Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Options Ideas – Updates

On Tuesday, we mentioned the possibility of taking advantage of the recent market downturn by utilizing some extended options ideas as stocks began to recover. We flagged 09/18-10/02 Calls in the FB, GPRO, GMCR, AAPL, NFLX, and TSLA chains. It didn’t very long for these ideas to bear fruit; we identified the following opportunities during yesterday’s session:

FB Sept 18th $85 Calls – Range: 3.54-5.25 – Max Gain: 48%
AAPL Sept 18th $105 Calls – Range: 4.95-7.40 – Max Gain: 49%
NFLX Sept 18th $98 Calls – Range: 10.75-15.23 – Max Gain: 42%
GPRO Sept 18th $45 Calls – Range: 3.04-4.00 – Max Gain: 32%

All of these stocks are gapping up significantly in the premarket today, so we expect to see some further chances for profit in these contracts. We’ll have to remain open to the possibility of needing to roll up our strike prices/expiration dates to stay closer to the money as the situation dictates.

Recap: Abengoa (SA) ABGB & Direxion Daily Nat Gas Bull 3X ETF (GASL)

We were tracking both of these stocks in the premarket yesterday, and each made modest yet notable intraday moves. ABGB traded in a range from 5.91-6.58, while GASL made its way from a low of 4.12 and went on to hit 4.56.

Both of those moves registered as 11% intraday increases, and in each case we’re going to be looking for the stocks to record higher levels of support than yesterday’s swing lows as we head into week’s end.

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

We also want to tag GBSN as a bottom-watch play this morning. We love to track stocks that have been beaten back to new 52-week lows and bear an oversold look on the chart, and this is a prime example of just such a play.

In a press announcement this morning, the company has addressed the recent selloff, and we’ll be interested to see how the stock reacts. The CEO stated: “We believe our recent stock performance represents a technical inefficiency related to unit separation, not the underlying fundamentals of the Company’s performance”. >>VIEW PR

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ADAT, Options Recaps & More

Authentidate Holding Corp. ADAT

Despite turbulent overall conditions, to this point we’ve succeeded in weeding out at least one big winner each day this week, and yesterday’s was most assuredly ADAT. We tagged this stock after noticing some unusual premarket activity, and it proceeded to break out immediately following the opening bell.

We witnessed a big-time surge from a low of .15 all the way up to .55 in the first 35 minutes of the session. That’s an eyebrow-raising 267% rip! Big cheers go out to any of our readers who were able to ride that massive wave of momentum to quick intraday profits.

Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. BONT

We called BONT as a bottom-watch play in Friday’s premarket report, noticing it testing new annual lows, and described it as being generally undervalued.

Our instincts proved to be quite accurate; the stock found its ultimate low of 2.89 during the next session on Monday, and followed that up with a tremendous rebound yesterday. The stock ran back to touch a high of 4.15, representing a session-over-session swing of 44%

Moving forward, we’ll look for BONT to continue to build higher levels of support. The stock will need to maintain above yesterday’s low  to retain our immediate interest, but remember, we like to begin to monitor retail stocks like this one more heavily as schools go back in session and the holiday season rapidly approaches.

Options Ideas – Updates

We’ve got to update our subscribers on the performance of the options ideas we’ve been tracking this week for the second straight day. We zeroed in on the performance of Weekly UVXY $49 Calls and Weekly SPY $190 Puts, which we had already seen make considerable moves on Monday, and the opportunities just kept coming. Just look at the kind of gains that were offered up:

UVXY $49 Calls  – Daily Range: 5.00-19.30 – Max Gain: 286%

SPY $190 Puts – Daily Range: 1.10-4.77 – Max Gain: 334%

The markets are gapping up this morning, so we’ll be on the lookout for a possible selloff from profit-taking followed by a subsequent rebound, for the chance at added opportunities in these plays as we progress through midweek.

Extended Watchlist:
ABGB(Gapping Up, Gaps to Fill on Chart), GSAT and GASL(52-Week Lows)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FCGD Update & More

First Columbia Gold Corp. FCGD

We wanted to take an opportunity this morning to update our subscribers on the recent activity of FCGD. In the weeks since we published our initial report on October 30th, the stock has provided us with a couple of quality swing trade opportunities.

The first came the week before last, as the stock traded in a range from .075-.095, a gain of 26% After pulling back to find support at .07 this past Tuesday, FCGD made another push, reaching as high as .11 on Friday. That added another 57% swing, and brought our cumulative total of possible gains on FCGD over the course of just a couple of weeks to 73%

The good news is, the chart is still looking as if it’s gearing up for the next run, as we pointed out below:

Also, don’t forget, First Columbia is involved in an expanding oil & gas project in Kentucky, and is actually pulling resources from the ground. Their current ten-well program was nearly halfway to completion as of the latest PR update from FCGD, so we’re going to be waiting intently for further information regarding the project.

Another good way to establish a clear picture of the company’s progress and operations would be to listen to the exclusive interview we conducted with FCGD CEO Jason Castenir via our sister site, Stock Traders Talk. >>> CEO INTERVIEW

More Info on FCGD @
or connect with FCGD on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Solar3D, Inc. SLTD

We also want to make mention of SLTD; the stock came down to a low of .18 on Friday and immediately began to recover ground, so this is one we’ll enter into the log as a possible bottom-bouncer.

Provided it can hold support at or above the current 50DMA at .19, we’ll have it on watch to possibly continue to rebound as we begin a new trading week.

Extended Watchlist: