Options Updates, Fresh Plays

Options Updates:

We’re going to circle back today to highlight the performances of the options ideas we alerted on Friday morning. We selected the PRGS 07/17 $40 Calls as well as the SNX 07/17 $115-120 Calls.

In both cases, we have seen some solid moves, and with more than two weeks remaining until expiration, we’ll certainly continue to monitor their progress. Here were the figures they posted yesterday: 

PRGS 07/17 $40 Calls
 .20-.80 (+400%)

SNX 07/17 $115-120 Calls
 4.64-9.50 (+180%)
$120: 2.74-7.50 (+214%)


Fresh Ideas:
MU 07/02 $50-51.50 Calls
CAG 07/02 $33.50-34.50 Calls

Ideanomics, Inc. IDEX

Yesterday morning we suggested that our readers give their attention to IDEX in sessions to come, and we got some modest yet notable first day results.

The stock traded up from a low of 1.65 and hit 2.30 on the day, marking an intraday swing of 39%  It managed to maintain well over half of its advances, closing with strength at 2.09. This interests us more than enough to continue tracking its progress.

The company provided an update on its large electric vehicle order in a fresh PR this morning (>> Read PR)

Extended Watchlist:

Big-Time Options Winners

Options Reviews

We got off to a very good start yesterday morning with our fresh options ideas. We’ll circle back to the longer term ideas later, but all of our weekly contracts produced nice gains as the markets saw a a healthy bull session following a brief early morning dip.

Here are the total possible profits on the day that were afforded by our targets. In the case of CGC and TLRY, premarket conditions today lead us to believe that we will see these gains extended even further: 

CGC Weekly $16-16.50 Calls
.25-.72 (+188%)
$16.50: .18-.55 (+205%)

TLRY Weekly $7-7.50 Calls
$7: .55-.99 (+80%)
$7.50: .36-.64 (+78%)

TSN Weekly $57-55 Puts
$57: .94-3.25 (+246%)
$56.50: .88-2.70 (+207%)
$56: .77-2.55 (+231%)
$55: .55-1.95 (+255%)

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Recap 

On Friday morning, we had also updated our options targets for the SPY, signaling the 05/04 $282-283 Calls, and those put up some really nice numbers into yesterday’s expiration that we wanted to relay this morning.

05/04 $282-283 Calls
$282: .25-1.95 (+680%)
$283: .09-1.09 (+1111%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CHGG 05/15 $45-55 Calls
GNMK 05/15 $10-15 Calls
PTON Weekly $34-35 Calls
SPY 05/06 $285-288 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HERO, Options Update & More

Hercules Offshore, Inc. HERO

We had HERO figured for a bottom-watch play, and began mentioning the stock a couple of weeks ago for the first time since last summer. After seeing a significant gap-down to start the week, the stock has responded by posting a couple green candles on the chart.

HERO is trending off of a multiple bottom, and is now going to be on our list as a potential momentum play. From the included chart below you can plainly see the kind of volatile swings the stock is capable of making. We’ll be on the lookout for it to first fill in that gap, followed by a breach of the 200DMA. Should that occur, we could see another series of gains resembling those from February and March.

Computer Sciences Corp. CSC – Options Update

Next we want to update our readers on an extended-term options idea we submitted last Wednesday. Despite already seeing significant intraweek moves from contracts within our highlighted range of CSC 06/17 $44-48 Calls, yesterday brought along further opportunities. The gains perhaps weren’t of the magnitude that we’re accustomed to seeing in many of our options plays, but they were solid chances for profits nonetheless:

$45 Calls – Range: 3.20-4.20 – Max Gain: 31%
$47 Calls – Range: 1.65-2.80 – Max Gain: 70%
$48 Calls – Range: 1.25-2.20 – Max Gain: 76%

CafePress, Inc. PRSS

Lastly, another quick idea to add to the mix in PRSS. Aside from the chart being technically attractive, trading near relative lows at a double-bottom, we’re also interested in PRSS for the Form-4 that was filed last week showing a major investor picking up a sizable chunk to add to his position (>>View Filing). We’re going to add this to our own working watchlist and observe it closely in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist: