ONTC, RFMK, CMGO & Extended Watchlist

Onteco Corp. ONTC

ONTC proved to be an excellent alert for us yesterday. The stock began trading premarket at .0008, and subsequently hit a high of .0012, trading over ten times the three month average volume.  Even those unable to catch the bottom and hang on for maximum gains (50%), a 22% profit was possible from the .0009 PPS at the open, to .0011. Any way you slice it, ONTC was a successful pick for Wednesday. As our included video chart suggested, resistance began cropping up at the 20 and 50DMA at .0012.


Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. RFMK

This stock first appeared on our watchlist on September 20th. Yesterday marked a new high since we’ve been following RFMK. Being as low as .0021 on the day of our alert, and yesterday touching a high of .0041, we’ve seen the opportunity to make a profit of 95%


CMG Holdings, Inc. CMGO

CMGO first appeared in our newsletter on the 17th, and we re-alerted it again on Tuesday. From Tuesday’s low of .026 to yesterday’s high of .035, represents a gain of 35%

Extended Watchlist: