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Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – Review

To kick things off this week, we are first going to highlight the fantastic performance of the options targets we selected in the Virgin Galactic chain in Thursday morning’s premarket report. We signaled the SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls, and while we had already witnessed multibag runs, all three sets in our designated range pushed the envelope on Friday.

The following ranges are two-session gains from Thuirsday’s low to their new Friday highs, and the total possible profits that were on the table over that span:

SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls
$18: 1.28-6.55 (+412%)
$18.50: .86-5.95 (+592%)
$19: .62-5.64 (+809%)

We had also added the SPCE Weekly $22-22.50 Calls to our watchlist on Friday morning, and those plays also produced significant gain opportunities on the day, which were as follows:

SPCE Weekly $22-22.50 Calls
$22: .66-2.75 (+317%)
$22.50: .52-2.25 (+333%)

Novavax, Inc. NVAX

It was less than two weeks ago on the morning of the 8th, that we highlighted our coverage of NVAX beginning in May, and lauded the highs that the stock had reached in that time. The stock had run from our observed low in May of 36.08 to an impressive 111.77 (+210%).

Following another week of solid sessions, one after the other, NVAX has now reached an incredible new high of 144.54. That works out to an increase of 301% in a shade over two months! Even those who had only caught our update on July 8th, could have caught NVAX as low as 93.48. From that point, Friday high comes to an upswing of 47%

Vystar, Inc. VYST

VYST is an OTC stock we caught for some really nice gains in the spring and recently tagged again in our report on July 9th. Shortly thereafter we watched as VYST ran from .0178 to a new high of .044 on Friday. That’s a gain of 147%

Like many OTC plays we’ve recently been attracted to, this one has made multiple distinct and noteworthy moves.

Fresh Options Idea: 
HAL Weekly $13-13.50 Calls
MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls

Extended Watchlist: