Friday’s Runners, Today’s Fresh Targets

Options Review: 

As usual, we’re going to make our first order of business this morning, the highlighting of our options plays from Friday and what was performing. Three out of the five sets of ideas we formulated in Friday morning’s premarket report recorded notable intraday gains for us.

Those winning targets were the DOCU Weekly $190-175 Puts, the SMAR Weekly $65-70 Calls, and the MRVL Weekly $79-85 Calls. and while the gains weren’t earth-shattering, there were certainly plenty of strong intraday profit chances which could have been seized upon, to the tune of the following moves:

DOCU Weekly $190-175 Puts
 35.01-58.12 (+66%)
$185: 29.82-53.30 (+79%)
$180: 24.24-42.00 (+73%)
$175: 20.04-42.97 (+114%)

SMAR Weekly $65-70 Calls
$65: 4.60-7.24 (+57%)
$70: 3.04-4.00 (+32%)

MRVL Weekly $79-85 Calls
$79: 6.53-9.00 (+38%)
$80: 5.06-8.60 (+70%)
$85: 1.53-4.50 (+194%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

The premarket earnings calendar is rather light this morning, but we did hash out some ideas with two out of the three reporters, as well as target some daily SPY Calls, as the markets appear to be gearing up to pare losses from Friday’s down session.

SAIC Weekly $85-90 Calls
DLHC Weekly $12.50 Calls
SPY 12/06 $453-454 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration carries higher risk, and should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist:

Multibag Gains Coming Left and Right

Galaxy Next Generation, Inc. GAXY

To kick things off today, here is an OTC play we’ve recently been tracking that has absolutely blown its top.  Our initial tag of GAXY came on July 14th, and we came back for updates a few times throughout the course of August, and while it was already an impressive play, the new highs it has hit this week have pushed it to another level.

Our observed low on GAXY subsequent to our first alert on the stock came in at ,0025. After several weeks of positive movement, GAXY has now hit a new high of .0599. Overall that counts for an exceptional increase of 2296%

Options Review: 

We certainly got things right with yesterday’s fresh options ideas, putting forth targets for CRM, PLAN, and DKS. Absolutely everything worked out, regardless of which chain or strikes within our designated ranges were chosen.

Here are the single session gains that we witnessed on the day:  

CRM Weekly $235-245 Calls
 15.00-43.00 (+187%)
$240: 10.75-37.00 (+244%)
$245: 8.32-32.41 (+289%)

PLAN 09/18 $57.50-65 Calls
 3.73-6.30 (+69%)
$60: 2.97-5.10 (+72%)
$65: 1.57-2.70 (+72%)

DKS Weekly $51-52 Calls
 1.15-3.50 (+204%)
$51.50: 1.00-2.95 (+195%)
$52: .85-2.55 (+200%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
OSPN 10/16 $22.50-25 Calls
BURL Weekly $195-197.50 Calls
TIF Weekly $122-123 Calls
DG Weekly $205 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Big Winners, More New Ideas

iBio, Inc IBIO – Update

It was just this past Thursday morning that we were mentioning our great success in tracking IBIO to multibag gains, beginning when we first highlighted it as a potential coronavirus play on March 17th. We subsequently observed a low of .76, and as of our followup last week, it had produced an increase of over 400%

That was before yesterday, in which IBIO took the #3 top gainer spot on the NASDAQ, and broke out to yet another impressive new high of 7.43. That extends the gain we’ve seen on this play since our initial alert to a mammoth 878%  Even as other stocks representing COVID-19 vaccine candidates have been flagging of late, IBIO has continued its impressive uptrend, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.

Microsoft Inc. MSFT

One of our options ideas from yesterday morning’s report fared quite well during the session, and based on the way things look in the premarket today, we expect to see further increases in our target contracts.

Those were the MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls and they got off to a really good start with some solid intraday gains: 

MSFT Weekly $205-210 Calls
$205: 6.70-11.30 (+69%)
$207.50: 5.65-10.10 (+79%)
$19: 4.75-8.75 (+84%)

We also want to roll up to include the MSFT Weekly $212.50-215 Calls in our watchlist.

Fresh Options Ideas:
PM Weekly $74.50-76 Calls
LMT Weekly $370-380 Calls
IBM Weekly $130-132 Calls
PLD 08/21 $100-105 Calls

Rising Biosciences, Inc. RBII

Another mention from yesterday morning’s premarket report was RBII, and that too exhibited a very nice move on the day.

We have been bringing some of our focus back to OTC stocks quite a bit more in 2020, and this is another in a growing line of solid calls on that front. The stock traded from a low of .003 mand went on to hit .0068, for an intraday rip of 127%

Extended Watchlist: