Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ADAT, Options Recaps & More

Authentidate Holding Corp. ADAT

Despite turbulent overall conditions, to this point we’ve succeeded in weeding out at least one big winner each day this week, and yesterday’s was most assuredly ADAT. We tagged this stock after noticing some unusual premarket activity, and it proceeded to break out immediately following the opening bell.

We witnessed a big-time surge from a low of .15 all the way up to .55 in the first 35 minutes of the session. That’s an eyebrow-raising 267% rip! Big cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to ride that massive wave of momentum to quick intraday profits.

Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. BONT

We called BONT as a bottom-watch play in Friday’s premarket report, noticing it testing new annual lows, and described it as being generally undervalued.

Our instincts proved to be quite accurate; the stock found its ultimate low of 2.89 during the next session on Monday, and followed that up with a tremendous rebound yesterday. The stock ran back to touch a high of 4.15, representing a session-over-session swing of 44%

Moving forward, we’ll look for BONT to continue to build higher levels of support. The stock will need to maintain above yesterday’s low  to retain our immediate interest, but remember, we like to begin to monitor retail stocks like this one more heavily as schools go back in session and the holiday season rapidly approaches.

Options Ideas – Updates

We’ve got to update our subscribers on the performance of the options ideas we’ve been tracking this week for the second straight day. We zeroed in on the performance of Weekly UVXY $49 Calls and Weekly SPY $190 Puts, which we had already seen make considerable moves on Monday, and the opportunities just kept coming. Just look at the kind of gains that were offered up:

UVXY $49 Calls  – Daily Range: 5.00-19.30 – Max Gain: 286%

SPY $190 Puts – Daily Range: 1.10-4.77 – Max Gain: 334%

The markets are gapping up this morning, so we’ll be on the lookout for a possible selloff from profit-taking followed by a subsequent rebound, for the chance at added opportunities in these plays as we progress through midweek.

Extended Watchlist:
ABGB(Gapping Up, Gaps to Fill on Chart), GSAT and GASL(52-Week Lows)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CRGP Recap & More

Calissio Resources Group, Inc. CRGP

Amidst one of the biggest market backslides in years, we were still able to root out a triple-digit gainer from among the chaos. We tagged CRGP in our premarket extended watchlist as a momentum play based on the activity it recorded at the end of last week.

CRGP had enough strength and interest from the trading community to barrel its way from a daily low of .005, cracking through the elusive penny-mark, and setting a high-of-day at .0118. That represents an intraday pop of 136%, and it happened in conjunction with more than 9X the 3-month average volume of shares changing hands on the day.

Following its nice run, the stock pulled back to .0059 into the close, and we will be on the lookout for the possibility that it needs to come back a bit further to fill the gap on the chart from Friday’s close of .0045. So it’s from that level that we’ll look for possible bounce-play opportunities, should CRGP continue to consolidate.

Options Review

With the volatility caused by current market conditions, there was money to be made on both sides of the fence over the course of the day with the general options ideas we offered in our morning report, which were SPY In-the-Money Puts, and UVXY Calls. Here’s an idea of the kind of gains that those selections made available during yesterday’s session:

SPY $190 Puts – Range: 1.48-5.34 – Max Gain: 260%
UVXY $49 Calls – Range: 7.21-19.00 – Max Gain: 164%

We expect the current market to continue to provide similar action and chances for gain, but we wouldn’t expect to see it occur with quite the same volatile conditions as yesterday.

We’ll be looking to go long on big-name options whose stocks have been beaten back severely over the past few sessions. As the market corrects itself, we’ll be monitoring some longer-term options to possibly take advantage of the eventual recovery.

To allot sufficient time for us to see that, we’ll be tracking 09/18-10/02 Calls in the FB, GPRO, GMCR, AAPL, NFLX, and TSLA chains. We’ve banked enormous profits off of every one of these in the past; it’s now just a matter of laying in wait for the next big chances to present themselves.

Extended Watchlist:
ANFI, CJES (Potential Bottom-Bouncers), ADAT