AAPL, TSLA Forward Splits

Options Review:

Out of our options ideas in Friday’s report, the two targets that would have paid off the most were the WDAY Weekly $235-245 Calls and the DELL Weekly $62.50-65 Calls
and especially in the WDAY day, we saw considerable multibag moves on the day.

So we’re going to kick off this fresh trading week by going over the total possible gains on those plays, which were as follows:  

WDAY Weekly $235-245 Calls
 5.54-13.78 (+300%)
$240: 2.36-8.90 (+277%)
$245: .38-3.99 (+950%)

DELL Weekly $62.50-65 Calls
 3.85-5.09 (+32%)
$65: 2.40-3.36 (+40%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ll go ahead and keep the options train chugging along the tracks this morning.  Despite not having a very full boat on the earnings calendar today, TSLA and AAPL have both undergone forward splits today on the heels of setting new record highs. We are going to formulate a couple of ideas to correspond with the new PPS values.

TSLA Weekly $447-455 Calls
AAPL Weekly $125-127.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: