Solid Finish to a Great Week, 4 New Earnings Plays

Closing Out the Week on a Great Note:

We always find it most pleasing when we can close out a trading week reporting a clean sweep of Thursday options ideas. We will enjoy that distinction yet again today, with everything we had our eyes on from yesterday’s report producing significant intraday upswings.

Those plays were the PYPL Weekly $69-67 Puts, the QCOM Weekly $119-118 Puts, the SHOP Weekly $62-61 Puts, and the BUD Weekly $57-58 Calls. Here is a breakdown of the intraday performances of these ideas yesterday, whose gains ranged from reasonably impressive to excellent:

PYPL Weekly $69-67 Puts
2.77-4.90 (+77%)
$68: 2.08-3.85 (+85%)
$67: 1.43-2.95 (+106%)

QCOM Weekly $119-118 Puts
$119: 2.40-4.20 (+100%)
$118: 1.59-3.49 (+119%)

SHOP Weekly $62-61 Puts
$62: .81-3.72 (+359%)
$61: .54-2.85 (+428%)

BUD Weekly $57-58 Calls
$57: .50-.75 (+50%)
$58: .05-.15 (+200%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AAPL Weekly $190-185 Puts*
AMZN Weekly $138-141 Calls*
AMGN Weekly $230-232.50 Calls*
ABNB Weekly $139-137 Puts*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Nikola Corp. (NASDAQ:NKLA) – Recap:

We’ve got an update on NKLA, which we have been mentioning all summer, after initially tagging it on the morning of June 14th. From its low of .99, we’ve now seen this stock surge to a new high of 3.71 yesterday. That represents a steady 275% increase over roughly the last six weeks.


Tupperware Brands Corp. (NYSE:TUP) – Recap:

As we were just mentioning the other day, we have been on TUP since July 12th, after which time the stock was trading for as little as .61. Even after registering impressive the new highs that we reported this week, the stock continued to surge, printing a trade at 7.25 yesterday post-market. That works out to a total increase of 1088% in the few weeks we’ve been tailing it!

Extended Watchlist: