CBAI | Cord Blood America, Inc. & Extended Watchlist

Cord Blood America, Inc. CBAI

┬áThe biotech/biomed field remains one of our favorite sectors- for those of you that remember, ENTB and BMSN, belonging to similar industries, both did well for us recently. After appearing in yesterday’s extended watchlist, CBAI opened at .004, and saw a low of .0039 before breaking a key area of resistance at .0055, and running to a high of .0062. Total possible intraday gains on CBAI yesterday stood at 59%

We are going to keep this one on our radars; the next resistance should come between .008 and .0093. We’d like to see that previous resistance level of .0055 to hold as a future level of support for us to remain bullish on CBAI.


Extended Watchlist:
ECUI, VOIS, MINE, CLNP, GNCP, CERP, FSLR (bounce opportunity off of earnings gap down)