-average volume. We’re going to keep a continued watch on this play; if it manages to break through its recent resistance area around 1.00-1.05, things could get very interesting from there.

Microvision, Inc. MVIS - This one appeared in yesterday’s gap-up watchlist, and it too would make a modest, yet solid move. The stock made a continual move-up in the first two hours of trading, rising from a low of 2.88 to a HOD of 3.44. That marked out an intraday gain of 19%

Morning Gapper Watchlist

These stocks are hitting our scanner today as they gap up in the premarket, and we’ve got options ideas corresponding to each:

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR has released top-line results on one of its studies, noting that the trials have met their primary endpoint. In light of that, the stock is up big in early trading this morning. This is going to be a situation we’ll want to monitor as the session commences.

Options Ideas: ESPR 04/17 $90 Calls (Last traded at 3.50) for a longer-term swing trade idea. For shorter-term day trading opportunities, we can look to play in-the-money Weekly Calls, in the event that any dip and rip scenarios present themselves.


American Airlines Group Inc. AAL announced today that it will now be listed on the S&P 500, and as a result, it’s trading up in the premarket. 

Options Idea:AAL 04/02 $55 Calls (Last traded at .23)


Apple, Inc. AAPL
is also opening up new avenues as it prepares to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It will replace AT&T(T) officially at the end of trading tomorrow. It too is gapping up in the premarket.

Options Idea: AAPL 04/02 $129 Calls (Last traded at 1.01)

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH

PPCH had already made a substantial move prior to our mentioning it in our daily report for the first time last Thursday. On that day we would witness a low of .0126, and in the few sessions since, the stock has begun to make yet another run.

Yesterday, PPCH topped out at a daily high of .027, which marks a 114% swing over our observed low.

Extended Watchlist: