Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MNGA News, New Options Ideas & More

Fresh Options Ideas

As we head into the end of another excitement-filled week, we’ve zeroed in on some options ideas for daytrading that could yield positive results. Friday is always an interesting time to trade weekly options; premiums are lowered significantly due to time decay, creating just the kind of high-risk, high-reward environment for which we are always on the lookout.

We have extensively used the options chains of all of the following high-profile stocks to bank enormous gains in the past (PBR Archive, AAPL Archive, NFLX Archive):

Netflix, Inc. NFLX – When we last touched upon NFLX the stock was trading in the high-$300 to $400 range, and since then it has made a monstrous move to its current base in the high-$500’s.

The stock appears to want to gap up this morning into the $600+ range; we’re going to be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip scenario, and as usual, we’ll provide a range where we think the heaviest action will fall- in this case we’re going to monitor NFLX Weekly $595-612.50 Calls.

Strategies may require adjustment on-the-fly as trading kicks off; we’ll start off with in-the-money calls, keeping in mind that we’ll need to roll up our strike prices, should the stock continue to run.


Apple, Inc. AAPL – It’s been some time since we ventured into Apple territory. To close out the week, we’re going to be monitoring the Weekly $128 and $129 Calls for potential quick-strike opportunities.


Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – This old-time favorite has been on a steady incline since March, and recently has been flirting with the $10-level. That has made the PBR Weekly $10 Calls good for intraday flips all week long, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the same were true today. We’ll need to see the stock hold support at or above 9.85 on any pullbacks in order to remain interested.

MagneGas Corp. MNGA

We want to keep a sharp watch over MNGA which is gapping up on the heels of this morning’s big announcement of a contract with a branch of the US Military.

The company also launched a new website earlier this week that you can check out here:

Banro Corp. BAA

We also want to quickly pat ourselves on the back for the timely tag of BAA that we placed in yesterday’s extended watchlist. It was the first time the stock has appeared in our reports in almost a year, and it produced the chance for a nice intraday gain.

From an early low of .2991, BAA traded up to a high of .353, a respectable 18% jump. We’ll keep our eyes on this one into next week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ACRX, DSCO & More

Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA – Options

Yesterday, those of our readers following our recent coverage of TSLA were once again presented with opportunities coming out of the 05/22 $230-240 Calls that we’ve been monitoring since Friday. TSLA registered a higher high and a higher low for the fifth consecutive session, topping out at 248.30. As a result, the total possible gains on our initial calls were pushed even further into the green, so we wanted to provide an update on those figures:

$230 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 6.85 – Yesterday’s High: 17.95 – Max Gain: 162%

$232.50 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 5.32 – Yesterday’s High: 16.90 – Max Gain: 217%

$235 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 5.96 – Yesterday’s High: 13.95 – Max Gain: 134%

$237.50 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 3.16 – Yesterday’s High: 12.00  – Max Gain: 280%

$240 Calls  – Friday’s Low: 3.84 – Yesterday’s High: 10.50 – Max Gain: 173%

These moves are a perfect example of what draws us to options trading; with just a 6% increase in TSLA stock, we’ve witnessed huge gains across the board in the options chain. These contracts don’t expire until next Friday, so we’ll keep our fingers on TSLA’s pulse until that time.

AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACRX

Popping up on our scanner this morning is a play that has both an interesting chart as well as a blockbuster PR out today that is leading to a gap-up in premarket trading (3.30-3.80’s).

We’re catching the stock as it comes up off of a relative bottom, and as we point out on the snapshot below, there are several attractive features of the current ACRX chart.

Couple that with this morning’s revelation of a contract the company has struck with the US Dept. of Defense, and ACRX becomes instantly worthy of our attention as the week draws to a close.

Discovery Laboratories, Inc. DSCO

Speaking of pharma stocks with fresh news, DCSO is also cropping up on our scanner this morning. Like the aforementioned play, this morning/s PR is resulting in a gap-up, and we’ll want to have our eyes peeled for potential advantageous activity on the chart once the session commences.

According to the release, Phase II testing of its AEROSURF® product has yielded “encouraging safety and physiological data suggest that aerosolized KL4 surfactant can be delivered to the lung of premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome”

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FREE, DRL, BAA & More

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

After we brought FREE to our readers in last Thursday’s report, the stock was trading as low as .675. It turned out to be a good bottom call for us, as we have now seen two consecutive days of higher lows, and yesterday FREE attained a high of .91 into the close.

That marked a two session move up of 35% and as the stock closed at the high of day, we’re going to want to monitor FREE for momentum carryover into today. We’ll also be looking for another session of higher lows and higher highs to signify that the uptrend remains on-track.

Doral Financial Corp. DRL

We’ve been tracking DRL since June 9th, (Trading at a low of 3.53) and in that span, we’ve seen some significant movement from this stock.

Last Thursday, in an update on DRL we mentioned that we’d pay careful attention to the stock “over the next handful of trading days.” That turned out to be a good idea, as we’d observe a low of 7.08 on Friday, and a subsequent high of 8.14 during yesterday’s session, a solid increase of 15%

Counting from the initial low we observed in DRL in June, yesterday’s high represented a gain of 130%

Banro Corp. BAA

We have a potential bottom-bounce play in BAA this morning. We caught this one on a routine scan and noticed how it has taken a huge dive over the past few weeks. After closing at .479 on 07/09, the stock came all the way down to close at .181 this past Friday.

The stock has begun to find support and bounce off of its base over the past couple of sessions, so we want to keep a close eye on BAA moving forward.

Yesterday’s Extended Watchlist Movers

We also had a couple of plays off of yesterday’s ‘EW’ that fared well.

TROV made a nice move from a low of 3.75, on up to 4.78, an intraday gain of 27%

MOBI also gained some ground as it traded in a range from 7.47-8.60, for possible gains of 15%

Extended Watchlist: