Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Yesterday’s Huge Session & More

Sky Solar Holdings Ltd. SKYS – Update

SKYS has been nothing short of spectacular since we introduced it in Thursday morning’s premarket report. On the first day we saw it run from 1.30 to 2.58 (+98%), then on Friday another big pop from 2.44-5.50 (+125%), but the fun wasn’t over yet!

Yesterday, after yet another morning reminder to our readers, SKYS would once again record higher lows and higher highs en route to a daily run from 4.32 to 6.46, marking a shot at up to 50% in gains on the day.

The new high also represented a simply awesome 397% swing over our observed low of 1.30 on Thursday morning! We’ll remain interested for as long as the stock continues to build higher base levels of support.


Towerstream Corp. TWER

We submitted TWER in the same report as SKYS on Thursday as they both appeared to be prime bottom-play opportunities, and it too has put on an extended show for us that has spanned all three sessions since that initial alert at a low of .1099.

Yesterday’s performance was very good, with TWER touching a low of .14 before hitting .20, a move of 43% and a three-day total upswing of 82% The stock closed just a penny below the high at .19, so a continuation of momentum is certainly a possibility from here as well.


Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. SFOR

We also want to track back quickly to SFOR; another call we made on Thursday, when it was trading as low as .0007. Yesterday, the stock reached a new high of .0015, which registers as a three-session swing of 114%

Aeropostale, Inc. ARO

We urged our readers to heed the warning signs presented by the ARO chart yesterday morning, which we pointed out as being extremely bullish in nature. We sincerely hope that folks were paying attention, because it turned out to be a heck of a call.

From an early low of .23, the stock took off and subsequently reached a high of .35; a 52% intraday pop that we feel is quite noteworthy coming from a NYSE play in this price range. It also saw a bullish close just below its high of day, so we’ll have to reserve a continued space on our watchlists for ARO.

Applied Energetics, Inc. AERG

AERG was included on yesterday morning’s watchlist, and it too put up a bullish performance on the afternoon. After a subdued start, the stock heated up toward the end of the day and ran into the close. The daily range on the stock was .024-.041, giving traders a chance at some nice gains of up 71%

Twitter, Inc. TWTR – Options Idea

In addition to paying close attention to TWTR stock, which just cracked through its 50DMA yesterday, we will also be looking to possibly take advantage of the options chain. We’ll have our sights set on TWTR Weekly $17.50 & $18 Calls  for daytrading/swing trade opportunities through the remainder of the week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SKYS Update, New Ideas & More

Sky Solar Holdings Ltd. SKYS – Update

SKYS was part of a bottom watchlist we put together and published in our premarket report on Thursday, and that morning from a low of 1.30 to 2.58 we witnessed a 98% spike.

We suggested that our readers leave SKYS on their radar on Friday morning, and it was no April Fools trick! The stock bested its performance from the previous session by a decent margin as it traded in a range from 2.44-5.50, an intraday rip of 125% The stock traded massive volume, and was recorded as the top gainer for the day for the entire market!

As of Friday’s new high, our total observed upswing on SKYS in just two days has been a spectacular 323% so congrats to any of our followers who were able to snag a piece of the action!  SKYS serves as a shining example of why we look to stocks that have been beaten back terribly. Recovery-plays are, historically, among some of the most successful picks that we make when the timing is right. The timing was perfect here as is effectively demonstrated by the following chart snapshot without the need for annotation.


Towerstream Corp. TWER was also part of Thursday’s bottom watchlist, and it too has posted two consecutive sessions of northerly momentum. While not seeing gains at the magnitude of the previously mentioned play, from our observed low of .1099, the stock returned to .17, a respectable overnight gain of 55%

Aeropostale, Inc. ARO

The ARO chart is filled with bullish indicators as we’ve pointed out below, thus the stock will become a point of keen focus for us in coming sessions. Not only does it qualify as a prime potential bottom-play, but there is a cavernous gap on the chart, the filling of which would spell double-bag gains or better from the current level.

More possible bottom-plays to watch as we kick off the new trading week include ZFGN, TXMD, LNCO & LINE

Novint Technologies, Inc. NVNT

We’ve also got an update on the chatroom call from Thursday’s session that came via the famous DJ, and allowed us a chance at gains of more than 1000%

Readers of our report on Friday morning, even having missed that epic first opportunity, were still treated to a chance at healthy returns on the day as the stock ran from an early low of .025 to a new high of .071. That marked an intraday swing of 184% on a brain-melting 671X its three month average volume!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FREE, DRL, BAA & More

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

After we brought FREE to our readers in last Thursday’s report, the stock was trading as low as .675. It turned out to be a good bottom call for us, as we have now seen two consecutive days of higher lows, and yesterday FREE attained a high of .91 into the close.

That marked a two session move up of 35% and as the stock closed at the high of day, we’re going to want to monitor FREE for momentum carryover into today. We’ll also be looking for another session of higher lows and higher highs to signify that the uptrend remains on-track.

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

We’ve been tracking DRL since June 9th, (Trading at a low of 3.53) and in that span, we’ve seen some significant movement from this stock.

Last Thursday, in an update on DRL we mentioned that we’d pay careful attention to the stock “over the next handful of trading days.” That turned out to be a good idea, as we’d observe a low of 7.08 on Friday, and a subsequent high of 8.14 during yesterday’s session, a solid increase of 15%

Counting from the initial low we observed in DRL in June, yesterday’s high represented a gain of 130%

Banro Corp. BAA

We have a potential bottom-bounce play in BAA this morning. We caught this one on a routine scan and noticed how it has taken a huge dive over the past few weeks. After closing at .479 on 07/09, the stock came all the way down to close at .181 this past Friday.

The stock has begun to find support and bounce off of its base over the past couple of sessions, so we want to keep a close eye on BAA moving forward.

Yesterday’s Extended Watchlist Movers

We also had a couple of plays off of yesterday’s ‘EW’ that fared well.

TROV made a nice move from a low of 3.75, on up to 4.78, an intraday gain of 27%

MOBI also gained some ground as it traded in a range from 7.47-8.60, for possible gains of 15%

Extended Watchlist: