Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Celebrating 6 Years!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

First thing’s first- today marks the SIX YEAR anniversary of when we launched, our home on the web, and place to store and make available every single newsletter we’ve ever sent out during that time! We’ve unfailingly brought ideas to the table every trading day since then and want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers who we value so much. From the most loyal who have been with us from the beginning, to every single person we picked up along the way. Cheers to all!

GoPro, Inc. GPRO

We put a set of options on watch for GPRO on Friday morning, and the potential single session gains that were there for the taking ranged from very good to downright fantastic!

Our highlighted range was the GPRO Weekly $9-10 Calls, and the intraday move that the stock itself made from a low of 9.31 up as high as 10.38, facilitated the following gain opportunities:

$9 Calls – Range: .34-1.35 – Max Gain: 297%
$9.50 Calls – Range:.13-.84 – Max Gain: 546%
$10 Calls – Range:.01-.40 – Max Gain: 3900%

As you can see, the chances for profits were exponentially greater, the higher the strike price chosen, but all around the idea turned out to be solid no matter what.

Eros International, plc EROS

We want to place EROS on watch as a possible bottom-bounce play this morning, after noticing a couple of different factors at work. The stock spent the past several sessions getting pummeled down to new 52-week lows, which in itself would be enough to catch our attention.

This morning we’re seeing a notable gap-up in the premarket, on the news that the Indian film company has entered preliminary talks with Apple to sell its entire content library. (>>View PR)

The stock was recently trading in the $14 range, and a return to that level does not seem out of the question, so we want to keep an eye on EROS as we kick off a new trading week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY Options & More

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust – SPY

We’re projecting a solid day for the markets as a whole to close out the week as positive jobs numbers just hit, and usually in these cases, we like to use the SPY to get in on the action in the short term. We’re going to designate the SPY Weekly $247-248.50 Calls* as our contracts of interest.

Not only did hiring stay strong while jobless claims fell , but non-farm payroll gains exceeded expectations by a considerable margin, foreshadowing strength in US labor. To boot, the June Trade Balance figures came in and roughly $1.3B was shaved off of the expected trade deficit. All in all, these are several contributing factors that could certainly energize today’s session, and produce considerable intraday gain opportunities in our highlighted options.


GoPro, Inc. GPRO

While we’re thinking of potential quick-strike options plays, we’ve got to take a look at GPRO, which is gapping up in the premarket this morning on the heels of its Q2 earnings beat, and strong outlook. We’ve been familiar with GRPO options in the past, although it has been quite some time.

Prior to these bolstered figures as well as an analyst upgrade from Morgan Stanley this week, GPRO shares had been somewhat stuck in the mud for most of the summer so far. An extended rebound could be in the cards, but for now, we’ll just track today’s activity on the GPRO Weekly $9-10 Calls*.

*We don’t include mentions of weekly options contracts on a Friday without explicitly warning our readers every single time. Trading weekly options at the end of the week is an exceedingly risky proposition that should never be attempted by beginning or novice traders!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Huge Options Calls, Bottom-Plays

Huge Options Calls

Our first order of business this morning is to review the performance of the options contracts we signaled for observation in yesterday’s premarket report, We specified our interest in trading GPRO Weekly $31-32.50 Calls, and the FB Weekly $90-91 Calls, and every single set of contracts we tracked provided the opportunity for impressive profits before lunchtime!

$31 Calls  – Daily Range: .19-.97 – Max Gain: 410%
$31.50 Calls  – Daily Range: .25-.75 – Max Gain: 200%
$32 Calls  – Daily Range: .19-.57 – Max Gain: 200%
$32.50 Calls  – Daily Range: .17-.40 – Max Gain: 135%

$90 Calls  – Daily Range: .84-1.57 – Max Gain: 87%
$90.50 Calls  – Daily Range: .70-1.32 – Max Gain: 89%
$91 Calls  – Daily Range: .52-1.10 – Max Gain: 112%

Later in the afternoon, the markets dipped back considerably and continued to backslide into the close. This morning, we’re seeing a substantial gap-up on the heels of jobs numbers, leading us to believe that similar action could transpire during today’s session with regard to an early surge.

In that case, anyone who may have shown up late to the party and held contracts overnight, should be on the lookout for the opportunity to take profits early on. Those who are just arriving, should be waiting for the dip caused by those profit-takers to ride the subsequent rebound.

Vape Holdings, Inc.  VAPE

We’re going to highlight VAPE this morning as a bottom-bouncer that spent the better part of the summer on an overall downtrend, and has just begun to trend up off of the new annual low it established on Monday.

Taking a further look at the chart we get the sense that a more protracted recovery could take place, so we’ll pin this one to our tracking list in the days ahead.

Also on Bottom-Watch

We’ve run across a few other stocks that are trading at or near their relative bottoms that will serve as our extended watchlist today:

Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. COLV

Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PIRS

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CCTC Update & More

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. CCTC

No sooner than we were commenting on CCTC’s fantastic performance in the month of September in yesterday’s morning report, did the stock continue to bull its way to new highs. As is plain to see on the included chart snapshot, it has mostly been one positive session after another.

We had just pointed out the 142% increase CCTC had made from our observed low of .36 to Friday’s high of .87, and the stock managed to impress us again. From a daily low of .851, it cracked through a big psychological barrier at a dollar, and managed a new high of 1.07. It figured in as a 26% intraday run, and extended our total observed increase in just over a couple of weeks to 197%

The chart is now well into overbought territory, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of a pullback. In order for us to remain interested in CCTC, we’ll need to see it maintain support in the channel between .75-.65, at the lowest.

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP

A quick tag search for BLDP on our blog shows our long history with this stock, and we wanted to quickly re-mention it this morning. We most recently tagged it as a bottom-watch play on July 2nd after noticing the stock taking a big backslide. It has been mostly in a downtrend since that time, but we’re going to want to begin watching more intently.

The company inked a major deal to supply 300 buses in Foshan and Yunfu, China, with their fuel cell systems (>>View PR). According to a ‘Zacks’ article posted yesterday, BLDP’s transaction is “Valued at $17 million, and the deal will also bring in potential recurring royalties starting from 2017.”

We’ll continue to keep BLDP on our extended-term recovery watchlist.

Options Ideas For a Market Rebound

After five straight days of down markets, we’re going to be on the lookout for a rebound today. We’re seeing a gap-up here in early trading, so we wanted to venture a couple of options ideas if events play out as we expect.

We’re going to zero in on GoPro, Inc. GPRO and Facebook, Inc. FB for potential opportunities, specifically the GPRO Weekly $31-32.50 Calls, and the FB Weekly $90-91 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: UVXY Recap, Options Review & More

Options Updates

ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) - 

In Friday’s premarket report, we essentially served up our readers an absolute gem of an options idea on a silver platter, when we identified the high potential of some prime intraday flip opportunities.

We posited that the overall markets would see a pullback, and offered our take on a good way to leverage that eventuality for quick-strike gains in weekly UVXY contracts. The markets were indeed hammered back for most of the session, and as a result, our assumptions paid off in spades.

Our specified target range included UVXY Weekly $73-78 Calls, and every last set of contracts provided us with the chance to bank multi-bag gains. Check it out:

$73 Calls  – Daily Range: 2.17-8.10 – Max Gain: 273%
$74 Calls  – Daily Range: 1.47-7.20 – Max Gain: 390%
$75 Calls  – Daily Range: 1.17-6.40 – Max Gain: 447%
$76 Calls  – Daily Range: 1.10-4.53 – Max Gain: 312%
$77 Calls  – Daily Range: 77-4.34 – Max Gain: 464%
$78 Calls  – Daily Range: .57-3.68 – Max Gain: 545%

Updated Idea:

With another reversal appearing likely with this morning’s gap-up in the markets, we’ll want to swing our attention in the opposite direction. The SPY generally trades inversely to the UXVY, thus we’ll be monitoring SPY Weekly $195-197 Calls in the event of a continued uptrend signal.


Longer-Term Ideas – Update

For each of the past two Thursdays, we’ve mentioned our interest in a set of longer-term options ideas for a number of tech stocks, namely the 9/18-10/02  FB, GPRO, GMCR, AAPL, NFLX, and TSLA Calls.

With between 1.5-3.5 weeks until expiration on the contracts contained in that range, we’ve seen some nice moves already, and we want to continue to keep an eye on this whole group. With the volatile flux we’ve observed in recent market activity, further opportunities could certainly present themselves in coming sessions.

PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. ROTH

We noticed some exciting news hitting the wires this morning for ROTH, and the PPS is currently down to a relative bottom, so we’re going to tab this subpenny play for extended observation.