EGCT, RAYS, STWG & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

We’ve been a long time follower of EGCT. Some of our long-term readers will remember a report we released way back in September of last year. Ecologic had just announced its plans to aquire ACE Rent-a-Car. As yet, this has not taken place, although we are hoping to hear word of its status in today’s conference call.

During the call, CEO William Nesbitt will provide an overview of the Ecologic Car Rental business, the Company’s Ecologic Products Ecologic Shine brand and the Ecologic Transportation Environmental Transportation market.

Start Time: 11:00am PDT (2:00pm EDT)
Participant Dial-In: 1-800-914-8405
Access Code: 2475741

Over the past nine months, EGCT stock has subsided, touching a 52-week low (.101) a few weeks ago. We could be looking a triple-digit gainer from these levels, if it can return to last year’s prices, so we are putting EGCT back on our watchlist.

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS is going on our watchlist today as well, as a bigtime momentum play. This stock gained more than 1000% yesterday.

Whenever we track a high-flyer like this, we are always keeping in mind that huge runs of this nature are virtually certain to be followed by a significant pullback, leading to a nice bounce opportunity. We’ll be scanning RAYS continuously until that occurs.

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG

STWG made another step toward going current on yesterday, filing an attorney letter with respect to current information. We are expecting their concerted efforts to go current to come to fruition in the near future. We want to continuously monitor the stock for a status update.

Extended Watchlist: