SWVI, ESWB & Extended Watchlist

Swingplane Ventures Inc. SWVI

We’ve been tracking SWVI since January 23rd, when the stock was trading at just a fraction of what it is today. We saw it run from a low of .1843 that day, and continue to trend upward in the weeks that followed, reaching a high of .84 yesterday. That impressive range represents a potential profit of 356% for ourselves and our readers, so congratulations to anyone who was able to take advantage of that incredible opportunity.


Esio Water and Beverage Development Corp. ESWB

ESWB is another stock we’ve had our eye on for the past few weeks, but are mentioning it for the first time today. We like ESWB for the interesting product they offer.

The ESIO Beverage System is one of the more cutting-edge offerings that we’ve found in the OTC Food and Beverage Sector in quite awhile. Through the use of patented delivery system called Esio-Paks, and mixing technology in the system itself, combined with always on, always ready supplies of hot and cold water, the Esio system allows users the ability to enjoy a wide range of hot or cold beverages on demand. The unit takes up about as much counter space as the average coffee maker, and has the convenience and versatility of a Kuerig machine, but with the added ability to provide cold beverages as well.

We definitely want to keep an eye on this newly-trading stock moving forward, because a machine like the Esio Beverage System could really take off quickly. Especially when considering the fact that it is already available at Walmart stores. Expect to see ESWB remain on our watchlist for months to come.


Extended Watchlist: