AAPL, EVRM, AUY & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL Options

On Friday we talked about our interest in the $435 and $440 Calls, and the day’s session certainly provided us with significant opportunity. The $435′s were changing hands for as little as 2.34, and went back over 4.00, and the $440′s went for as low as .60 before running to 1.30 in just the first hour of trading. The $435′s then went on to provide us with a couple of bounce opportunities over the remainder of the day.

Evermedia Group, Inc. EVRM

EVRM came off of Friday’s Extended Watchlist to provide us a couple of chances for modest gains. The stock started the day by trading in a range from .0014-.0016, then dipped back to .0012 before closing at .0014.

Yamana Gold Inc. AUY
We are putting AUY on watch this morning as a potential bottom bounce play. The stock is trading around its 52-week lows, thus we want to be on the lookout for a possible reversal.

Unlike a lot of the OTC gold stocks we cover which are usually beginning-stage companies, this NYSE-traded company is engaged in fairly heavy production. They recently reported a 4% year-over-year increase in gold production for the First Quarter, pulling over 248,000 ounces of gold from the earth, yielding revenues of more than a half-billion dollars.

Couple the recent beating taken by gold, and the earnings and revenue (while impressive in and of themselves) failing to meet Wall Street’s expectations, we can see why the stock has fallen. We also want to be there to see the recovery as well, so we will be continuously montiring AUY for the foreseeable future.

Extended Watchlist:

CBAI | Cord Blood America, Inc. & Extended Watchlist

Cord Blood America, Inc. CBAI

 The biotech/biomed field remains one of our favorite sectors- for those of you that remember, ENTB and BMSN, belonging to similar industries, both did well for us recently. After appearing in yesterday’s extended watchlist, CBAI opened at .004, and saw a low of .0039 before breaking a key area of resistance at .0055, and running to a high of .0062. Total possible intraday gains on CBAI yesterday stood at 59%

We are going to keep this one on our radars; the next resistance should come between .008 and .0093. We’d like to see that previous resistance level of .0055 to hold as a future level of support for us to remain bullish on CBAI.


Extended Watchlist:
ECUI, VOIS, MINE, CLNP, GNCP, CERP, FSLR (bounce opportunity off of earnings gap down)

SWVI, ESWB & Extended Watchlist

Swingplane Ventures Inc. SWVI

We’ve been tracking SWVI since January 23rd, when the stock was trading at just a fraction of what it is today. We saw it run from a low of .1843 that day, and continue to trend upward in the weeks that followed, reaching a high of .84 yesterday. That impressive range represents a potential profit of 356% for ourselves and our readers, so congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage of that incredible opportunity.


Esio Water and Beverage Development Corp. ESWB

ESWB is another stock we’ve had our eye on for the past few weeks, but are mentioning it for the first time today. We like ESWB for the interesting product they offer.

The ESIO Beverage System is one of the more cutting-edge offerings that we’ve found in the OTC Food and Beverage Sector in quite awhile. Through the use of patented delivery system called Esio-Paks, and mixing technology in the system itself, combined with always on, always ready supplies of hot and cold water, the Esio system allows users the ability to enjoy a wide range of hot or cold beverages on demand. The unit takes up about as much counter space as the average coffee maker, and has the convenience and versatility of a Kuerig machine, but with the added ability to provide cold beverages as well.

We definitely want to keep an eye on this newly-trading stock moving forward, because a machine like the Esio Beverage System could really take off quickly. Especially when considering the fact that it is already available at Walmart stores. Expect to see ESWB remain on our watchlist for months to come.


Extended Watchlist:

SPWR, BIOF, PEIX & Extended Watchlist

SunPower Corp. SPWR

SPWR made a move of over 20% yesterday, so we wanted to add it to our watchlist today. We like a good alternative energy play, especially the way a hot-trading big board in the sector can influence the performance of other related stocks. We find that traders tend to follow the natural trends in the alternative energy field, so today, in addition to SPWR, we will be focusing on a few other energy stocks that could be in for a price boost.


BioFuel Energy Corp. BIOF &  Pacific Ethanol, Inc. PEIX

We’ve grown accustomed to mentioning these two stocks in the same breath. These ethanol plays have brought us several rounds of gains in the past, and they tend to trend together. With SPWR running yesterday we were sure to direct our attention toward BIOF and PEIX as well, and sure enough, both finished out the day in the green.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

PLUG is an energy play that went on an extreme backslide yesterday, tanking to .12 from the previous day’s close at .25. While remaining very cautious, there may be a bottom-bounce opportunity with PLUG, so we are presenting it today as a potential recovery play.



For a more in-depth look at another alternative energy sector, solar power, head over and take a look at this message board which discusses a lot of different solar stocks.

Extended Watchlist:

CERP, SFOR, SCXN & Extended Watchlist

Cereplast, Inc. CERP

Yesterday morning we made sure to give everyone a heads up on the momentum and volume flowing through CERP, and we sincerely hope people were paying attention. The stock had one heck of a trading session, gapping up to at the open, touched a low of .0451 (just above the level we wanted to see hold as support) before trending up steadily to close one tick below the six-cent high of day at .0599. That represents a nifty intraday move of 33%

We’ve also pointed out a few key features on the chart below:


Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. SFOR

SFOR was included in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and went on to turn in a great performance. Like CERP, SFOR gapped up in the morning to .003, and closed at its high of day .005 for a 67% rip. It broke a key resistance level at .0048. The next hurdle is at .0054 (100DMA), followed by .0059 and .0063, recent swing highs from last year.

Should the stock fail to make it past those areas of resistance, we will expect a pullback, however, the volume this week has totaled nearly 50M shares, which indicates that there is a chance for us to see the current momentum spill over into next week.


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

We’ve had this play on our long-term watchlist; we’ve done a profile, and a video chart in recent months. If you read the profile and watch the previous video, the stock has done everything we wanted it to do. It held support and has reached a new high, and as long as it continues to make higher highs and higher lows, we will remain bullish on SCXN.

We’ve also prepared an updated video chart which you can view by clicking below:


Extended Watchlist: