BMSN, AMBS & Extended Watchlist

Yesterday in reference to BMSN, we stated that “we are expecting to see a pullback at some point. In such an event, we’d like to see the support hold off of the 50DMA of .001.”  Sure enough, that’s exactly what we saw, as the stock bounced off of .0011 before closing at .0018. Not only did BMSN follow our prediction to the letter, but it managed a 64% intraday gain off of the bounce as well.Accumulation remains at an all-time high, with close to three-quarters of a million dollars changing hands yesterday, a record-setting volume day for the stock. This leads us to believe that there is certainly something left in the tank for BMSN, and we will continue to monitor the Level 2 as we do with every ticker that’s high on our watchlist, to make sure that support holds in the .001’s.


Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

AMBS had another great day on Wednesday, raking in some more serious gains. We observed a new high of .195, on heavy momentum, much like BMSN. Yesterday was the third highest volume day the stock has logged in the past two months, with $4.5M in dollar volume. When we see momentum in a high-flyer like this, it’s easy to get excited, yet we remain vigilant. It’s important not to let greed run the table, and protect those profits where you can, after all, we’ve already seen cumulative gains of 1047% from AMBS.


Extended Watchlist: