Home Depot & Other Updates, Fresh Ideas

Recapping Home Depot Calls, Other Options: 

As usual, our first order of business for the day is to provide tracking on our active options trading interests. This morning that includes the solid moves made by the Home Depot calls we signaled for observation in yesterday’s premarket watchlist. as well as some more new highs on a couple of the other plays on our radar this week.

Specifically, we are referring to the HD Weekly $370-375 Calls, the BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls, and the PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls. In the case of the HD’s, we got some fantastic intraday movement, and our pre-existing targets managed to tack on some impressive new highs.

Those movements and total possible options trading profits thus far, are as follows:

HD Weekly $370-375 Calls
$370: 10.00-24.45 (+145%)
$372.50: 8.50-22.00 (+159%)
$375: 7.15-19.51 (+173%)

BEKE 11/19 $17.50-20 Calls
$17.50: 1.94-7.40 (+281%)
$20: .65-5.00 (+669%)

PYPL 12/10 $210-225 Calls
$210: 4.00-10.50 (+163%)
$215: 2.88-7.78 (+170%)
$220: 2.05-5.60 (+173%)
$225: 1.45-4.00 (+176%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
BIDU Weekly $170-175 Calls
TJX Weekly $71-73 Calls
LOW Weekly $250-255 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

ULTA Options Review, OTC Runner & More

Winning Options Recap: 

On Friday morning, we were marveling at the performance of all of the excellent options ideas we floated to our readers last week, with nearly every signal we made yielding chances for sizable quick-strike gains.

We ended the week with two final options target suggestions, and unsurprisingly, we hit on both of those as well. Our interests were the ULTA Weekly $335-345 Calls, and the CRM Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls. ULTA was the favorite by a nose, but they both produced significant chances for intraday profit.

Here are the figures on the ranges and total possible gains on the table for those plays: 

ULTA Weekly $335-345 Calls
$335: 8.69-15.70 (+81%)
$337.50: 7.77-14.40 (+85%)
$340: 5.33-12.90 (+142%)
$342.50: 4.10-9.65 (+135%)
$345: 2.93-8.05 (+175%)

CRM Weekly $232.50-237.50 Calls

$232.50: 6.28-9.82 (+53%)
$235: 4.00-7.50 (+87%)
$237.50: 2.24-5.07 (+126%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

This morning we are going to signal a longer-term set of calls for NGM, which is searching for a bottom at the present time. When the inevitable rebound occurs, there is a massive $10 gap on the chart to the upside which could pave the way for a nice rebound play in the NGM 07/16 $15-17.50 Calls.

We’ll also watch the CAN 06/18 $7.50-10.00 Calls, the KIRK 06/18 $25-27.50 Calls, and the CLDR Weekly $15-16 Calls on the heels of the three companies’ earnings drops this morning.

Bonus Idea:
BABA Weekly $222.50-227.50 Calls

Good Gaming, Inc. GMER – One more brief note on another winning play for us- we signaled GMER in Friday’s extended watchlist and subsequently witnessed a pretty good performance from the stock. It traded in a range from .0461-.174, providing chances at huge gains of up to 277% on the day!

Extended Watchlist:

Retail Earnings Opportunities

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. CBRL – Recap: 

This morning we’re updating readers on the fresh options idea from yesterday. Just to give a heads up, this idea appeared in our report yesterday as Weekly calls, which was in error. The next expiration date on any existing CBRL options is June 18th, so we’re talking about the CBRL 06/18 $155-165 Calls.

Those fared quite well on the day despite three weeks remaining until their expiry. Here are the intraday gains they recorded:

CBRL 06/18 $155-165 Calls 
$155: 4.40-6.68 (+52%)
$160: 2.45-4.40 (+80%)
$165: 1.25-2.40 (+92%)

Based on premarket activity this morning, it appears as if CBRL may be preparing to gap up, and as a result we may see further advances in these contract sets. We’re going to want to continue to monitor their activity into June 18th.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Despite a general decrease in the number of daily earnings reporters, we’ve got a fair few retail giants dropping figures this morning, and we’ll venture a target for the SPY as well.

URBN Weekly $37-39 Calls
ANF Weekly $39-40.50 Calls
DKS Weekly $88-91 Calls 

SPY 05/26 $418-420 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: