XIDE, RAYS, PLUG, XXII & Extended Watchlist

Exide Technologies XIDE
Our bottom bounce call of XIDE yesterday morning came just in the nick of time, as the stock opened at .1451, and saw a low of .13, before going on to hit a high of .2147, and ending the day at .195. All in all, a good play that afforded us a chance at intraday gains of up to

It is important to remember that this is not a long-term play. The company has filed for Chapter 11, and its future is uncertain at best. No, we were in this one for a quick dead-cat bounce, and that’s just what we got.

Raystream Inc. RAYS
RAYS also made a nice intraday run yesterday, from its low of .0035, to a high of .0057 we were looking at possible gains of 63% That’s in addition to the 200%+ in gains that we’ve already seen from RAYS within the past few trading sessions.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG
PLUG came off of the extended watchlist yesterday to rack in some modest yet respectable profits, gaining 24% on the day. We’ve been pounding the table on PLUG since February 15th, and since that time we’ve seen a low of .1155. To yesterday’s all-time high of .475, represents a 311% move.

22nd Century Group, Inc. XXII
Another play from yesterday’s extended watchlist that fared pretty well was XXII. It made a nice 19% intraday spike on more than 5X its 3mo. average volume before closing the day flat.

Extended Watchlist:

CETV, MADI, RAYS, APRI, XIDE & Extended Watchlist

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. CETV
CETV was as low as 2.67 following our first alert a month ago today, in which we caught CETV off of our Form 4 watchlist. It went on to touch a high of 3.89, a 46% gain. For roughly the past two weeks, CETV has seen a period of consolidation, and appears to have found a base at last Thursday’s low of 3.17.

The 20DMA of 3.26 is our current support level, and the 50DMA 3.56 is where resistance currently sits.

We are still confident that CETV will prevail in the long-term, granted the sizable position held by broadcast giant Time Warner.

Raystream Inc. RAYS
RAYS provided us with a quick early morning opportunity for gains, dipping to as low as .0053 before tearing upward to .0148, a possible intraday gain of 179% After it pulled back off of that surge, we also saw subsequent bounces from .0088-.0115, and then again from .0052-.0069.

Madison Systems, Inc. MADI
MADI came off of our extended watchlist on Friday to open up at .035, and make a 60% move to .056. Yet another reminder of many we’ve gotten in the past, to pay every bit as much attention to the plays on our extended watchlists, as we do to our main focal points.

Apricus Biosciences, Inc. APRI
At 2.89×2.91 gapping up premarket, APRI currently up 13% on over 300K shares traded. There appears to be a huge gap to fill on the chart up to 3.30, so we are going to want to monitor closely this morning, as the stock seems to be gearing up for a strong open.

Exide Technologies XIDE
This stock hit our scanners this morning as it has been testing new 52-week lows. We are circling XIDE like vultures, and are going to want to watch carefully for any signs of a reversal, because the bounce resulting from the recent bottoming out could be significant. It could even happen as soon as this week, so keep an eye peeled for potential bottom bounce opportunities.

Extended Watchlist:

EGCT, RAYS, STWG & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

We’ve been a long time follower of EGCT. Some of our long-term readers will remember a report we released way back in September of last year. Ecologic had just announced its plans to aquire ACE Rent-a-Car. As yet, this has not taken place, although we are hoping to hear word of its status in today’s conference call.

During the call, CEO William Nesbitt will provide an overview of the Ecologic Car Rental business, the Company’s Ecologic Products Ecologic Shine brand and the Ecologic Transportation Environmental Transportation market.

Start Time: 11:00am PDT (2:00pm EDT)
Participant Dial-In: 1-800-914-8405
Access Code: 2475741

Over the past nine months, EGCT stock has subsided, touching a 52-week low (.101) a few weeks ago. We could be looking a triple-digit gainer from these levels, if it can return to last year’s prices, so we are putting EGCT back on our watchlist.

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS is going on our watchlist today as well, as a bigtime momentum play. This stock gained more than 1000% yesterday.

Whenever we track a high-flyer like this, we are always keeping in mind that huge runs of this nature are virtually certain to be followed by a significant pullback, leading to a nice bounce opportunity. We’ll be scanning RAYS continuously until that occurs.

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG

STWG made another step toward going current on OTCMarkets.com yesterday, filing an attorney letter with respect to current information. We are expecting their concerted efforts to go current to come to fruition in the near future. We want to continuously monitor the stock for a status update.

Extended Watchlist: